NCIS Season Premiere: Behind the Scenes Elevator Pic!

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We're less than a month away from the premiere of NCIS Season 10.

After the terrorist's bomb rocked the Navy yard and decimated the team's headquarters, the emotionally and physically distraught team must find their bearings - and elusive suspect Harper Dearing.

There are also some interesting subplots brewing, as we know.

Might there be love in an elevator in the aftermath of the explosion? Here's a new behind-the-scenes photo of Tony and Ziva (Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo), first published by Entertainment Weekly ...

Love in an Elevator?

NCIS executive producer Gary Glasberg has hinted that the post-bombing trauma may bring Tiva closer than ever ... does that mean entering a romantic relationship? Should they? Share your views below.

For more visuals from the upcoming premiere (Tuesday, September 25), click to enlarge another behind-the-scenes pic of Cote and Michael, and CBS' promotional photos from "Extreme Prejudice" ...

Tiva Behind the Scenes
Director Vance Pic
Extreme Prejudice Pic
Tiva and Fornell
Tiva and Gibbs
Gibbs After the Bombing
Abby NCIS Season Premiere Photo
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I've never thought reading comments could be such a fun! And I've never thought I'd possibly write one, but ... here I am:) NCIS's been on air for 9 years- in USA - it is a big deal for a crime show. I'm speaking as one who works in a media plus I've been on air for a while :) "The Navy crime-of-the-day" has made me watch the show - no need to follow any particular storyline, just enjoy crime solving. BUT that is not what makes the show so successful. Besides crime solving you have development of characters - growing up and growing old, getting to know each other; small personal stories, love stories or may be-love stories like Tiva,etc.- that is how it works. And the creators, producers, writers - they all have made you \me too, which surprises me\ not to miss an episode if possible, browse and comment in internet:) And that have made them earn a lot of money:))))


@Michael - You are SOOOOOOOOO FAR detached from NCIS as a TV show, the ONLY "Right" you could EVER be is concerning your personal "NCIS-In-MY-Issue-Wracked-Mind" Version. You don't even know what the driving force of the show IS. It has ALWAYS been & forever WILL be Character-Driven. It has NEVER been about the Navy criminal "side story". The average viewer NEVER gives a rat's crap about another "Dead body at Quantico" - the TEAM is always the main focus..especially their RELATIONSHIPS with one another. In the meantime, feel free to keep being "Right" about the version from your OWN mind, Michael. The rest of us will enjoy the REAL one that actually airs on Tuesday nights.


tiva is about 2 people not 1.tony and ziva are perfect for each other and in the end it will happen.


Erin, Fritz, you're wrong about both of them.


Tiva is about promoting Ziva, not Tony. Ziva is the one who is stuck on herself. When Tony brags he's teasing. When Ziva brags which is all the time, she's serious. She never smiles (unless she's being cruel to someone)


Let's keep the show a cop show and not turn it into a soap opera just to
expand Weatherley's woman chaseing. He is stuck on himself.
Should they decide to repete the same senario as in JAG and turn it into
a soap opera, they will lose fans.


Michael, when it comes to NCIS, you are always wrong. That's what's so right about you.


Sorry but When Im right Im right and I am always right when it come to NCIS


I'm so excited for the new season. I'm wondering how they will deal with the timeline. I really want to know what happened to McGee. He's the only one you haven't seen in any released pictures
@Michael- Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I actually like yours sometimes. They make me look at Tiva a different way and then I see that I don't agree with you and laugh at your logic. Is it possible for you to not include all NCIS fans in your comment? When you say all NCIS fans agree with something it annoys me how you feel like you can speak for everyone. Lastly, could you find better insults than calling someone blind?


Michael, I know enough about you and your bizarro ideas about the show to mostly spend my time laughing at you. I also know enough about Abby's back story to know that nothing more happened with it last year because, by Glassberg's own admission, they hadn't given much thought to it because they hadn't spent anymore time working on developing it. That was something they were planning on doing at a later date, which I guess has now arrived. As for the "crime of the week", no doubt people watch for that reason, but there are those who watch because of it being character driven. It's that mix that gives it that 19 to 20 share in the Nielsens.