Couples Commentary: Will They? Won't They? Should They?

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When Castle and Beckett hit the sheets - or was it the doorframe? - on the Castle season finale, fans swooned as one of the most popular will they/won't they couples on TV settled on the former: They will. They did.

Bubbling sexual chemistry is a staple of TV, but taking two characters from flirting to bedding has often met with mixed results. 

Will it work out for Castle and Beckett? We'll be glued to the screen this fall to find out. Should these other teetering tandems go all the way? Or remain friends/co-workers? Weigh in now!


Tony and Ziva (NCIS) - They're more than just partners, but not quite a couple. Tony and Ziva, known as Tiva by diehard shippers, have done this dance for several seasons.

Will Tony & Ziva Ever Take The Leap?

Can the kick-ass former Mossad assassin and the quick witted ex-homicide detective figure out how to balance their work relationship with a love connection?  Will this potential couple ever deliver?

More importantly, SHOULD THEY?

Castle and Beckett (Castle) - An entire fandom could be heard screaming in delight at their TV screens last May when four seasons of love and lust culminated with a heated kiss against the door and Beckett's fingers entwined with Castle's as she led him to what we can only assume was his bedroom.

Will coupledom kill their incredible sexual tension? Or bring back the fun, flirty banter that got lost in all of the angst of season four? Castle Season 5 kicks off in September and fans are holding their breath to see what happens as Castle and Beckett start the next chapter of their story.


Jane and Lisbon (The Mentalist) - It's been four long seasons since the tortured con man met the tough but beautiful CBI agent, yet hints at any love connection have been a long time coming. 

Jane & Lisbon Investigate a Surfer's Death

Jane's still emotionally traumatized after his wife and daughter's brutal murder.  Will Teresa Lisbon be the one person who can help end his torment and heal his heart?

With Jane muttering a quick "love you" before pretending to shoot Lisbon and the two holding hands at the end of last season's finale, fans have more hope for this couple than ever before.


Jess and Nick (New Girl)- There's undeniable chemistry between Jess and her snarky bartender/roommate but should their friendship take a turn to romance? 

With CeCe and Schmidt taking over the will they/won't they spot at the end of season one, our guess is that fans will have to wait a while to see Jess and Nick come together but we hope it happens... some day.


Jeff and Annie (Community) -  The show may have never intended these two to be a couple but their obvious chemistry could not be denied. With three seasons of flirtations, hesitation, and jealousy behind them, SHOULD THESE TWO FINALLY TAKE THE HILARIOUS PLUNGE?

Did we forget about burgeoning couples? Vote above on the duos included and then leave a Comment below with pairings you want to see move ahead?

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@sam love your comments they make sense


Sorry Michael, it takes more than you telling me I'm wrong to make me wrong. It takes proof and you don't have that. You may think you do, but just because you think you do doesn't make it so.


Michael, if Ziva is responsible for Kate's death, then so is Tobias Fornell and the rest of the FBI, most likely the CIA, the State Department, the Justice Department, the Bush Administration, Mossad and the entire Israeli government. Perhaps the Clinton Administration too. All of these people, all of these groups ran interference for Ari at one time or another, especially after Gibbs and his team's first encounter with him. Go back to "Reveille" and Gibbs' conversation with Tobias towards the end of it, where he is listing all of the people who want Gibbs to lay off Ari. And they continue to tell him that during "Twilight" and afterwards as well. You and others seem to be suggesting a conspiracy along the lines of Oliver Sotne's theories on JFK's assassination. Most likely Oswald acted alone, and Ari for damn sure acted on his own in killing Kate.


That where your wrong sam


Not sure if you can read the rest of my remarks or not -- was saying that they shared space and time together in "Jetlag", she encouraged him to do the right and kind thing in "Faith", and took great pride and joy in his doing so -- for every snarky thing they said to one another, they said nice things and words of encouragement as well. In short, it was a "mixed bag" of a season, just like all of the rest. As for "Legends Part 1 & 2" and "Aliyah", so much time and effort has been spent on the events in those episodes that it seems pointless to go over it yet again, especially when the show has made clear that they have forgiven each other for the things that they said and did to one another. You may not like that and you may think that they should have handled it differently, but they didn't. And they are not going to go back and reverse what they did either. You don't have to like it, you don't even have to accept it. What you do have to acknowledge is that what's done is done. Time to deal with things in the here and now.


Michael, it looks as though others have pretty much countered the episodes you put forward as being the ones containing the lines you mentioned yesterday. "Agent Afloat" -- for whatever you thought was in it that showed Ziva saying something nasty to Tony, there are several instances where it is clear she misses him a lot and is anxious to see him again, to the point of fixing her hair in such a way that I suspect Tony really likes (with plenty of waves and curles in it). She shows great worry and concern for him the entire time, and it is pretty obvious he missed her, hence his having the bikini pictures of her hanging in his living space/area. Not sure exactly what episode you are talking about in regards to the FBI agent Tony seemed to be showing an interest in -- I can see it in my mind's eye -- if you can come up with the title, I'll comment on it. As for Ziva insulting Tony during all of Season 7 -- hmmmm, let's see, apologizing and giving him a kiss in "Reunion", sharing some sort of close moment with him in "Jetlag", encouraging him to do the right thing in "Faith" and being so proud of and impressed by him doing so -- yeah, they said snarky things to each other and said nice things to each other. Sounds like the usual "mixed bag" to me.


@Michael- I love how you keep saying that Ziva helped Ari kill Kate when she had nothing to do with it. It was all Ari's plan. Ziva really did believe Ari when he said that he didn't kill Kate. I don't understand how you can blame Ziva for Kate's death. Yes, she did lie about her actual orders, but when time starts to pass you will end up leaving things in the past. I'm sure she didn't wake up every morning asking herself if she has ever lied to someone. Now who is this person that you said Ziva killed on her way to see Gibbs and what episode was it?


@jaja111 Your so blind did you forget Ziva Help Kill Kate and lie about it to gibbs for five years and did you forget that guy Ziva murder on the way up to see gibbs


@Michael- In Agent Afloat Ziva clearly missed Tony and wanted to know how he was after Jenny's death. In Legend Tony was snooping around and Ziva was pissed off about it. Maybe if you understood human emotions you could understand how people can become angry over an invasion of privacy even if the person that is invading their privacy has a right to do so. I think Tony had a right. In Aliyah Tony had just killed someone she cared about. How could you blame someone for getting emotional and angry after their friend has killed their boyfriend? In season 7 I don't recall Ziva hating Tony and telling him that he is worthless. They actually fixed their broken friendship. You're only supporting my theory that you hear what you want to. I'm partially sorry if that came off as insulting.


I agree with you 100%. As long as the cases stay interesting and the team work together to take down the bad guys does it really matter if tiva get together or not

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