Castle Round Table: "After the Storm"

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What happened "After the Storm?" We all found out on the Castle Season 5 premiere.

In this return edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff writers Christine Orlando and Jim Garner have partnered with our friends at the Castle fan forum The 12th, as readers Teresa and Bobbie join in this week to decide whether Rick and Kate's new relationship should be kept a secret and how long before our favorite bromance gets back together...


What was your favorite scene from the premiere?
Teresa: My favorite scene was them falling out of the bed. When Rick heard Martha's voice. I loved the popup of them both with Kate holding the pillow which in a few minutes later threw at Rick's head while she was hiding in the closet!! Too Funny!!

Bobbie: My favorite scene was when Kate was overwhelmed by the realization that she would never be safe and she stepped right into Castle's arms for support. That move spoke to me of the total commitment she had made to him and how willing he was to protect her. It was beautiful!

Jim: I loved Kate smacking the senator in the face with the gun and telling him that when he looks at the scar it will leave to remember her. Talk about one gutsy woman - WOW.

Carla:  I agree with Jim. Kate was awesome in that scene with the Senator. Another favorite was the combination of Castle having Beckett hide from his family, her getting upset, and then her wanting Castle to hide from Ryan. That was classic Castle/Beckett humor and banter. Loved it.

Christine: There were so many! I'll go with the opening scene. Rick's hesitation as he makes sure she's really in this with him and Kate's shy smile were just perfect. My only complaint is that it just made me want more!

Castle RT - depreciated -

Should Rick and Kate keep their relationship a secret?
Teresa: No, I personally think their family and friends will be relieved that they finally got there heads together. But outside of them, No they should not know since it will affect how well Rick and Kate can work together. Personal relationships are frowned upon.

Bobbie: I like the idea of them keeping their relationship a secret for a bit. It enhances the preciousness of it all and also gives them time to explore each other - in so many ways :)

Jim: It will be fun for an episode or two, but after that it's going to become like watching some teen high school show. Maybe they can rename it Castle 90210 if that happens.

Carla:  For now, yes. They should enjoy what they finally have together and figure out what it all means before letting others in. Plus, it will be fun to watch them keep it a secret. I expect it will be out within the first week though. Neither of them can keep a secret.

Christine: I agree with Bobbie. It makes it more intimate and opens up so many opportunities for comedic moments and misunderstandings. For a short while, this could be a lot of fun.

Take a guess: Who will be the first to figure out they are together?
Teresa: The person who might learn their secret first is Martha or Esposito. The reason is Martha pops up in the most unusual times therefore she might catch them. Esposito is a good detective and he heard them talking in the building. He will notice small differences. So it depends on luck with Martha or skill with Esposito. I betting on skill over luck!

Bobbie: I have to go with Martha being the first to figure out they're together. She's always been very in tune to Castle's emotions and she understands his devotion to Kate.

Jim: Lanie. She and Kate are too close of friends for her not to figure it out pretty damn quick when Kate doesn't give details on the latest guy. Then again, Espo may already suspect.

Carla:  Good question. They are friends with detectives and Castle has a very intuitive family. It could be anyone or actually it probably will be everyone!

Christine: I'm rooting for a Martha. I just love the relationship between her and Castle. She's the one person he confides in and I can't to have him talk about Kate with his mom.

How long will it take for Esposito to forgive Ryan?
Teresa: Esposito will work with Ryan only grudgingly. The bromance is gone for the moment. I suspect for a fairly long time too. At least one-quarter of the season

Bobbie:  Because I read every spoiler possible, I know that Ryan and Espo will be on the outs for a few episodes. I'm guessing episode 4 should see them back to being loyal partners. I'm glad that show creator Andrew Marlowe is taking his time on this because it validates what happened in the finale so well. That was a serious falling out and it shouldn't be overcome without some time and effort.

Jim: The bromance will be back on track once Espo is off suspension and they get into the thick of it again.

Carla:  A couple puppy dog looks from Ryan, that's all it will take.

Christine: Obviously it's going to take a while. I mean, Esposito just threatened to break Ryan's arm and I think he meant it. There are some serious trust issues that need to be rebuilt before we get our dynamic duo back.

Were you happy with the way they tied up Kate's mother's murder storyline?
Teresa: Yes, I was very satisfied. The Dragon is identified and neutralized and Kate did not go to jail for shooting him.

Bobbie: I was very pleased with the level of closure on Johana's murder case. It removes the target from Kate's back and allows her to flourish in her new relationship but it also left it open for further development if the writer's choose to pursue it. I loved an empowered Kate in that confrontation scene! Stana knocked it out of the park!

Jim: I don't think it fully wrapped up, I suspect we could see the Senator again, after all Kate didn't bring him to justice - this time. But overall I am happy that we now have all the answers to why her mom was killed and it got Kate and Rick together, so that's a big win - right?

Carla:  Yes. In the big picture, it makes sense what happened, why people were killed, but I don't think it is quite over yet. The Senator won't back down forever.

Christine: Yes. It's a stalemate for now but Kate has some answers and will bide her time until she can get her own justice. Now she and Castle can have some fun…until the Dragon wakes up again.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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