Dallas Review: A Dangerous Dance

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Dallas writer Taylor Hamra wasn't kidding in his exclusive interview with TV Fanatic: Fans definitely need to buckle up for the remainder of this season.

"Collateral Damage" delivered on that promise by giving viewers plenty of new twists, as well as more time with some old favorites.

John Ross & Lucy

First off, how far does the thought behind a fruit basket go when you have to throw up in the recipient's bathroom. I think Rebecca may need to send Elena another apology gift.

But I'm still not understanding why the nose bleeds led Elena to believe Rebecca was pregnant. Pregnancy has lots of strange symptoms but show me someone with nose bleeds and nausea and I'd guess that they're very ill, not pregnant. 

I was surprised that Elena told Christopher about the baby, although it was certainly the quickest way to get him off her back. And what's up with Chris? One week he's telling Elena off and the next he swears he's going to fight for her. Both actions were based on the status of his relationship with Rebecca and it's making me like Chris less and less.

Christopher had the right to be shocked and upset by the news of the baby, but he came across sounding like a 12-year old again, shouting that Rebecca was nothing but a liar. Perhaps impending fatherhood will make him appear a little more manly.

Speaking of babies... That's my guess with Ann's back story. Perhaps there was a child that she lost or had to give up. The bigger issue is why won't she share any of it with Bobby, especially since she knows her ex is more than willing to spill all of her secrets.

I'm certain Bobby would have hit Ryland harder if he'd known he was going to be arrested for it. Back in the day, the Dallas police would have laughed at Ryland for trying to press charges over a slap in the face but it's a new world and times have changed.

I was proud of Bobby for not opening that envelope and immediately going to Ann with it. He's a good man and hopefully his wife will reward his trust with the truth.

I have one small complaint: Could they please stop showing the love tree and with Jock and Miss Ellie's names on it? Are the writers really trying to make me believe that only Bobby and Ann and Chris and Elena carved their names on it after that?!? What about Bobby and Pam? Wasn't he madly in love with Jenna Wade as a teenager? There have been so many couples over the years.

It just bugs the heck out of me every time they show that silly tree.

But back to our story. Sue Ellen stepped up to the plate for her son and gave Elena no illusions about whose back she'd have. That Sue Ellen went behind John Ross' back wasn't as much of a shock as her out and out intimidation. She may frown upon using those tactics with constituents but apparently strong arming her Elena wasn't a problem.

Hey! Lucy had an actual scene with real dialogue. That was awesome. Perhaps we could try that again next week. Seriously, though, it was great to see her interact with someone other than Ray and catching up with a grown Lucy Ewing would be intriguing. It also seemed fitting that if anyone would find a drunken little John Ross it would be Lucy. She'd snuck her fair share of liquor on that ranch back in her day.

I enjoy most of the characters on this show, both old and new but none as much as John Ross. Josh Henderson has really hit his stride. 

I admired John Ross' play to get Lucy on his side even though I knew it would never work. She won't go against her daddy and Gary will never side with J.R. over Bobby. 

John Ross' date with Lucy was a complete waste of time but since he was just a boy when most of that family history played out I'll agree that he may not have realized what he was up against. Besides, the scene was fun and it allowed Bobby to deliver this great, sarcastic Dallas quote

 I am glad that you took her out to brunch. It's nice to see you two staying so close. | permalink

I always look forward to John Ross' scenes but none as much as the ones he shares with Bobby. The sparks fly whenever they share the screen.

The moment Christopher showed up at Elena's door I knew she'd open it and that John Ross had been played. To his credit he figured it out fairly quickly. Unfortunately, his earlier play with the Venezuelans just landed him in a pile of trouble. 

Marta's death wasn't a shocker. I was expecting that after last week's episode but what I didn't see coming was the swan dive off of the balcony. Given Marta's love of sharp objects, I would have bet on a gruesome stabbing.

I loved the kiss John Ross gave Elena when he finally found her alive and well. He was so grateful and relieved. Unfortunately, that moment didn't last long.

With John Ross getting hauled off to jail will J.R. come home? Will Bobby let his nephew do the time or will the bonds of family win out? Buckle up because next week looks like another wild ride.

Collateral Damage Review

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