Grey's Anatomy Doctors to Be United By Plane Crash?

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Grey's Anatomy Season 8 ended with some of the doctors still in danger after the plane crash in which Lexie died. Injured, desperate and hungry, Mark, Meredith, Cristina, Arizona and Derek are still out in the woods.

It was only at the end of the season finale that Owen listened to his messages and learned that the Seattle Grace six never made it to Boise, while the rest of the hospital has yet to find out about the crash.

How will this shape Grey's Anatomy Season 9 come September?

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According to Sarah Drew, at least for her character April, it puts things in perspective. "I do think she is a big enough person to put her own personal trauma aside and rally for the larger group," she told Entertainment Weekly.

When Grey's Anatomy Season 8 ended, April failed her boards and was left with a gaping hole as far as her future career prospects were concerned. Given the plane crash that just occurred, those concerns seem minor.

As far as April and Jackson go, she says:

"I hope that [April and Jackson] will just remain very dear friends, regardless of where their relationship takes them. But I don't know - it could be a very interesting love story. But it could also be a complicated one."

Considering what happened out in the forest, that's an understatement. Jackson will be dealing with Lexie's death, and Mark (assuming he lives) will be reeling as well, and may need to lean on his handsome protege.

Basically, any romantic relationship may be on the back burner for awhile ... or will it? Assuming everyone else does make it back alive, tell us what you think will go down in Seattle in the aftermath of the crash.

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Now what I think WOULD be interesting would be if Cristina ended up pregnant after her visit to Owen in the on call room. Doubt he had a condom handy and whatever form of contraception they'd been using clearly didn't do the trick. Then after everything they've been through I'm not sure she'd choose to have another abortion. Watching her succumb to the body changes that come with pregnancy would be hilarious!


@GA-Addict13 You are one of a handful of fans out there that understand the hierachy of a surgical training program. None of the residents are going to be attendings except Meredith. Bailey didn't do a fellowship because Gen Surg doesn't require one. I don't remember any SL indicating Mer was pregnant but I do think it would be awesome for her get pregnant and have to have Addison fly in to deliver it. Pretty interesting way to end her career in Shondaland. Mer was getting treatments to help her get pregnant. They never said it wouldn't ever happen, just that it might be difficult. Seems kind of common for women trying to conceive to end up pregnant without trying after they adopt a baby. Stress is relieved and they stop thinking about it and then wham, they're pregnant.

Ga addict13

I have to agree with @GA Fan - if you hate main characters that much, ie Derek and Meredith - why do you watch the show in the first place? It was built around them and their crazy ass relationship. They aren't going anywhere!! I'm still confused as to why people think Mer is pregnant. There haven't been any signs. Yes, she threw up - for two days and nights straight with the stomach flu from her daughter. Is it just from wanting to work an actual baby in while Addison is still around? Wishful thinking? Or did I miss something?


Oh they have to stay alive. Losing Teddy AND Lexie in one episode was too much, don't take any of them away. (Unless it's Derek)


Also... people mark was on the show before lexie was. they can build around his character. he isnt going to disappear just because she is gone. although i wish they had ended up together i dont think his character should be put down because he doesnt have that connection anymore. and derek didnt say rose when he was shot and almost died.. why in the world would he say it now... come on people let derek and mer be happy at least. god knows there has to be some kind of happy lol plus shonda has said no matter what she wants a happy ending a comfortable ending for derek and mer. and as for april... i like her and she is the new george so as long as her story line doesnt fail like his did im happy with whatever they do. but i would like to see burk come back for cardio to fill in while they find someone else and have that drama for christina and owen... sad thing is they will never bring him back.


@GA Fan
the show is about all of them but Meredith is and always will be the main character. she is the kevin bacon to which everyone is connected through the 6 degree rule. i didnt want lexie's character to leave either but seriously if you hate meredith... why even watch the show. she will always be a part of the story line one way or another..


Owen will step down, just like derek did except his resignation will be to care for his wife and not that he hate's the job. Webber will be offered the position again but will decline stating his wife is too sick and he want's to spend as much time as possible with her. He will convince the board to hire Bailey as the new CoS.
Meredith and Derek will stay in Seattle, as Lexie's death will bring her closer to her father again and she will want to stay for him, Derek's hand is really badly injured so he will be sidelined for awhile and he will end up being at home caring for Zola. Meredith will end up back in Neuro and Derek will mentor her until he is back fully. Also think the baby SL has gusto with Addison having to deliver after complications happen. Can so imagine the going into labour in an elevator scene while Mer/Der are having a err catchup.


Part II - some of the date was cut off .... July 16th


@McFish - blame what Owen did or did not do on the very poor writing & too much of a circus type atmosphere the last episode. Every character does & says what Shonda & Co tell them to, though I truly understand what you are saying. I am wondering if Owen will step down to care for Cristina - she may have been the only mobile one at the end of S8 but that doesn't mean she still will be when S9 starts. The character of Cristina is written for her to have "the will" of steel - though we saw her character be reduced to such a low level, to the point of lap dances a few episodes into S7 after the hospital shooting, the crash could put her over the edge but it is anyone's guess. I just think that if Shonda does a time jump, where all the doctor's have already been rescued I think it would be totally bogus. I think she needs to pick up the show right where it left off with Owen getting into rescue mode. My understanding is that Grey's starts filming S9 this coming Monday, July 16th. I do not believe the show premiere's until near the end of Sept., so we have a while to go.

Ga addict13

I hate to point this out, but the main characters just became fellows, not full-blown attendings. They are still being trained, albeit at the highest level. The chances of any of them becoming Head of their relative departments are really slim. The two older doctors they are looking to cast are probably related to this. They are the right age for very experienced doctors who would be considered for the Head position. Maybe they will be competing for the cardio spot.
And while, Izzy may have expressed interest in coming back, it was never reciprocated by Shonda or ABC. Frankly, I think this is a good thing. Starting with Season 5, her character became very annoying. She groundlessly blamed Alex when she got fired for practically killing a woman. Then threw a fit and left without word, breaking his heart. He deserves better. I sincerely hope she does not return.

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