Dallas Review: A Whole New Game

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The Dallas season finale tied the old and new together, as "Revelations" clarified the direction of things to come.

Play Ball

The show opened with a solid one-two punch: Rebecca frantically mopped up the blood off her floor and had a clean up crew haul Tommy's body out of the way, prompting the obvious question: Who the heck is this girl? Who can place a phone call and make a murder scene and a dead body disappear? Government agent? Witness protection? Mobster's daughter?

SPOILER ALERT! If you have not watched this episode, read no further. OK, you've been warned.

Rebecca was Cliff Barnes' daughter! Damn. I didn't see that coming - and I should have. Once the reveal happened, all of the pieces fell into place. 

For those new to the series, Cliff fathered a child with long-time lover Afton Cooper. The girl's name was Pamela Rebecca, named after Cliff's sister and mother. I can only assume that Rebecca is that child.

Suddenly her detailed knowledge of the Ewings and her love of Chinese food all fell into place. 

The depth of Cliff's hatred of the Ewing clan has always astounded me. The fact that he'd use his own daughter in an attempt to take them down was both appalling and completely believable.

But the best twist of all is that with Rebecca pregnant with Christopher's twins, the Barnes and the Ewings will be inextricably connected for yet another generation. 

The reveal that Rebecca was a Barnes would be enough for most season finales but Dallas gave us so much more, starting with an uncharacteristic moment of sincerity for J.R. as he stood by his brother's bedside. J.R. told an unconscious Bobby that he loved him, that he didn't know who he was without him and that he needed to get up and fight, even if that meant continuing the battle between the two.

It's in moments like this that I'm reminded that J.R.'s over-the-top villainy works because we believe that he really does love his family, even if it is in his own uniquely warped way.

So much happened so quickly from there that it was almost hard to keep up. Bobby woke up and, instead of sending his brother to prison, used the information to take Vicente down... but it came at a hefty price for John Ross.

The relationship between John Ross and Elena has been a highlight for me all season. I loved his proposal even though I knew it was too good to last. When he begged her for a second chance with tears in his eyes, I felt his heartbreak.

Christopher's realization that Rebecca was not who she claimed to be was another blow. Not so much because I love these two as a couple but because I hated that it sent Christopher running back to Elena.

And in yet one more riveting storyline, Ann Ewing finally confirmed why she deserves to be the wife of Bobby Ewing. I was really concerned when she went to Ryland to try and help Sue Ellen. When she began to unbutton her blouse my stomach turned.

Bobby's Home

I practically fist pumped the air when I saw the listening device hooked to her bra. Then she punched the S.O.B. and did a better job of it than Bobby did week's earlier and she capped it off with this great Dallas quote

 The next time you ask me for a hug you'll be hugging the business hand of my shotgun. | permalink

Go Ann!

But my favorite scene of the night was John Ross showing Elena and then Christopher the new Ewing Energies office space. Having it be the renovated space of the former Ewing Oil was priceless. As John Ross showed Elena where Jock's office had been, and uncle Bobby's, and J.R.'s, I could have hugged him. 

It was a skillful way of melding the past and the present and hinting at the turmoil and greatness of what's to come.

In the end, John Ross and J.R. standing in that revered space as the son asked the father to impart all of his deviousness and experience brought everything full circle. Except this time John Ross is a little less naive about his legendary father and his heartache over his lost love will fuel his revenge. 

And that's before he knows that Elena's back in Christopher's bed!

I spent so much time waiting for the start of the new Dallas that I can't quite believe that season one is over. Season two returns in January 2013.  Will you be watching?


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Man I love and hated this esp. all in one. seeing is how we saw so many up's and down, when it came to certain relationship. Like Christopher / Rebecca/ Elena and John Ross- side note ( Why don't we ever see Chris in any real scene with J.R., but yet John Ross has have private moments with Bobby and others.) Now although we have heard certain rumors that there might be a possibility that Rebecca was relative to someone on the show, most thought it was Ann, only a handful that remember the original Dallas started to put the pieces together. Me being new to Dallas and not knowing all the history did not see it. But it's funny, that my husband who only watch the first two esp. who remember Dallas from his childhood ; say it. He was joking at first, saying that Rebecca and Tommy at the time known to be siblings, seen like a copy of Cliff and his sister that was marry to Bobby. Then he say, I bet for a twist they will make it out that she is Cliff daughter; in a joking way. So it's funny that we watch the last esp. last night and when it was reveal in the end, he say I told you- side note that is why I hate watching certain shows with him, he always figure out the plot line before anything happens. Anyway, I was happy that it turn out that there was a bigger secret to fake Rebecca. That's why I didn't jump on the I hate Christopher bandwagon, because I knew that she was holding something back, when she didn't tell Chris everything.


Loved everything that this episode revealed. What a surprise when Rebecca turned out to be Cliff's daughter. I remember Afton but didn't know they had a child...Cliff is more evil than he was before though, cause it seems he's after Christopher's new energy... not great to go after his own nephew... but yeah, as we know, Cliff is actually not better than J.R...
It was a good storyline to make John Ross "nicer" and more human than his father, and give a false hope that there would be piece in the Ewing family...
The end of the episode clearly showed John Ross is back on the dark side, and with Elena between the two cousins, I'm quite sure season 2 will show some family fights and wars, as always in Dallas.
For sure, I'll watch season 2.


Anne's secret is about giving up a baby for adoption. It makes no sense to keep that from Bobby, he would be very understanding and help her track it down if she wanted. The only reason to keep it secret is that she has already tracked him down and it is Christopher. Which would also explain her reaction to Christopher's initial reaction to finding out about the baby with his wife/adopted unknown cousin.


Thank you ReneeM...couldn't have said it better myself. It's not like John Ross ran over her dog or something...yes, he lied, but couldn't she see why he did the things he did to try and fulfill Daddy's expectations. If she truly loved him she would have found a way to give him a second chance...but proof to me that she didn't is the fact she was back in Christopher's bed before the day was out. I am not excusing what John Ross did, but if I truly loved him then I would have found a way to work it out or at least try. He really loved Elaina...that I could see and she hurt him. I also can't help but be grossed out that Rebbecca and Christopher are cousins...yes, I know he was adopted but still...it bothers me.
I also don't enjoy John Ross being as underhanded and mean as JR...afterall he has to have some of Sue Ellen in there so I am not sure I am going to like what he has planned. But I enjoyed this new series and will definitely be watching...I am glad that Tommy is gone...I didn't like him.


I hope they give John Ross a new love interest next year because I think it's very obvious that Elena and Christopher were meant to be together! Christopher's speech to her at the end was adorable and I will definetely be rooting for them next season!


I can't believe how much I LOVE this show! I thought the reboot would suck but it doesn't. I thought Ann was gonna do something foolish I'm glad she surprised me. I don't like Rebecca, I think she's the only weak link on the show her acting sucks so I wasn't sorry to see her get the old heave ho by Christopher, but... I love John Ross, I actually wanted Elena with him. I felt bad for him even though he brought it all on himself. And how pathetic is Cliff Barnes?? Move on already it's over ugh.


I would like to hate JR, but I can't. The scene between him and Bobby in his hospital room was so touching. I do believe JR loves his family and he would be lost without them. Had strong feelings that the relationship between Elena and John Ross would not last, however it broke my heart when Elena left him. I'm sure John Ross knew that Elena would end up back with Chris. I don't see that relationship lasting either or it's going to be full of problems, i.e, Rebecca aka Cliff Barnes' daughter. Hands down - the absolute best scene is when Ann got the best of her ex-husband - what a creep. She punched him and I too have new respect for her after that awesome statement about her gun - lol. I'm on-board with Lana "hell yeah" I'll be breathlessly waiting for the this show to start in January. Good job creators and writers of the New Dallas -


The whole time I am wondering why Rebecca just didn't come clean. With the reveal I finally understood the end game was much bigger than being MRS Rebecca Ewing. What a reveal never ever saw that coming.


First, last and always -- I love JR Ewing! Has American television EVER had a more stylish, fiendish and fun villain?? What a great twist, Rebecca being Cliff Barnes' daughter; I was totally thinking she was Anne's child. As for the Christopher/Elena/John Ross triangle: Elena running back and forth between the two every other episode has really gotten old for me. Is Elena really that fickle? Does she not know whom she really loves? And I think that with both Elena and Christopher, it's childish of them to get so hung up on "He/She lied to me," regarding John Ross and Rebecca. Like they've never told a lie in their lives? Don't grownups calm down and take a look at WHY their loved one lied? One can argue that John Ross and Rebecca should have come completely clean when they had the chance, but given their situations, it's not hard to understand that they were too afraid of losing their mates. Both Elena and Chris need to get over themselves a bit. Will DEFINITELY be watching Dallas next season!


poor john ross i love him

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Dallas Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Christopher: Old Ewing Oil space?
John Ross: Actually, new Ewing Energies space.

My life and everything I want it to be is better with you.

John Ross