Bones Review: You Slept Under a Bridge?

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Bones and Booth investigated the death of a divorce lawyer this week. What a coincidence.

In the hands of lesser writers or actors, the obvious parallels between the murder investigation central to "The Partners in the Divorce" and the couple's personal turmoil would've quickly grown tiresome.

Thanks to the perennially terrific Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz, though, it was anything but.

Down the Hole

Bones certainly hasn't shied away from challenging its two stars since the end of Season 6, has it? Ever since Brennan got pregnant, it's been a turbulent ride for its two leads, and for the fans who adore them.

Their relationship has been in overdrive since, and while the changing circumstances and obstacles altered things more than some would like, B&B haven't lost the spark that make them arguably TV's most dynamic duo.

With Brennan back home safe and sound after last Monday's season premiere, tonight's episode was self-contained in terms of the case's procedural elements, but anything but from a relationship standpoint.

The aftereffects of her months on the lam were palpable from the opening moments and throughout the night, as Booth struggled to reconnect with his partner in crime solving and life. Booth-Brennan interplay ran the gamut:

  • Awkwardness. Their initial attempts to kiss one another in the kitchen were nothing if not cringe-worthy, as were numerous other exchanges where lingering resentment manifested itself in ways they didn't understand (or at least didn't communicate). It takes a strong pair of actors to sell such nuance with dialogue or without.
  • Sadness. Hearing that she's glad they're not married and that perhaps she was more suited to life on her own - even on the run from the law - was a real stomach punch. Does she wish she were still out there? The disconnect runs far deeper than bickering over who makes breakfast or whether they go to the carousel.
  • Hilariousness. Booth's disbelief at Brennan's recounting of her various fugitive exploits was priceless, but his tirade punctuated by yelling "ANGRY FBI!" to the foreman at the construction site took the cake. A close second? Her likening an estranged couple's reconciliation to time travel, which is also "theoretically" possible.
  • Happiness. With the help of Sweets (as always), Brennan realized she's rebelling against the fact that her happiness is intertwined with Booth's, and he knows he's angrier about being ditched than he lets on. Once they stopped trying to be polite, they made progress. Plus, the look he shot her at the lab spoke volumes:
Booth's Look

Getting back on the same page emotionally isn't like flipping a switch, especially for people as inherently different as B-squared. As Angela said, three months changes a person ... even if a person isn't using an alias and a blonde wig, sleeping under a bridge and working as a fry cook in middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania.

Don't worry, Booth, I can't picture that either.

This was, in a sense, the real Season 8 premiere, with Pelant gone (for now) and order restored at the Jeffersonian. Well, mostly. The tension between Booth and Brennan dominated the episode, however, so we're still a ways from any sort of equilibrium. How long will this go on? Will things start to settle down next week?

Brennan is, at her core, a fiercely-independent person whose trust issues are shaped by fear of abandonment and betrayal. Spending months on the run will only exacerbate these things, and as such, her behavior this week, while often over the top, was very much in character. The question is: How long will it continue?

More importantly, will Sweets pack heat for a third consecutive episode, will we see Hodgins' and Angela's baby again and what squintern will be front and center? Burning questions to tide us over until next Monday.

Some particularly memorable Bones quotes from this evening:

  • "Congratulations Mr. Abernathy, you have successfully recreated the death of Wile E. Coyote." - Brennan
  • "That's the secret seal of the Priory of Sion!" "Or a mark left by a fountain pen." - Hodgins/Angela
  • "We can take Christine to the carousel, even though I know the outcome." - Brennan to Booth
  • "We don't normally kiss in front of people, but we had a disagreement." - Brennan to Finn
  • "To be fair, 2000 was a questionable year for Merlot." - Sweets

What did you think of tonight's Bones? Comment below!


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Yes Brennan was not on her best behavior but neither was Booth. In 8.1 Brennan asked several times what was wrong with Booth. He never really said I know you had to leave but I'm angry about it too. She realized something was wrong but wasn't sure what was or how to fix it. Frustration can be a reason for bad behavior. Also I think the free-agent comment comes from season 7.1, Brennan wants Booth to ask her to marry him, knowing how important it is to him, he said he wouldn't that she would have to ask. Perhaps a little reminder there... just a thought. To me Bones is still the best show on tv. Great job to all involved.


Gosh it was very sad and stressful to see the couple on edge like that !!! The frustration and misunderstanding, awful ! Though I enjoyed them fighting at the construction site, BIG LOOOL !!!! Poor guy, almost got shot over this. I hope Bones & Booth get through this, coz they definitely needed some "Sweets" time looooool. Glad she went to see him. She really evolved !


I have been watching this show since the beginning and I'm a little disappointed that Brennan has not had any growth. She is still the same. She needs to grow a bit more.


@pat trust me I doing Uni (ICT related) atm and I have guys in my class who know nothing about whats going on in the world. All they care about is Uni and minecraft. Back on topic, this was a very grown up episode, they tension between Booth and Brennan was needed and played out very well on screen. Both Booth and Brennan have flaws, otherwise they wouldn't make interesting tv chars. If you want perfect chars maybe go play the sims.


Bones is back. Brennan was the same person we all loved from the beginning The show has not changed. B&B bickering and touching moments at the end. Love that they are together, more things for them to disagree on. Would love a little more romance, thier hugs were more romantic than their kisses.


I think the writers did a good job with the fighting and realism of both of them being able to communicate their feelings. I began watching Bones S7 #1 I went back and watched entire series several times. I love the acting/writing it is a very strong series. Booth was hurt because Bones shuts him out when she returned from being on the run, Bones found that she is fearful of losing herself in Booth & Christine and she rebelled. She loves both of them and is capable of loving very much she doesn't want to be abandoned by Booth. Christine she can feel secure with Booth they are free agents as she said. She doesn't want marriage but I bet she proposes to Booth before to long. Excellent & believable writing in this episode. Bravo for Bones seeing she needed some help in understanding Booth, this is her first serious relationship with ANYONE.


'continued' the father we know he is. The carousel issue was an example because she didn't even want to let him try to take Christine because she might react differently towards the ride with her daddy there with her. I'm surprised she even went to Sweets for help considering how she has acted towards his profession the entire time. I hope the writers 'temper' Tempe for the sake of her daughter or we will have another person who grows up with issues.


I have been watching Bones since the beginning and the one thing that has always been a constant is Bones's feeling of superiority to others, even though she considers some of her co-workers 'almost' equal to herself. For a brilliant person, some of her dialogue goes beyond 'blunt' - it's as though she has no feelings or emotions at all. She obviously cared about her mother and I know she had issues with the foster care system but she is living in her own world. It's surprising that she can show love to her child, when it is hard for her to show it to others. SHE has to be in control and I saw that her time in hiding only heightened that control. She was proud of how she maintained herself and her baby with only assistance from her father, who she has just recently started to trust. Her character has to soften up a tad or she will lose Booth as her partner. They shared a baby, but bones made it quite clear that Christine is hers by completely dismissing Booth's attempts to be the close father. That is evident by her insisting that the Carousel would have the same reaction with Booth as w/o him. Perhaps she still has daddy issues and is afraid to let Booth be the father we know he is. I was surprised she even consulted with Sweets considering how she has always felt about his profession. It was a good premiere but I do hope the writers 'temper' Tempe for her child's sake.


I can see how viewers can be mad at Brennan, who was rather cold and nasty in this ep, but I have always seen her as a sort of "Spock" to Booths "Kirk," characters that are somewhat archtypical in their behavior. What is fun is watching others around them try to help them understand how to change their behaviors in order to grow as a people.
That is why I don't necessarily watch this show for the Booth/Brennan relationship, which is very predictable. I watch it for the more human, crazy and fun characters, like Sweets, or Hodgins or Angela or the wierd Squintern of the Week, who never fails to bring comedy relief to an autopsy.

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