Awkward Review: Impeccable Timing

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The conclusion of Aunt Ally’s wedding certainly took a turn for the dramatic on Awkward, as the repercussions of Jenna’s not so forgotten past finally caught up to her in "Time After Time."

And, once again, I’m a mixed bag of emotions; there are pros and cons to both sides. I can understand the pain and hurt Jenna was feeling, and the sudden confusion of her emotions, but, at the same time, she couldn’t wait at least a few hours before getting back with Matty’s tongue?

Checking on Jenna

Jenna gave Jake absolutely no time to let the news sink in; Matty and Jenna have had months to figure things out and get past the awkwardness between them. Jake didn’t get that same opportunity. Jenna attempted to cross-examine her emotional state that very second, and it's not like a home from a wedding offer clarity that quickly. She didn't even know what the breakup was about!

I can understand the plot perspective – Matty and Jenna both now have to mend their relationships with Jake, and somehow make it clear to him that their lies and deceit of his trust were somehow warranted. Jake is usually the calm and collected one, but we haven’t seen him pushed very far emotionally. Things are even worse for them now because Jake still has no context about what is going on.

He is left to his own emotions and imagination when he saw the kiss. I can't blame Jake if he assumes the worst and thinks this has been going on the entire duration of his relationship with Jenna.

If tonight is any indication, we’re in for a Jake we haven’t witnessed before. Expect plenty of lashing out.

One of the more interesting things from tonight is that for all of the drama Jenna was going through, Lacey was struggling with her own similarities with Ben, but here’s the difference between Jenna and Lacey: experience. Yes, Lacey kissed Ben, but in my eyes there was nothing romantic about it. Lacey literally gave him the goodbye kiss he wanted, so she could close that chapter of her life. After she gave him one, she rebuked his advances for the rest of the night.

Unfortunately for Lacey, her untimely genetics are a match made in heaven with Kevin... who finally showed up to begin mending his relationship with Lacey. As with Jake, Kevin had the unlucky opportunity to witness the last thing he wanted to: a potentially intimate moment between Ben and Lacey. Which brings me to the one exchange that is sticking out the most for me tonight:

Jenna: I guess your plan to ruin my parents' relationship worked. Happy?
Ally: Listen, your Dad's the one who ruined their relationship and it started years ago.
Jenna: What are you talking about?
Ally: Think about it why would I hate buzzkill this much for no reason? Because I'm the one who had to pick up the pieces when he screwed over your mom over and over again. | permalink

This just doesn’t ring true to me, at least not yet. From our perspective Kevin has been very much in tune with both of the women in his household, not screwed anyone over. If that was a part of Kevin and Lacey’s past, it seems like they moved on from it years ago. Unless Lacey’s letter writing reveal dredged up some old wounds for Kevin.

I wonder if Kevin wasn’t a big fan of high school Lacey, and things would have been very different had they not gotten pregnant. If that’s the case, the letter could have dredged up a lot old wounds and Kevin might have wanted his distance.

Other thoughts:

  • Val and Sadie make a surprisingly funny comedic duo.
  • I was hoping Tamara would dance with Ricky to rub it in Sadie’s face, but after thinking about it I’m glad she said no.
  • I don’t know how many times I checked my email thinking Jake’s text message was my computer yelling at me.
  • Aunt Ally’s reverse worm was pretty fantastic.
  • What's a reviewer gotta do to get some screen time for Ming?

Finally, here is tonight’s winning quote, courtesy of Val:

You should have no trouble ropin' in some frumpster like Dan. | permalink

What did you think of tonight’s Awkward? Let us know and then head over to our Awkward quotes page for some of our favorite quips from the episode.


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I have always been on team Matty, and I still am but I'm not fool. What Jenna and Matty did to Jake was not only unfair but really dumb. He has been in the dark about them the entire time and it just not fair for him. If he even knew about how Matty feels about Jenna and Jenna about Matty, he would have at least had the choice, knowing all the facts, if he wanted or not to pursue a relationship with Jenna or keep out of it, letting Jenna and Matty figure things out between them. I'm happy about Jenna and Matty, and I hope they get the change to work on the relationship they almost always had but what they did to Jake was just plain wrong.


As much as I like to say I'm on team Matty, I'm sorry but I have to be on Team Jake now because Jenna did him wrong. Yes he did jump to conclusions about the Matty/Jenna situation, BUT if she had given full disclosure about their past, he wouldn't have had to jump! I feel really bad for him because he was always been a great guy and boyfriend to Jenna and Matty but they have kept deceiving him. Plus, Jake wasn't the one who treated Jenna like a doormat, MATTY did. Jake didn't have a problem letting everyone know about their relationship, MATTY DID. Which is why she couldn't be with him in the first place. Now, not even a day after their break up, instead of beating down Jake's door, she's sharing spit with Matty... Call me krazy but if you love someone like she said she did, she wouldn't have jumped on MATTY so quickly. Jenna needs to get her feelings straight and PICK SOMEONE... OR NO ONE, have her learn to love herself before jumping into an relationship. TEAM JAKE ALL THE WAY!!!


I tink we're probably going to get a Jenna / Jake ending. I don't know why but after all the hurt he caused her I've still always been a team Matty person. Although I felt terrible for Jake when looking through the window....




I don't think Jake should have just jumped to conclusions. Jenna didn't even understand or know what happened, he could have at least spoken to her about it. As for Jenna, what she did was wrong, she just broke up with someone who she told she loves, and not even an hour later, she went back to Matty... Jake should try to at least talk and understand the whole thing before he just jumps to conclusions like that.


I am shocked at how invested I am in this show! For some reason I have always been on team Matty. I don't know why. But this ending was good! I also like the parallels between Jenna and her parents. I am glad next season got a larger order because I know this one is going to end soon.


The whole of Season 1 I was Team Jake and then the last episode of season 1 made me Team Matty. And Ive been Team Matty the whole season but seeing Jake look through the window makes me feel so bad for him but Im still team Matty. HAHA! Why are both of them so easy to love. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!

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Awkward Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Jenna: You're drunk.
Ally: And you're a dork, but at least I'll be sober tomorrow...for a while.

Jenna: I guess your plan to ruin my parents' relationship worked. Happy?
Ally: Listen, your Dad's the one who ruined their relationship and it started years ago.
Jenna: What are you talking about?
Ally: Think about it why would I hate buzzkill this much for no reason? Because I'm the one who had to pick up the pieces when he screwed over your mom over and over again.