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In the season 2 finale at the ball Paige told Em I'm here for you no matter what comes next I think she either witnessed mayas murder or she comitted it


When Nate was talking to Jenna he told here I know you saw me not I know you see me past tense,and the look they shared,Nate is no.1 suspect of mine,and he was shocked when Hanna told him that Jenna was pretending to be blind.


Ms. Lopez - Jenna didn't warn Emily about Paige. We don't really know for sure who she was talking about. She could have been talking about Nate.
Watching Ali scenes I just can't imagine girls who would be friends with someone like that (espcially Spencer)!
Some questions I have - the song that 'A' played at the end, who was it by? When it played I just immediately went back to Ezra suggesting a record Aria and his brother had never heard of. But maybe I'm giving the writers too much credit (which I am very willing to accept).
I think Paige is a victim but also a threat. She was bullied by Ali and I think it could have brought out this really bad side to her that she's never let go of (fight back hard).
I still think Nate is more dangerous than Paige. He's clearly got serious stalker potential and I'm pretty convinced he's not Maya's cousin (he never proved this really).
Note to Wren - Find girls you're own age!! You're a cute british doctor - is it really that freakin' hard?!


I think it is weird how the pastor acted when Ashley told him about how she watched it. Does anyone think he watched it and now knows if he didn't already about her sleeping with the cop? He seems fishy too me... I can't stop thinking about how Caleb turned on Hanna in season 1... remember when Jenna asked Caleb to look through Hanna's phone and stuff? He got caught and had to step up his game or does he really love her? He did say he was with that gang basically stealing stuff... I think Jenna is moving in with the A team. At the end a black glove gives another black glove a key to something... By the way where is Emily living??


I think Jenna was talking about Nate not Paige not that that takes Paige off the suspect list really only for being A. I don't think she is subtle enough for that....Caleb concerns me because that was an odd look he gave Jenna after she forced Hanna off the computer not just wtf. Then he knows the secret way into CeCe's store. Then I look back at some of the things this A has done...mostly to frighten and keep the PLL quiet but none of the real emotional blackmail that Mona did. Like what if this A did not roofie Emily but merely followed her and heck watched her help someone like Paige dig up Alis grave. Caleb knows the pd will be after the PLL so he steps in and stops them but realizes that Emily is out of it so decides everyone must be quiet until he figures out who hurt Emily and maybe he has been continiung that while trying to keep a more dangerous foe at bay.


@bethemockingjay I totally agree,he looked disappointed that the flash drive had been destroyed, and it was weird that he went after Ella and Ashley!

@Bianca, really? Wes was probably only like 12 at the most when the kid was born, how could he possibly be his!

I cant wait to for next week but I dont want it to end! I just hope its not Caleb or Wren because I love them both :)


I don't trhlust neither Paige or Nate. So there is a female and male A working against the liars this time. I loved Ali ànd Cece scene and think we should get more of that. So Paige always had a crush on Emily but Em was still seeing guys at that time. I don't know who Jenna was talking about but I am going to miss her.


I dont like emily very much and her pick of company outside of the liars is questionable i mean paige freaking scares me and nate is really creepy like stalker creepy i mean i dont think my cousin would be like that about me if i happened to murder but we're not very close but even my brother who im close with won't be like that. and i think maggie's son is also ezra's brothers son not his.


@laurette actually I saw the summer finale promo on youtube and somebody commented that the boots showing of as A's are the same that Caleb often wears.. I'm not sure but there is something strange in the fact that Mona was so furious of him when he visited, also why would he drive his mom's car all the way from Cali? And why is Hanna crying so much in the promo pics? I don't know, I hope it's not him! They are messing with my head lately..


I do actually think that Jenna was referring to paige but instead Nate when she told emily to be careful of the ppl she spends time with, cause Nate does come across creepy, I think it also a bit weird that Jenna is leaving two with out any reason, as soon as she known she was in the clear from being apart od the A team after Nole sent that security footage to Spencer,defo think that paige is using emily and as an obsession with EM for sometime now,dont think she in the A team, i find that i am not really invested in the Aria and Ezra baby mamma drama cause Aria is butting in where doesn't need to, totally miss spencer and toby, he should be bck considering it the finally lol

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