Private Practice to Give Addison Which "Happy Ending?"

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On September 25, Private Practice will kick off its sixth and possibly final season.

But while the fate of this ABC drama is unknown, the future of its main attraction was made clear in May: Kate Walsh will depart the series after its subsequent 13 episodes.

How will Addison be written out? Shonda Rhimes told TV Line during a recent set visit that she changes her mind on a weekly basis, but the "character deserves a happy ending" of some kind. Hmmm.... okay then...

Addison at Work

How might we send Dr. Montgomery into the smiling sunset? Who will she end up with? Where will she go? With so many possibilities, let’s start speculating:

  • Addison chooses Jake. With Baby Henry in tow and their bags packed, they finally take that trip to Fiji as a family. They eventually settle down somewhere much quieter than L.A. and open a joint practice with their combined specialties.
  • Addison ends up with Sam. After all, Private Practice Season 5 did conclude with Sam proposing. They both decide that they need a fresh, start from Seaside Wellness and move back to Addison’s Connecticut hometown. 
  • Mark Sloan survives on Grey’s Anatomy - with Addie’s help - and she realizes how important Mark is to her and she decides to start the next chapter of her life with McSteamy.
  • What if it’s just about Addison and Henry? She finally visits Naomi in New York and realizes how much she misses and needs her best friend. She and Henry end up as neighbors to Naomi, Fife and Betsy.

What do you think? What do you want?

Sound off now with your theory on how Private Practice will say goodbye to Addison and also vote in our poll: Should the show continue without her?


I want Addison and baby Henry or Addison/Jake/baby Henry. The show won't continue the ratings are terrible. Tim Daly would never return after being fired. I would hope he would have more respect for himself than to return to a show that fired him.


i hate Addison and Sam together, she wanted a baby and he knew that from the start but yet she wasted her time with him, i love Addison she's awesome, i like her with Jake cause he was there for her when she wanted a baby and he was there every step of the way and i want them together tell the show ends.. Now that Sam sees Addison happy he wants to ruin that, i prefer Jake and Addison instead please..


I would like to see Addison with Jake or with Mark if he survives. I think that Addison and Mark have a better chemestry than Lexie and Mark or Addison and Sam. It could be fine to make a cross over PP/GA with Addison helping Mark, Amelia making a surgery on Derek’s hand and why not, Sheldon working with the traumatised survivors of the plane’s crash.
I think PP could continue with good storylines for Cooper /Charlotte /Mason, Scheldon / Amelia, Sam, Violet and Pete, who could come back, as Jarrods wrote.


@Christina Tran - Based upon the recent spoilers and tweets by some of the cast (ex. Paul A., Amy B., & KaDee S.) what do you personally think is ahead for these character in season 6? Thanks!


I just really hope that if the shows continues on that Shonda is smart enough and sympathetic enough to ask Tim Daly back. I'm positive that Kate Walsh's pay would contribute to Tim Daly's return, a 9 episode back-order AND an entire new pay raise for everyone.


PP is going down slowly. I hope Taye Diggs is going too. Let addisam and Henry be a family and get away somewhere. Really hope this season's the last and that they write something interesting.


i love addie


Please don't make me hate Shonda even more by bringing up (the lack of) Maddison.


I really don't like Sam and Addison as a couple, he kind of annoys me every time he talks, and I know other people feel this way as well. But sadly, I think Shonda plans on them being together, and leaving the show together. I want the show to go on without Addison, I love the CharCoop storyline too much, and I adore Amelia.
If I could have my own way, though, Addison would follow Pete wherever he is and be with him as it was supposed to be in the early seasons of PP


Addison and Henry. @Jarrod, she will if Taye Diggs wants to leave the show which I could see him and Amy Brenneman wanting out.


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