Suits Round Table: "Meet the New Boss"

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Daniel Hardman made his presence very strongly felt on last Thursday's episode of Suits.

And while the USA summer hit is taking this holiday week off, there's no rest for Round Table panelists Chandel Charles, Carla Day, Carissa Pavlica and Nick McHatton. Join them below for a Q&A breakdown of "Meet the New Boss."


This episode had some pretty quotable moments. Which was your favorite?
Chandel: I think my favorite Suits quote had to be when Rachel proclaimed "It's like my computer is accusing me of being single." I'm still laughing.

Carla: Every episode of Suits has a multitude of awesome lines, but this week Louis's line took the top prize: “I want you to convince this woman that Pearson Hardman makes you sh-t rainbows."

Carissa: Once Carla mentioned her Louis quote, I remembered that was pretty good. The only other quote that stood out for me was Harvey saying "I don't work for number two, I work for number one."

Nick: When Donna and Rachel were talking and Donna asks if Rachel is okay. Rachel responds with "no, but I'm too busy throwing myself into work to do anything else." Donna replies: "Well, as long as you're making healthy choices."

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Harriet Specter and Michelle Ross: Harmless fun or deeper meaning?
Chandel: It's a little bit of both. Rachel was discussing how she thought being a paralegal was unglamorous and not the ideal profile profession. For that reason, it didn't surprise me that she created a harmless and fun persona, it was only convenient that she had an identity to riff on.

Carla: Harmless fun. Donna seems very content with her career choice. I don't think she would want to work for anyone other than Harvey. They are the perfect work spouses. While Rachel would love to have Mike's career, she was just having fun with Donna and following her lead. I love that Donna and Rachel are becoming friends.

Carissa: Harmless fun. Just like all their pretend professions.

Nick: Mostly harmless fun, although for Rachel it was a sign of things to come because she later went to go take the LSAT.

What was your favorite Louis moment from this episode?
Chandel: When the associate asked him if they should lie, and he replied, "No, I just want you to convince this woman that Pearson/Hardman makes you [crap] rainbows." That was unexpected and the delivery was genius.

Carla: This was a Louis-filled episode with so many great moments. Louis and She-Louis were hilarious. Louis and Harvey's heart-to-heart was a long time coming. And the dictaphone "You're the man." was priceless. And then the touching scene when Louis told Jessica what he needed from her. I really felt for Louis throughout the hour.

Carissa: When he was sitting in the bullpen and he and Harvey shared memories of their time there. It helped to understand a bit more why he was so jealous of Harvey's rise in the company.

Nick: Him playing Harvey's "you're the man" over and over again.

It's official: Hardman is a lying snake. How do would you manipulate him out of the firm?
Chandel: I'm not even sure yet. I do feel like he's a pressure cooker who, when pushed, will explode. I think it will only be a matter of time, but in the mean time he will definitely be causing some damage at the firm.

Carla: Is he a lying snake? Or is he truly a changed man? I'm not sure, but that excuse about why he took the tea set said he's a manipulative ass. I'm not sure how to get him out of the firm though. At some point he will mess up and Jessica needs to be ready to take full advantage of it when it happens.

Carissa: I wouldn't manipulate him out. I'd wait for him to make his own mistakes. He's going to spontaneously combust. 

Nick: Well, it's a legal firm so the possibilities are nearly limitless. It sounds like prior to be ousted he was a big wild card, and I believe the trio of Jessica, Harvey and Mike will back him into a corner where he has no choice but to walk away or blow up.

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