Covert Affairs Review: Unlucky in Lavender

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How do you come back after a thrilling episode such as "Glass Spider?" Covert Affairs knew exactly what to do.  

In "Suffragette City," the USA Network hit put the ball in Chris Gorham's court and simply let him do his thing. The results were fantastic.

We've seen Auggie get emotional before, but this might have been a whole new level. From the first moment he heard that his country thought that she was a traitor, he was as upset as we've ever seen. Auggie probably wouldn't have been more bothered if it were him in trouble with the department.

One of Their Own

And that's why we love Auggie - and the Auggie and Annie relationship. He wanted to do anything he could to help her, and that included listening to and then breaking into Lena's polygraph session. When she claimed she thought Annie might have had something to do with Jai's death, it was the last straw for Auggie, but I still can't believe he jeopardized himself like that.

But that is how much he cares for his friend. He lost control a little bit, but thankfully he was still thinking rationally enough to figure out Lena was behind everything. If she didn't have to pile on the perfume, or if she didn't lay on the "I'm here to help" bit so thick, maybe Auggie wouldn't have picked up on it.

Unfortunately for Lena, he did, and she's done for! Sure, she is covering most of her tracks now, and it probably take Auggie a while to figure out enough to be able to prove his theory, but it is only a matter of time before it all comes crumbling down for Lena.

We may have expected a Nina Myers-esque story from the very beginning, and Lena double-crossing Annie by shooting her and Simon at the end of last episode reminded us of Sarah Clarke's time on 24, but "Suffragette City" was the first time that it all felt eerily similar.

For all of the jokes I have made in the past, Clarke's character never really felt like Nina Myers until this entire hour. Quietly attempting to keep her cover, lurking in the shadows, being an absolute a-hole to the characters we love, it all felt a whole lot like that first season of 24 to those of us who watched it way back when. Like the outcome from that story line, I don't see Lena finishing this arc anything but in prison or dead.

Finally, we have to talk about the comatose elephant in the room. After taking shots to the chest at the end of last week's episode, Annie spent the majority of this hour asleep in a hospital bed trying to survive. Fortunately for us, we still got to see Piper Perabo's beautiful face thanks to some out of body experiences.

I'm usually not the biggest fan of episodes like this, but it worked for Covert Affairs because it remained marginalized. The show didn't make the entire hour about Annie's dreams. "Suffragette City" was anchored by Lena's betrayal and Auggie's emotion. Annie's adventures only added to the episode, which not only made those moments acceptable, they were also pretty enjoyable.

Whether it was Simon telling her to kill Blackbird at the diner Jai died outside of, Danielle and Joan questioning her reasons for joining the CIA on a polygraph machine, or Auggie and Annie sharing a hot and steamy kiss on the dance floor, I was hanging onto every moment even though they weren't really happening.

The kiss had some real weight behind it because just before that Auggie was telling a bed-ridden Annie that he was sorry for being closed off and distant since Barcelona. It was an extremely tender moment, and I hope to see more of that once Annie is up and about.

By the end of the hour Annie finally did wake up. She may have inadvertently been helped by Lena's attempt to murder her in the hospital, but that's beside the point. Annie's up and Lena's on the run after she got away from Joan and Auggie in the final minutes of "Suffragette City." Will they all go after her? Or will they just be happy to be safe and sound?

It should make for an interesting rest of the season. What do you all think? What was your favorite moment of this week's episode? How great was Auggie Anderson? And will they ever get redemption for what Lena did to them?


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My favorite moment of this week's episode is the turning point in the investigation--when Lena offers Auggie the coffee, and it becomes obvious that he is on to her, as he pointedly sets it down unsipped, and hightails it out of there shortly after. But it was also the most frustrating moment b/c he knew Lena was up to no good, but still left Annie with no protection. Other than that, Auggie was pretty great, but I appreciated Simon's swansong in Annie's dreams more. With Simon's dicey history, I knew they were in for a bad end, but still, it was sad to see him go. I think Annie has been through enough heartache now that ANY kind of a romance (workplace or otherwise) is implausible, at least not for a couple of years. My take - she puts romance on the back burner and continues to be a relatively free agent who can depend on the friendship of both Auggie and Eyal for at least a couple more seasons. As for redemption - oh, they'll get Lena, alright. Annie will win vindication for herself. But how does one ever fully get redemption for the loss of a loved one? That's just impossible.


I love Annie and Auggie together, too, as they have great chemistry together. The only other guy she has chemistry with was Eyal, and I don't think she can trust him as much as she can Auggie. That said, I was so thrilled with Chris Gorham bringin' it this whole episode that I just wanted to shout! And Lena, so very EVIL, and they let her go on so long setting Annie up to take a fall, it just made me ill...I didn't want Joan, especially, to fall for Lena's line of crap, so I was glad that Auggie never swayed in his faith for Annie as an exemplary agent. Annie could never be a traitor, we all know that, so I thought it took the show too long to get to that conclusion and get started on finding justice for Simons death and Annie's GSWs.I was shocked at how fast Arthur was willing to throw Annie under the bus and get her decomissioned. I think Lena killed Jai, and I hope they find her and kick her fanny in the next ep! Can't wait!


I don't really ship anyone with Annie, but i am of the opinion that Annie and Auggie's will eventually become a romantic one and i am totally for it, because out of all of Annie's male relationship's Auggie is by far and away the man that she has the most chemistry with and they clearly have underline feelings of a romantic nature for each other, and it was made clear to us (if we didn't already see it) at the end of last season on Annie's part and now on Auggie's part in last night's episode. Having said that i love Annie and Eyal's (the Israeli Mossad Agent) relationship as well, they also have wonderful chemistry together and the episodes when they have teamed up together have been amongst my favorites of the series (especially his last appearance), and i hear that he will be returning for most of the second half of the season, so that is great news. If i had to pick one guy for Annie it would definitely be Auggie but Eyal is a very close second and i would be good either way. As for Simon and Ben, both characters didn't do anything for me and i just don't know what the big attraction was to either of these characters, i found them both boring. But this season is extremely exciting and i am also loving Joan this season as well, especially in her confrontations with Lena and above all last night she was just awesome. I am sad about the elimination of Danielle (Annie's sister) i would have liked to have seen her role grow instead of being removed, but that's just my opinion because i Anne Dudek. Anyway i can't wait to see how the second half of the season plays out and i am looking forward to seeing Eyal back on the show. This is one of the best seasons yet and definitely the most serialized.


"The kiss had some real wait" I think that's weight. This should have been a two part episode. The wind up and convenient intervention of Auggie and Joan busting in, was rushed and lacked tension and intrigue. There should have been a bit more sleuthing behind busting Lena.
The out of body scenes were cotton candy and took up way too much time away from what should have an intriguing plot.


The showrunners have confirmed several times that both Simon and Jai are definitely dead. They don't show the bodies, but it's not to create uncertainty - they just don't find it necessary if they have someone say they're dead. I don't particularly want Annie and Auggie together - they are a great best friend pair, it would ruin the show (look at Joan and Arthur...all they do is fight and it's miserable!!) I dreadfully miss Simon already and wish that he could have been more in her dreams as a sendoff from the show, but I understand why Auggie would take a big role. Did anyone else notice that Simon and Annie never actually said the words "I love you" to each other at any point?? I thought maybe in her dreams she would finally say it, but I guess they felt they conveyed the point enough without the words. RIP Simon!


Furst rate review. I really enjoyed the scene where Auggie is telling a comatose Annie how he really feels about her. Annie will now realize more than ever that Auggie is the one person she can depend on more than any other to always have her back and that she can completely trust, even when she appears to be in love with someone else. Combine that with a strong physical attraction and what more could a girl ask for? I really hope those two get together. They would make a great team - in and out of the bedroom.


I still prefer Annie and Eyal. Though I know the writers have been setting up Annie and Auggie.


I hope they explain the Simon mysteries and who hired an assassin to kill Jai and what Jai was researching.


Am I the only one who suspects that Lena is Simon's sister?? After all if it were as simple as seducing him and setting him up, why didn't Lena do it herself? I can't wait for Jai to come back. We never did see any body for Jai (in one piece or otherwise) so isn't it possible that he is still alive? Oh, and wasn't his safe spot way too clean for having been left alone for months? OK, I may be getting a little too paranoid but what's wrong with that? I think it may have kept Jai alive... somewhere.


Army Wives used to be a favorite show for me but now Covert Affairs is by far the better of the two. Don't change any characters or add any controversial ones. The core characters are what make this show so good. Keep up the good plots!

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