Hart of Dixie Season 2 Scoop: A Rival for Lemon

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Forget Zoe, Wade and George for a moment. It looks like Hart of Dixie is setting up a new love triangle for Season 2.

According to CW casting notes, the fun drama is searching for an actress to portray Ruby, Lavon's high school sweetheart who will debut on the October season premiere.

Oh, and did we mention Ruby was also Lemon's high school enemy? And that Ruby and Zoe will hit it off right away? Smell the impending cat fights, fans!

Total Frenemies

Check out The CW fall premiere schedule now to find out when other network favorites will return and sound off: Who should come on board as Ruby?

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Please NO George/Zoey.


Want to see Zoey and George together please. The sexual tension is too much. Wade should get back with his ex- or better with someone else. I am only watching to see Z and G finally as a couple Pleeeez...


I LOVE Zoe and Wade together.. I agree that George and Zoe have no chemistry


Rooting for Lemon... welcome to all the other ladies, Bundy, Coleman and Brooks who are joining the show to include Monroe. Bundy/Coleman, heard your were going after George PLEASE do it with CLASS...don't EMBARRASS yourself like DUMB Zoey. Monroe go and get your ex back... Dumb Zoey doesn't deserve him. Please ladies bring some MATURELY, GRACE, DIGNITY but FUN to your roles.


meant mad


You are made at Lemon because she cheated, but, what about George... he also cheated. George and Zoey will never be the couple that you guys want them to be simply because they don't have it like that (0 chemistry). Iam so sick of Scott Porter getting free passes simply because he was Jason whomever. Porter needs to spice up that role.


Lemon is a stuck up bitch,and just because she wasn't engaged doesn't give her the right to cheat and hide it. If it was a one time thing and it didn't mean anything then she should have told George about it, I really hopethatthey put George and Zoey together you can see the. Cemetery between them. Lemon needs to find someone who is as snotty and crud as her


Ok I'm not sure if we are all watching the same show,Lemon is a stuck up bitch who thinks she is better than everyone. I hope they keep George with Zoey.


When is s2 starting??? Im hooked