Eureka Series Finale Review: A Bittersweet Goodbye

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It is with a heavy heart and a few tears in my eyes that I write the sendoff for Eureka. After 77 incredible episodes, we said goodbye to our favorite small town in "Just Another Day."

I was so glad to see that so many people made an appearance, starting with the lovely (and grown up) Jordan Hinson as Zoe Carter, continuing with Matt Frewer and his continual pursuit of the animal variety as the "Biological Containment Specialist" Taggert, and ending with the surprise return of James Callis as Dr. Grant, or rather Trent Rockwell.

A Shocking Eureka

While it was bittersweet that Dr. Grant purchased the town, allowing Eureka to continue in our hearts (if not on TV), the tears came as Jack fell through the worm hole and experienced the flashback. So many memories are attached to those flashbacks for me, too. From Nathan Stark’s sacrifice to the alternate timeline where Allison was pregnant we got to see a brief recap of the amazing life of Jack Carter.

Holly and Zoe summed it up best with:

Holly: Oh! Oh! I remember now! You guys are smart, but the Sheriff is the strong force, he holds it all together.
Zoe: He always does. | permalink

In honor of Jack’s trip down memory lane (or through a memory wormhole), here are three of my favorite episodes prior to the finale. Please share your own in the comments below. 

The Pilot: Watching Jack get use to the town as we got our introduction to the town we would spend the next 6 years with was a lot of fun. I might also have a soft spot for it given they used the ending of it as part of the finale where Zoe and Jack see themselves. 

I Do Over: The sacrifice of Nathan Stark to save everyone at the beginning of season three was met with a lot of questions of where things might go given that Nathan had been a strong counter point to Jack. For me it was an emotionally powerful episode as we watch Nathan fade into history.

Up In The Air: In counter point to I Do Over, I consider this episode one of the best comedic episodes based completely on Colin Ferguson’s pratfall ability. I would put Jack Carter in this episode up against Dick Van Dyke or John Ritter in their top roles. I might get the chance given that Colin Ferguson’s is currently filming a sitcom pilot. 

In conclusion, I'm relieved that everyone got their storybook ending. Jack and Allison pregnant, Holly and Doug together, Jo and Zane together and Henry with Grace leading GD. Summers will not be the same without Jack, Allison and the rest of Eureka. I wish everyone from the cast and crew the best of luck and thank you for sharing your amazing creation with us for the last six years. 

Finally, I would like to say a very special thank you to my wife Leah for her help with the Eureka quotes this week. She is my Allison and I couldn’t do this without her.


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I have to say 1st & foremost that while I found this series interesting, it seemed to grow formulaic, showing the latest gadget, latest attempt to improve life, or experiment gone wildly out of control.
I prefer the series with which it had 2 ( ? ) crossovers, Warehouse 13. While Warehouse has " artifacts " somehow existing in the outside world or else " getting out " into the world outside the Warehouse ( much like Eureka's experiments affecting their area ), it has more consistent drama. After Eureka did the time travel jump back into the 40's & bringing Dr. Grant back to present with them, I found it rather boring & rarely watched it, I admit. Fargo seemed like a largely ineffectual, although basically well intentioned nerd, & Jack seemed almost perpetually like a fish out of water ( 2 examples ). It was a show that I enjoyed occasionally, but wasn't really a big fan / devotee of, like I was Stargate / Stargate : Atlantis, BSG, the short - lived Caprica, Being Human or Sanctuary.


And to the guy who said in the beginning this show was supposed to be "just a bit over the edge" but they screwed up w robots or whatever, I don't know what u were watching but the whole concept from ep1 was Jack (and zoey) coming into this crazy town where all these geniuses were doin insane over-the-top things. That was the whole idea of the show.


This has been my favorite show for years. Some have criticized some of the story arcs, but I feel like they managed to reinvent of the years in a way that kept things fresh while not only keeping the integrity of the characters, but also continuing to build them. And to everyone complaining about how they ended it, do u realize that when the show was canceled the writers/producers were told they would have one more 6 episode season to wrap things up, but while filming what ended up being the 2nd to last ep were told no, u get one more to wrap it up? Hence the scene when the movers come and Fargo says something to the effect of "we have 6 weeks" and the mover tells him no, we're starting now. That considered, the writers did a brilliant job. Shows this clever don't came around very often and I will miss it.


When they cancel Alphas, we'll be well and truly done with this once-awesome channel. It's not even a vestige of its original self, anymore :( This episode was terrific (except Jo's hair--love it down; didn't love that curl thing they did to it, though). We've been rooting for Zane and Jo for a long time, and I'm glad they got their happy ending. James Callis' accent was AWFUL. I could swear I've heard him do it so much better, previously...


David... Last Scene is the same thing that happened in the pilot episode when they were lost and ended in eureka, but this time you are looking at it from the other car's point of view. cool way to take it full circle.


I have to completely disagree with the commenter below me. You cannot expect a show to stay the same after so many years and after all, it is a scifi show. you should expect some science fiction. the show stayed very entertaining through out all seasons. the final episode was very well done and provided an excellent send off for some very special characters. Got to see some old friends to. Maybe they will do a straight to dvd movie or something.


The show went off the deep end when it brought it robots, the Matrix, left over start trek toys. Eureaka, in the beginning, was supposed to be just a bit over the edge - not Lost in Space foolishness. And the characters became a mess. They just ran out of interesting ideas. I can't believed they had the seriousness to kill off the female character, and then bring her back over a span of what seemed like a million episodes. It makes her initial death seem pointless. I think they should have ended it when they had the new timeline. That would have been a great finale.

Sue ann

Nice review, Jim. I am looking forward to the season DVD, too. I don't have cable. I think I'll borrow them all from the library and watch them over again. Good series, killed too soon. SyFy (ridiculous name) has a habit of doing that.

Aja bird

I worried they were going to leave this in a horrible spot. The town closed down. No more Eureka even in an abstract sense. But they pulled it together with a great nod to the pilot episode with Carter & Zoe seeing themselves in the other car. Wonderful!


According to SyFy their parent company, Comcast cancelled the show. Was I the only one who got spin off vibe from Holly and Fargo's ending? Here's to hoping Warehouse 13 appearances. Also good luck to Niall (Zane) on the Primeval spin off.

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Eureka Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Jack: Not to interrupt, but WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?
Fargo: I think you may have been wormed-holed.
Jack: Wormholes are bad. What did you do?
Fargo: Nothing. I just activated my strong force amplifier.

Zane: How goes the packing Jo-Jo?
Jo: It's like herding cats.