Blue Bloods Review: Who Needs the Rabbit Foot?

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It wasn't very lucky for the rabbit, but the season premiere of Blue Bloods featured the Reagan clan in need of some extra good luck.

As "Family Business" opened, I felt a little evil because I wished that Danny's son would have missed making that goal. It seemed so cliche that the kid would end up kicking the game-winner, but then I guess the power of the rabbit's foot would have come into question otherwise.

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Then it looked like Danny needed that rabbit's foot more than his son when a mysterious text had him jumping at shadows, or at least backfiring cars and stray cats. I couldn't believe Linda didn't call him out for wearing his side arm in the house. I can't imagine he does that on a regular basis.

As much as Danny didn't want to bring the job home with him, he really should have shared the threat with Linda sooner. Benjamin was a guy who could have gone after his family. Linda needed to know so she could keep her eyes open, for her own safety and that of the boys. Like she said, she's been a cop's wife for a long time. Danny needs to know when to trust her.

Jackie could have used a little luck herself when she ended up cuffed to a bomb on a park bench. I didn't expect that twist, but it was a great way for a demolitions expert to avoid the snipers in the park and eventually get what he really wanted, which was Danny.

I love it when Jackie turns bad ass and her pulling the gun on the taxi dispatcher was a perfect example. Unlike Danny, who can go too far, Jackie knows when to go just far enough.

Where the story lost me was when Jackie confronted the guy in the cemetery. Wouldn't it have made more sense for a sniper to take him out before he even knew they were there? Of course that wouldn't have ratcheted up the drama nearly as much and this is a TV show after all.

On other fronts, Jamie's new partner's an ass but that should make for some fun this season. Jamie's such an upstanding and sometimes uptight guy that watching him deal with a guy who is unapologetically neither of those things should be entertaining.

Frank Reagan once again reminded me why I adore him. He always does the right thing, even when it's hard and more importantly, even when it's unpopular.  Frank lives by the motto that when you doing something wrong you own up to it. There are far too few people in this world who believe in that motto and even fewer who can live up to it.  As Frank said himself in this Blue Bloods quote...

Situations like these don't build character, they reveal it. | permalink

Once again we were treated with a Reagan family dinner and I've missed them. As Frank looked around at that table you could tell how lucky he felt to have his family present. I look forward to sharing another full season of Reagan family dinners on Friday nights.

Family Business Review

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Blue Bloods Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Frank: Grandpa's treating everybody to ice cream.
Danny: That's why we invite him.

You shoot, you score, you win. Now let's go get some ice cream.