Alphas Review: Dark and Twisty Redirects

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I’m really unsure of what to think about "Gaslight."

On one hand, I enjoyed how two separate plots tied together near the end, the callbacks to last season and the metaphors for our characters.

But the case was so - to borrow a Grey’s Anatomy phrase - dark and twisty that the elements that were superb ended up being dragged down by the mediocre.

Rachel's In Trouble

The case had an interesting premise, and one of the alphas of the week, Adam, was played by Noah Reid from Syfy’s never-picked-up pilot Three Inches (I’m still bitter Syfy passed on it).

The real Adam was actually comatose, but his ability could project through sound and those who came under its spell had to face one of their fears. It offered a great chance to reflect on what is driving the characters and their emotions.

For Bill, his greatest fear is himself. He’s still in the underground fight club (why he would break the rules and talk about it is beyond me), and I wonder if he’s afraid his ability will be the one to break him. That no matter how hard he tries to work his ability and have it come under his control that he will never be a match for it.

For Cameron, his past is his biggest regret, the time he lost with his son. His biggest fear is doing something that gets himself killed or puts his son in danger. For Rachel, it seems one of her fears is not being there for her friend Nina, that instead of trying to help her out of her current predicament, she let her drown. Both Cameron and Nina began to make amends with Cameron visiting Tyler and Rachel beginning to be cordial with Nina again.

Gary’s was slightly different. His interactions with a now talking Anna were sweet, and it helped remind him of the promise he made to her.

For all of that good, the case and getting to its conclusion was a test of patience. I really didn’t care for the constant turn arounds and misdirects. After five misdirects I stopped caring about who would end up catching the Alpha.

The other plot points revolved around Nina and Kat. Nina was already being sent back into the pushing fire instead of being treated by Rosen’s normal cold turkey course of action. Her and Rosen’s task of finding out what the Senator did for Stanton Parrish and his August Medical corporation was a great tie in to the comatose patient, and it brings an in back for Summer Glau’s Skylar character.

I love Nina’s new sense of repentance and humbleness. She truly has decided to make a change in her life, hopefully for good this time, and it really shows in her character and her actions. We’ve always known Nina is a sweet and gentle person at her core, and it’s nice to reminded that her ability can wreak havoc not the things that make her Nina.

Nina’s pushing of Kat to remember things about her past seems to have worked, too, as we’re left watching Kat draw a picture of a woman that I assume is her mom.

Other thoughts:

  • Rachel picking handcuffs with a needle using her enhanced senses. She is totally picking up her game this season, and I'm loving her new found sense of fight and independence. She's kicking major butt and the little mini-team she's formed with Bill and Cameron is awesome.
  • Gary putting a new spin on one my favorite quotes: We're not sick. We're here on official business so you have to respect the badge. | permalink
  • Is Kat beginning to unlock her memories? Did something traumatic happen to lock them away?

What did you think of tonight’s Alphas?


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This was confusing and tedious at the same time. The twists and turns through the corridors were monotonous. At the end I wasn't sure whether the guy hearing his dead sister was the comatose one at the end, but I agree with evan that they were different people. What was the point of the comatose Alpha anyway? Was he being kept comatose for a specific reason, or did the hospital staff think they were "helping" him with the strobe light? He obviously wasn't comatose, because Rosen just "woke him up" with some magic medicine (unless it was a drug-induced coma?). Anyway that whole segment wasn't really clear, except that Stanton Parish had something to do with the strobe light.
I watch for the characters, and it was fun, but no way this merits a 4 star review, 2 stars tops. Of course on this site, virtually every episode of any show (at least the ones I watch) gets 4 stars, you guys should try to spread your ratings around a bit more!


The hallucination part dragged a bit but it was still a great episode. I love how Gary knew Anna wasn't real and stayed clear headed but was still attached to Anna in any form.


"The case had an interesting premise, and one of the alphas of the week, Adam, was played by Noah Reid from Syfy’s never-picked-up pilot Three Inches (I’m still bitter Syfy passed on it).
The real Adam was actually comatose, but his ability could project through sound and those who came under its spell had to face one of their fears. It offered a great chance to reflect on what is driving the characters and their emotions." The real adam died when he drowned himself in the sink. It was an alpha who had been comatose in the hospital due to almost drowning that was causing the halucination-type events.


I love the character of Gary. The actor portraying him has a lot of the Autistic tendecies down pat without being coying and cutesy. People with Autism are who they are. They see things very black and white; no shades of gray. At the graveside service when the Rabbi(?)said Anna was still with them and Gary kept saying she was dead, that wasn't Gary being blunt, that was Gary being truthful. Even when he saw Anna in the hospital, it didn't upset him because he knew there was a reason behind it. I also like Rachel being bolder, I mean she has the great talents, use them girl.
Dr. Rosen has become obsessed with Stanton Parrish. He is now using the Alphas for his own agenda.He used his own daughter to counter react the effects of the drugs the asylum gave him. He is using Gary to find hidden documentation, using Nina to push for answers and used Kat to see if Nina could push those buried answers. Loved Kats response. "Just leave the money on the dresser." She felt used, because she was. While I am starting to like the other characters more this season, I am beginning to despise Dr. Rosen.


Love this episode !
@Mark : I don't think Gary is on Stanton's side.
He said he find a way to honor Anna, and so that's the way, he's just speaking for her.


This episode was good but I got very confused at some points but it all made sense in the end. I'm so glad skylar will becoming back in the next episode. I can't wait to find out more about Kat and her memories she as an interesting story. Can't wait for the next episode I think it will be amazing.


I thought Gary's "tweet" at the end under Anna's name (@Anna_Lives) speaking of the revolution was interesting. Is it possible Gary is on Stanton's (let's face it.. Magneto vs. Prof X) instead of Rosen's side in this coming war? Very interested to see how it plays out... Thought it was an interesting episode focused mainly on character development, but still good and necessary going forward.


i like this show and find the Alpha premise fascinating but mostly, I love the character interaction and growth. I agree that in the middle of wandering around the hospital I went for a snack. But was interested in how everyone found their way out. Love this show.