The Vampire Diaries Season Premiere: First Photo!

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Let the guessing games begin!

The CW (courtesy of TV Line) has released the first photo from this October's Vampire Diaries Season 4 premiere, and it depicts Jeremy and Bonnie seemingly locked in a spell of some kind.

To what end? Theorize away as you take a close look at the scene:

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Premiere Pic

The last time this former couple interacted, of course, Bonnie was using her magic to fake Jeremy's death. She then took it upon herself to help Klaus live inside the body of Tyler.

Oh, yes, the resident Mystic Falls witch has "tapped into some darker stuff," as creator Julie Plec previously teased, and the question now remains: Will she continue down this dark path? How far might she go?

Just a couple more questions to ponder, spurned on by this early look, as we anticipate the return of The Vampire Diaries on October 11.

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I love this show it's my favorite !!! Can't wait till it comes back on. When is it coming back on????


what happened to TVD it used to be good,then after half of season 2 it started to go downhill...the writing sucks and the character build up just fails.They are missing the season 1 flavor they need that to not end up like GG and 90210.


I love tvd crnt wait 4 new season. I fink bonnie is trying t save elena. Dnt no y sum ppl bother watching all they do is moan bout it. X


Remember how they hyped up "evil steffie" storyline only to give a completely lame emo-steffie for 7 episodes and then throw it all under the bus as if it never ever happened? Sadly so, I guess we can say that almost about every character on this show "Remember evil Damon, Katherine, Elijah, Klaus..."


In the begining of the show, they are suppost to build the character. But when ever they build on Bonnies character, they tear it down. Now in S4 they cannot try to fit it all in ,so quickly. Developing and building a character takes time. They never really explored the Bonnie character in all the other seasons that much.


TVD never do anything right, especially when it comes to Bonnie. If they had actually built up this character with a real backstory then maybe there would be something to look forward to. They had something with Jer and Bonnie but threw that away too. All Bonnie has been for 3 seasons is a prop and I don't see that changing this season.


October needs to hurry up. I am looking forward to this show more than all of the others.

David and sabrina 2014

I wonder what else will be up between Jeremy and Bonnie but I'm mostly interested to wait for season 4 to come. =]


I really hope that the picture is of something else other than trying to reverse Elena's transition or that it fails completely. What about that spell that Esther wanted to use to kill her children, didn't she say that it would turn them human first? I for one hope that Elena remains a vampire for at least a few seasons and if they show a storyline that turns her back another vampire also gets a chance to be human again Stefan maybe, or even Elijah, or Caroline. Elijah and Stefan seem to regret losing their humanity the most (which is why they're both in love with Elena). Elena has escaped being turned too many times now, maybe its someone else's turn.Just a thought, I was watching Downton Abbey (apart from Dr Who I pretty much stopped watching any British tv shows) and it suddenly occured to me that Elena reminds me of a character from a British period drama, she's quite emotionless and upright most of the time and that may not always appeal to everybody. I've read people describing her as 'cardboard'.



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