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Ryan Murphy and Co. sent Nellie home on last week's episode of The Glee Project, and y'all had a lot to say about it. The character assignment gave Nellie trouble and seemed a little unfair. (I agree.)

This week, they're asking the contenders to be tenacious. I've got my eye on which hopeful I think will struggle with this one.

Amber Riley on The Glee Project

Ali says being tenacious is seeing obstacles as opportunities. Robert says tenacity will continually push them ahead. Their homework assignment is "Survivor" by Destiny's Child, which, Aylin says is perfect since they're all survivors.

Abraham says he's tenacious because he was supposed to be an lawyer but decided to be a performer. I can't say I can see him in a suit and tie and an office every day. This definitely suits him better, I think.

Amber Riley's the guest mentor, and she's tenacious because she has stress fractures from dancing in heels. Which is painful, but really? That's why she's tenacious, Robert?

Nice performance. Amber says she loved Abraham's Diva but wanted to see more "vivacious." She didn't feel like Lily connected with the song. Aylin sounded great and Ali "really, really went for it."

Ali won the homework challenge.

They'll be performing the Big Group Number to "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor. And the shoot will be shot in one take. No stopping. No matter how many tries it takes.

Nikki says the song isn't in anyone's vocal range, so they'll all have to work hard to get it right. She thinks Blake is the one to beat among the remaining guys. Micheal struggles. Again. When she gets everyone into the booth, Lily's voice overpowers everyone else's.

This video shoot is tough. It's an obstacle course in a gym with multiple things happening at the same time. There's throwing, catching, wheel-barrowing, slalom-ing, and shooting basketballs, all while lip syncing their lines from the song. And they have to remember it all and do this in one shot.

By Take 11, it's clear that jumping rope--Double Dutch, no less--is going to be their downfall, so Zach suggests losing one of the ropes and they get the shot. But then Abraham trips going out the door and twists his ankle. In the spirit of tenacity, he's going to keep going.

They get all the way to the final basketball shot on Take 25 and Ali shoots an air ball. Then Shanna goes outside to throw up.

After Take 30 something, Zack and Robert comment to each other that Ali hasn't let anything get her down all day, but she's outside having a meltdown at that moment.

Finally, they decide to lift Ali's wheelchair up and she makes the shot on Take 34. The video is done. And, as it should, it looks like they're all exhausted so it's not their best.

Zack, Robert, and Nikki make the first call backs. Blake, Ali and Shanna are called back first. Blake did every part of his role perfectly for 34 takes.

Aylin gets a call back despite the repeat note that she loses her focus in video shoots. She also did hurdles for 34 takes without knocking over a single one which makes me want to give the girl a medal.

Michael, Abraham, and Lily will be singing Last Chance Performances for Ryan. Michael struggled in the booth, again. Abraham seemed flat on the video shoot. Lily can't blend her voice with the others.

Michael gets "Brick" by Ben Folds. I'm not in love with his voice, really, especially not when he uses his bottom register. He does an okay job, but it's just okay. Ryan liked what he did with the song but says he has a long road ahead of him if he's going to beat Blake. Blake, Ryan said, never would've let it show that he made a mistake. He would've just kept going.

Abraham sings "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson. It's fun. He has fun with it. I think. The performance feels a little flat. Ryan says Abraham normally has a "laser focus" that he didn't have this week.

Lily sings "I'm The Greatest Star" from the musical Funny Girl. It's a chance for her to really open up and sing. She flubbed some of the words, but covered with believable scatting. She admitted to Ryan that Aylin had thrown her by her comments in the studio. Ryan tells her she'll have a thing or two to prove to Aylin if she's back next week and then says he "loves a good duel."

As soon as Lily gets off the stage, Abraham comes back out and says "I'm not freaking leaving until I win this competition or you write a role for me on Glee." Ryan was way calmer and nicer than I would've been. Ryan tells the others that he likes Abraham and could write for him despite his crazy this week.

The list is up.

Michael and Lily are called back. Abraham's eliminated.

I'm kind of shocked, honestly. Going into tonight, I thought Abraham would go home. But during the Last Chance performances and deliberation, I thought for sure Ryan and Co would pick Michael. When Ryan said he could write for Abraham, I thought that sealed Michael's fate. However, I'm not sad to see Abraham go. He was a diva, for sure, and would've continued to be a diva.

So, what about y'all? Do you think Michael should've gone home instead of Abraham?


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