Grey's Anatomy Doctors to Be United By Plane Crash?

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Grey's Anatomy Season 8 ended with some of the doctors still in danger after the plane crash in which Lexie died. Injured, desperate and hungry, Mark, Meredith, Cristina, Arizona and Derek are still out in the woods.

It was only at the end of the season finale that Owen listened to his messages and learned that the Seattle Grace six never made it to Boise, while the rest of the hospital has yet to find out about the crash.

How will this shape Grey's Anatomy Season 9 come September?

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According to Sarah Drew, at least for her character April, it puts things in perspective. "I do think she is a big enough person to put her own personal trauma aside and rally for the larger group," she told Entertainment Weekly.

When Grey's Anatomy Season 8 ended, April failed her boards and was left with a gaping hole as far as her future career prospects were concerned. Given the plane crash that just occurred, those concerns seem minor.

As far as April and Jackson go, she says:

"I hope that [April and Jackson] will just remain very dear friends, regardless of where their relationship takes them. But I don't know - it could be a very interesting love story. But it could also be a complicated one."

Considering what happened out in the forest, that's an understatement. Jackson will be dealing with Lexie's death, and Mark (assuming he lives) will be reeling as well, and may need to lean on his handsome protege.

Basically, any romantic relationship may be on the back burner for awhile ... or will it? Assuming everyone else does make it back alive, tell us what you think will go down in Seattle in the aftermath of the crash.

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I cry so often watching this show! Lexi dying was devastating , Sloan should have ended up with her he and she deserved that! I have only hated one episode ( the musical) I can't wait for season 9! Please please don't kill any of the remaining cast off I am not sure I can take it!


katherine H is NOT coming back!
it's already been made clear, they don't want her back


No way is Izzy coming back. Have you sen Katherine Heigl's career lately? She upgraded, she may do a cameo, but that's as far as that will go.
By the way, Meredith won't die. Without her there's mo show.
Some of you disgrace the intelligence of the Grey's fanbase.


After reading some of the comments I'm a little confused. Meredith is the main character of this show. Hence the "Grey's" part of the title being her last name. Don't complain about them if you don't like them because yes, indeed.... they will always be around. I would not like to see Addison come back. I don't like the idea at all so...yeah. It's Meredith & Derek....and Zola now! As for Jackson & April; we don't know what's going to happen, I'm excited to see where it goes though.


sorry guys but i think that script is still a script!!
well done for the writers to go so far with the characters of lexie and tendy.. thats the keep your interest alive..
personally i was very sad when i saw the last episode but life is life and i think that the writers wanted to show that many things in our life could not be so ideal!!


Can April just leave the show already???? And no I do not want to see an April/Jackson love story.


When is premiere of season 9? I had to go back and watch Seasons 1-7 that I i own just to stop the anxiety of where season 8 left off. You guys might think that no group of people could experience this many traumatic incidents...well they can and they do. I have had many more than this in my lifetime so far...some of us are just lucky that way. Seriously. I am "McCrazy" for this show and it's brilliant creator. It is my therapy so thanks!

Ga addict13

@deeg Could not agree more - no one else needs to die!!! Got that Shonda?! Seriously? SERIOUSLY!! There was a rumor of Teddy getting her own show, which I think could be cool. They could do it around her new position in the Army. It could be like MASH meets Grey's, and come in just a Practice is finishing out. And then Teddy can pop back in for cross-overs, like Addy did for so long. But Lexie? Let's just say I am still mourning George, so it's safe to say I'm still upset about that. : (


they can't just become requires more training (minus general surgery i guess) so arizona doesn't have to die for alex to stay, mark doesn't have to die for jackson to stay...lexi dying and teddy leaving will help with april staying since the problem with her was money. sr did say that some people may work elsewhere and still be a part of the i don't know, didn't work well when callie was at mercy minus one ep. worked in to have her visit and talk about their employees and stress her and arizona out ''my girlfriend is moving to cleveland''. point being :) alex, cristina, jackson, etc. can't just become attendings because others die...meaning, no one else has to die!!! (sr, no one else has to die!!!)


i think it would be nice if Jackson and April will remain as best friends.. since they are the only left from the Mercy West group, it would be nice to see them as confidantes of each other..with benefits though which would make the relationship more exciting! ;)

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