Grimm Review: Welcome To The Pack Hank!

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On "Bad Moon Rising" we were faced with a Hank we hadn't seen before, one falling apart and being torn apart by internal demons. But the real surprise was coming for Hank later when Carly turned in front of him and Nick gave up the... Wesen. 

The good news was Hank took it much better than Juliette did when she learned the truth. Hank was just a boatload of happy to learn he wasn't crazy. Was I the only one who laughed out loud when Hayden went all tough guy, turned Coyotl, ran toward Hank and Hank just punched him in the face? 

Coyotls are like the bad gangs of the Wesen world; more specifically, they're the semi-hot, brutal, redneck bad boys who are kind of like werewolves. But their real advantage is that they can catch humans off guard. Hank expected him and the dude dropped like a bag of rocks. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Hank finally earned his stripes and I will never have to moan about his ignorance again. I am one happy viewer.

Nick & Hank to the Rescue

But what about everything else? Given the emphasis placed upon Juliette's segregated memory, complete except for the most important person in her life, I was surprised there was so little of Renard in the episode. "The Kiss" clearly wiped Nick out of Juliette's mind, but did it replace him with Renard? I was dying to know exactly what role he was going to play in Juliette's new life. How dare they leave us hanging!

Considering how smooth the previous two episodes flowed with regard to story, this one was lacking. Don't get me wrong, Hank's being brought into the circle was very well played and timed so he wasn't angry or vengeful about being kept in the dark for so long. That could have been a rough road, but instead it was a treat.

Dropping the ball on Renard, his bastard-of-the-royal-line reveal and that he took Juliette away from Nick without even thinking about it this week was just odd. When they spoke of Adelind and her mom briefly, they could have at least dropped us a piece of unripened fruit to toss around while the rest of story stayed dormant. It didn't have to be juicy.

That Renard didn't think about it made me wonder if he even knew exactly what that kiss was going to do. If he did, would he have let Juliette wake up and go home with Nick?

Might getting information about Nick be the big plan? If so, surely there could have been a spell that would have left her memory in tact. She had just learned the secret, after all. That would have been more helpful in a dirt sifting scenario than starting from scratch. 

Ah well, I'm nitpicking. It's exciting to think what Hank might bring to the inside now that he knows the full story. He'll be meeting everyone again for the first time, which will be fun to explore. Grimm Season 2 has started out with great momentum and moved from "sure, I'll watch it" to "must see" on my viewing list. 

Be sure to come back next week when Nick McHatton returns from his hiatus to review another all new episode of Grimm!


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I'm on the fence about the fact that they brought Hank into the know. On the one hand, I think a lot of interesting energy in the last seasons came from Nick trying to balance his two lives--keeping the people in the know and the people in the dark from finding out about each other, even though they were all working on the same murder cases. Episodes like "Cat and Mouse" and "Three Coins in a Fuchsbau" were extra juicy because of that juggling. That said, there was a limit to how long they could keep Hank in the dark before the guy would start to seem like an idiot for not noticing. And since they've portrayed him as competant and smart, I'm not surprised they decided to have him find out. Whether or not that'll energize the show or take life out of it, I don't know. But the writers have been doing a good job so far, so I think I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.


@Virg - You sound a little impatient. Just because Renard became "pure of heart" in order to make Juliet well doesn't mean he's "good" or "evil." My impression of him has always been that he has his own agenda. Sometimes it's in line w/Nick's interests. Other times, it's not. I don't think that will change. As for your preference of Hank remaining ignorant about the wesen world, you're in the minority. The running commentary about Hank's role all last season had most viewers frustrated with him, calling him the "Lois Lane" of GRIMM. Fans were begging producers to either make him more useful to Nick or get rid of him altogether because he was in the thankless role of reacting to everything 95% of the time. Being neither a help nor a hindrance to the story neutered the character so much he was dispensable. Now that he knows, Hank becomes more valuable as a friend and ally to the Grimms. Nick really doesn't need another person to defend. He needs people who have his back.


I love the show runners for keeping their promise to up this show as in one year it has jumped from okay to awesome For Nick's Mom being a kick ass Grim she was just amazing and for sticking by Hank and doing right by his character, to all its characters. For choosing to tell a good story and not lower itself to fan pandering which was an option presented they wisely chose not to take.


Why do shows that find a workable storyline that is boosting numbers have to screw around with it. The unknowing partner was one of the good things about this show. Now they have messed that up. And make up your minds about if the captain is going to be a good guy or not. eeech. Will give this another shot but they keep this up will be changing chanells again.


@PD - Thank you! You're too kind. About Renard, I have a feeling any repercussions about being "pure of heart" will develop over several episodes. Seriously doubt we'll see him volunteering to clean out the puppy cages at an animal shelter. But, maybe it will involve him wanting to take a lot of showers. It would be hilarious if Juliette caught a glimpse of him with Nick, and becomes so enamored she ends up stalking the Captain. Renard is probably the best recruiting tool the Portland PD has. Why aren't there more women on that police force?


any one have any thoughts on what the consequences may be for Renard now that he is 'pure of heart'. @KansasGuest - enjoy your comments


I love the show....but and yes there is a but...LOL! Is it me or they take a long time to get to the point on this show....I mean after about 30mins you can see it coming before its finish...just saying. I need more!!!


To assume that the kiss from Renard, which wakened Julliette,caused her to lose all memory of Nick is wrong. The witch who poisoned her in the first place had all the motive in the world for wanting Nick to suffer. And making Nick a stranger to Juliett would be perfect revenge. Also, Renard woke Juliette up because he wanted Nick's relationship with her to stay strong, because as he has said, he wants Nick to continue to have a reason to stay in Portland so he can keep a close eye on him. The last thing Renard wants to do is come between Nick and Juliette.


I keep wondering why Nick haasn't yet learned that Renard is a Wesen. Seems odd, even though Renard is half-human. I thought a Grimm could easily identify any Grimm. Maybe a half-Wesen is a Grimm's visual kryptonite?


It just occurred to me that Juliette has had more Wesen spells heaped on her than any character on GRIMM - Adalind's cat scratch, Rosalee's eye drops, & Renard's princely kiss (although that last one is not exactly a downer). Poor thing. @GP - Renard is half-human, according to the actor & Catherine Schade. She told Kelly Burkhardt the prince in Portland was literally a bastard. The audience then realizes Renard is half-royal/human, & sees his hexenbiest side before the transformation.

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