Warehouse 13 Review: A Bouncing Baby Artifact

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I have to give this week's bone-breaking episode one thing: "No Pain, No Gain" answered a question I have been asking for the better part of four seasons: Where do artifacts come from?

And now we know that they are the cumulation of a person, an item and an event happening in just the right balance. Oh, and apparently Mrs. Fredric (and now Claudia) can sense them before they happen. Of course, I’m guessing that Mrs. Fredric doesn’t actually try and go to the birth of every artifact. 

Pete & Myka In The Locker Room

Who wants to bet that the larger majority of artifacts are created at horrific events? I know at least a few of the artifacts they have bagged this year were. Is anyone else looking forward to more modern day artifacts like Anna Nicole’s necklace that makes you super sexy, but also a bit of a bimbo?   

Speaking of artifacts, how were Brother Adrian and his ilk able to stroll through the Warehouse picking and choosing what they took? For that matter, how did they know what specific items to take? 

For a secret government program, Brother Adrian seems awfully knowledgeable about Artie and the Warehouse. While I’m on the question asking spree... did anyone else catch Claudia and Myka using an artifact to recover an artifact? 

First, this completed one of my wishes from last week’s Warehouse 13 Round Table discussion of having Myka and Claudia team up. But second, I thought Artie didn’t trust anyone to use an artifact to recover another artifact except himself. Apparently stressing over Claudia killing him has him distracted. 

It was great to see Pete let his guard down and admit to Myka that he loves her. I would love her too if she would just brush her damn hair a bit more! Overall it was a fun episode with a good amount of heart in the middle of it all.

So what other modern day artifacts do you think there could be? Post your idea for a modern day artifact below, but remember: don’t be to mean! 


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As for modern artefacts...
Something to do with Flight 93, perhaps one of the passengers belongings. Giving Courage or Bravery. And maybe something to do with something inside the twin towers as well. The navy SEALS gun that was used to kill Osama Bin Laden, gives you an accurate shot to the person you intend on killing maybe? (it would make an excellent thriller episode!) Other ideas could be Usain Bolts trainers, Michael Phelps swim cap (someone on here took the medals idea), The first mobile phone produced on wholesale? Steve Jobs turtle neck? Bill Gates computer? Johnny Cash's Guitair? President Obamas bible he swore in on? On a worse side: The columbines killers gun? The button used from creating the first atom bomb (ok its dated but still...), President Nixons Phone? Or the Watergate Scandal tapes? Mike the Situations glasses or Snookies hair clasp- giving you a sense your famous perhaps? Something beloning to John Nobel- gives the illusion of being forgotton


Funny Episode. Loved it. Gave us more of the mythology as well as doing a run of the mill comic episode.


Nice artifacts KansasGuest!


My suggestion for a modern-day artifact: Michael Phelps' Olympic medals. There would be, what, 22 of them so it might be a pain to track them down in the future. But, wouldn't it be a hoot to have his artifacts make people have long winning streaks, causing all the casinos in Vegas to go bust?


Myka/Pete story took too much time and was sloppy. I'd have liked more Arty/Jinx and Claudia/Mrs F. Cold open was great. It's rare that agents get to use artifacts. The pregnancy thing was ridiculous and should have been cut. The Mrs F/Claudia parts were great. Someone at the Comic Con W13 panel if Sheriff Carter's badge was an artifact.


I thought it was a good one- especially with Jimmy knowing Artie was lying. Loved the 'Bride of Frankenstein' white area in Mrs. Fredrick's hair. And the fact the man in the nursing home was her grandson. Brother Adrian creeps me out. I was asking my husband the same question: how does he know which artifacts to take and how does he even get in the warehouse? To be continued, I guess. Love the show!


This episode wasn't one of my favorites because it wasn't as funny but it was still a good episode. I can't wait till the next episode the season is getting better every episode.


Jen: YES! I loved the Psych actors crossover!


i loved it last season when myka straightened her hair!


Didn't care for this episode. Too much comedy-ad-libbing by Pete and Myka. It was too forced and not near as funny as they seemed to think it was. Let the writers write, let the actors act.
They've done this on a few other episodes and is one of the reasons the 'priority' of WH13 has slipped below 'Pawn Stars' and 'American Pickers' on my DVR.

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Warehouse 13 Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

That's not hockey. That's pole vaulting.


Myka: Are you living in 1957? Getting pregnant is not on my current to do list.
Artie: How about finding an artifact? Is that on your current to do list?