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The adventures of Aunt Ally and her Lil’ Bitch Jenna continued in "What Comes First: Sex or Love?"

Except, this time, Ally is not a washed up sloth hanging on to her glory high school days and living in her parents’ basement. Well, she still drinks heavily and smokes like a sailor, but why drop such defining personalities traits?

No, Ally has officially become a Newpsie (I miss you, Sandy Cohen) in spirit, and, even though her new beau is a four on the Sadie scale, when you’re Aunt Ally your options can quickly become limited.

An Awkward Announcement

But that’s all the time we have for Aunt Ally because even with her grand entrance back into the Hamilton household she wasn’t the biggest thing to happen this week.

Three big events happened this week, and let’s start with number one: Jake and Jenna.

After lots of posturing, and wondering, Jake and Jenna finally had sex, and it seems that Jenna’s fears about not being in love with Jake were self-created. As things finally unfolded, Jenna realized she had been worried over nothing.

Part of that problem is for far too long Jenna has compared Jake and Matty in almost the same ways, and that always ended up sabotaging her relationship with the former. Although, with Matty constantly making his presence and feelings to Jenna known, it’s not a stretch to think that Jenna couldn’t move on with Jake because Matty has refused to let her.

But I digress... because Jenna finally figured it out with a little help from Lacey:

Lacey: Jenna, contrary to the advice I've been giving Ally, you need to know that every first time is the first time, and it should be special. | permalink

It’s a beautiful scene between Jenna and Lacey, and it’s beautiful advice. Jenna didn’t know that every time is different, every time is new, and every time is special, so it’s better to let go of any preconceived notions about what is or isn’t "protocol" and just enjoy the moment and what is being built between two people.

In the minivan, Jenna finally figured out what was holding her back with Jake. Jenna wasn’t afraid of being in love with Jake; Jenna was afraid that Jake would cut and run if she wasn’t going along at his pace. When she finally knew how Jake really felt, and that he wasn’t mad or afraid that she hadn’t said “ILY” back yet ,everything clicked.

Big Event Two: Jenna and Matty
One big conversation happened between Matty and Jenna: the dos and don’ts.

Matty’s conversations with Jenna have the potential of backfiring for him because if he goes too far with Jenna she might actually think they really are in the friend zone, and that’s what happened tonight: Matty promises not to tell Jake about them and suggested if they're open about talking about their past they can move onto being friends.

So, while Matty’s playing his game of sabotage very well by reminding Jenna every time she tries to move another step forward with Jake about how much he knows about her, what she likes, and what she dislikes, he ends up painting himself into a corner as he pretends to make it (somewhat) clear he’s over Jenna. However, before long, if he keeps up this line of thinking, he's going to slip up in front of Jake, and things will blow up for both Jenna and Matty.

Big Event Three: Sadie and Ricky
Let’s get the big question out of the way first: Radie or Sicky? Let us know in the comments.

I never would have expected Sadie and Ricky’s one night stand to carryover past their kiss in the premiere, but it seems Sadie has finally met her match in Ricky. He can take whatever she dishes out and come back for seconds, no matter how mean and abusive she is to him.

Maybe it’s a match made in heaven since Ricky likes to go after any girl that currently has a pulse at school, and Sadie likes to verbally cut a random stranger down as her cold heart takes a beat. Plus, this puts Sadie and Tamara back toward hating each other, and we all know their putdowns for one another are rather amazing.

I smell a supercouple!

Other thoughts:

  • Val and Lacey day drinking together should be a weekly thing, and watching Val invade even more sacred territory for Jenna as well as embarrassing her at every turn is hilarious.
  • Now that we know Lacey only slept with “one other guy” isn’t it about time Kris Polaha take the stage?
  • Is it next week yet? That promo has me amped up.

Finally, here is this week’s winning quote:

Sadie: What's up suicidal slut? [Sadie shoves a dollar in Jenna's shirt.] Get used to it sex is gonna pay your way through college. You're welcome. | permalink

Read more of what Sadie had to say this week at our Awkward quotes page!

Now, what did you think of Awkward this week? Is Jenna really in love with Jake? Is Matty painting himself in a corner? Are Radie/Sicky destined to become a supercouple?

What Comes First: Sex or Love? Review

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Awkward Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Lacey: I am sorry we got carried away with all of that girl talk. I did not mean to embarrass you.
Jenna: Don't worry it wasn't the first time.
Lacey: And it won't be the last.

Jenna, contrary to the advice I've been giving Ally; you need to know that every first time is the first time, and it should be special.