Necessary Roughness Review: Heartbreaking Reality

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"Spell It Out" featured Dani trying to determine her future, while TK was struggling with his past. The results of both journeys were absolutely heartbreaking.

TK's been served. Yeah, I saw that coming the minute he opened the door. His shooter's defense attorney planned to use TK's bad temper and lack of impulse control against him. Basically, they wanted to make TK lose it on the stand so that he looked like a dangerous man. 

The question quickly became whether TK could overcome his issues and hold it together in court while reliving the most frightening night of his life. That's a tall order.

Dani Visits the Field

Luckily, through a solid support system that included Dani and Matt, TK made it through... almost. 

He handled the defense attorney like a pro. He even schmoozed the press, but it was the quiet moments at home after the trial where TK let his biggest enemy get the better of him.

Those damned pills. I wish they'd go away but it's clear that they've got their hooks into TK and they're not letting go. How many did he take that night? I couldn't count them but it was obvious that his dependence on the drug is growing.

Dani's other patient, Mukesh, was adorable. His mother should have been proud to not only have raised a very smart son, but also a kind and caring one. That's a hard combination to beat.

Unfortunately it was Dani's best friend that brought reality to the forefront... or should I say fortunately

Dani was right. Whether or not to have children is a huge issue and asking Matt to give that up would have come between them eventually. As bad as it felt now, it could have been far worse in the future.

I loved their final scene as they sat on the bed together. It was honest, raw and true to both characters. These were two people who loved and respected one another. Should this one issue have meant the end of them as a couple?

Yes - and I say that with a heavy heart. I wasn't convinced that these two should be together at first but they've really grown on me. I could picture them happily married but Dani has had her kids and she doesn't want any more. Putting pressure on her to do otherwise isn't fair to her or any future child.

And Matt would eventually resent Dani if he gave up his dream of a child in order to sustain their relationship. 

In the end, their breakup was crushing but inevitable.

On the up side we found out that Nico has a cat... named Onyx... and has 11 pictures of him on his cell phone. I've always liked Nico but now I might be in love because that's unbelievably cute.

So are you heartbroken over the end of Matt and Dani? Do you see an eventual Nico and Dani hookup? I'd bet on it for season three. What about you?

Spell It Out Review

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