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In the final episode before Covert Affairs takes a short hiatus, "Let's Dance" felt like it never took time to catch its breath.

With Annie now out of the hospital, she was going a million miles a minute during the entire hour, attempting to seek revenge for what Lena did to her and Simon.  Eventually she got that revenge.

Joan Plans a Trip

We've seen Annie shoot before. We've seen her kill. That didn't make this one any easier to watch.  She still has such an innocence surrounding her that when she was standing toe-to-toe with Lena, I was still expecting someone else to come in and save her from the traitorous agent.

Alas, our little Annie needed no such help.  When Lena finally made a move for her gun Ms. Walker took her down with no hesitation, firing a pair of shots straight into her chest.  Although there was no other move, like I said, it was surprising to see Annie do it.

Lena's was a great addition for Covert Affairs.  Not only did her presence help build the long-running story that has made season three so interesting, but Sarah Clarke was simply fantastic throughout the run.

In her final scene, when Lena is attempting to get Annie to become a double agent, Clarke showed us once again how perfectly she plays that evil-charm.  She's talking about being a traitor to her country, and how she murdered Jai Wilcox, but all the while I couldn't help but be intrigued.  If I were Annie, I would have had to stop and think about the prospect, that's how charismatic Lena was.

Before getting to those final moments between Annie and Lena, "Let's Dance" showcased the former running around Moscow with Dmitri, a piano playing agent from Lena's past.  I liked the twist that he fell right back into Lena's trap since she returned to Russia, but other than that the character didn't bring much to the table.

Once Dmitri and his friend lie to Annie about where Lena will be, Annie's ambush on some random FSB agent put the Russians on her tail, and forces her to leave town.  But they never counted on the old "switcheroo."  I mean we all saw this coming right?  Why else would they not have shown Annie's face as she tried to leave Moscow?  Even though it didn't fool us, it fooled the Russians and made that final scene possible, so I'm okay with it.

Both before Annie left, and near the end of her trip, Auggie made it clear that his feelings for her were stronger than ever.  Whether it was telling her that he's there for her no matter what, or telling her to come home so that he can tell her important things, Aunnie shippers had a lot to be excited about in this episode.

What's not exciting is that Covert Affairs will be off the air until October 16.  What will we do until then?!?!  What was your favorite part of this quasi-midseason finale?  Are you glad to have Lena out of the picture?  And what do you think is next for Annie Walker?


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As tempting as an Annie/Auggie relationship would be, and as much as it's been teased, I actually hope they remain really close friends and colleagues. It's nice to see that kind of professional male-female interaction. And, besides, we have Arthur and Joan as a perfect cautionary tale about a relationship within the CIA.


1. How good was Christopher Gorham in this episode? He was in three scenes and we all knew EXACTLY how Auggie felt. Heartbreaking. A lesser actor might not have been able to pull it off. 2. Joan and Arthur need to just get a divorce already. It has never been more painfully obvious than the scene where Arthur says "Think of how it will look" and Joan says "Think of how it will feel." Kind of sums things up right there.


I loved this episode. From the first ten minutes I was on the edge. I love how Joan showed that she truly cares for Annie. That hug said it all and I think it was time for them to open up a bit. Annie was's time she sees that Joan does have her best interest at heart. She is like a mother figure in the work place. LOVE the Annie and Auggie time together and I hope that he gets to tell her what he wants in person! Of course I hope Joan does not lose her wouldn't be the same without her...the dynamic that Joan, Annie and Auggie have make the show for me.


Oh thanks DP! I couldn't be certain if that was Eyal or not kn the preview. I love his character and I can't wait to see him and Annie work together again.


I agree with Terrie. This she really has stepped its game up for season three. No longer can I consider this kind of campy and cheap fun. Its hanging in there with the big dogs of the USA shows for sure. The character growth and darker tone has made this show everything I imagined it could be. Annie's journey this season has been incredible. Lena was a wonderful villain and provided a fantastic storyline. I love that they did a story arc to this degree. The Auggie and Annie dynamic has never been stronger or more interesting to watch. Whether you ship them or not their relationship and their chemistry is superb. Loved Joan in this as well! The last three episodes have been the best in the series.


This show has really stepped it up in these last 3 episodes. And I'm glad. Can't wait to see what happens on the rest of this seasons episodes in 4 weeks. Annie got her revenge but what is it going to cost her?


My favorite 007 films have always been the ones where Bond went rogue and sought unsactioned revenge for harm done to a loved one. I was delighted to see Annie proceed in such a fashion with her very own Q and Moneypenny - Joan & Auggie - helping her, while their M showed how few morals he possessed. I hope Joan boots Arthur out for good, and I am glad to see her character show more emotional support for Annie. The Simon sister bit was good, and I'll be looking forward to Eyal helping Annie get out of Russia. that's Walker, Annie Walker.


I REALLY loved this episode. But particularly the character interactions. Auggie an Annie were very sweet together. Especially in the car when he said he needed her to come home and she quietly asked him to go to the airport with him. Also LOVED Joan this episode. The way she treated Annie shows that she truly does care. She knew what Annie was planning and was trying to help her, even going against Agency policy. I loved that moment when Joan told Annie to be careful and hugged her. Such a wonderful mother/daughter moment.


I hope Annie had some way of recording Lena confessing to taking Jai out; that's sort of her redemption in the eyes of the Agency. I loved Sarah Clarke this season, but I kept waiting for her Nina to come out, so this whole mole thing was not unexpected. This was a good season for CA--loved the Augie eps, and I actually watched the entire season for the first time. I'm looking forward to its return in 4 weeks!


The episode was fantastic! But please for heaven's sake, don't start a shipper name that sounds as awful as "Aunnie"!! Just call them Annie and Auggie, what's so wrong with that?!

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Your footwork's good. Breaking into other people's houses, not so good.


Arthur: How's it gonna look if she dies?
Joan: How's it gonna look? I don't know, but it will feel terrible.