Couples Commentary: Will They? Won't They? Should They?

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When Castle and Beckett hit the sheets - or was it the doorframe? - on the Castle season finale, fans swooned as one of the most popular will they/won't they couples on TV settled on the former: They will. They did.

Bubbling sexual chemistry is a staple of TV, but taking two characters from flirting to bedding has often met with mixed results. 

Will it work out for Castle and Beckett? We'll be glued to the screen this fall to find out. Should these other teetering tandems go all the way? Or remain friends/co-workers? Weigh in now!


Tony and Ziva (NCIS) - They're more than just partners, but not quite a couple. Tony and Ziva, known as Tiva by diehard shippers, have done this dance for several seasons.

Will Tony & Ziva Ever Take The Leap?

Can the kick-ass former Mossad assassin and the quick witted ex-homicide detective figure out how to balance their work relationship with a love connection?  Will this potential couple ever deliver?

More importantly, SHOULD THEY?

Castle and Beckett (Castle) - An entire fandom could be heard screaming in delight at their TV screens last May when four seasons of love and lust culminated with a heated kiss against the door and Beckett's fingers entwined with Castle's as she led him to what we can only assume was his bedroom.

Will coupledom kill their incredible sexual tension? Or bring back the fun, flirty banter that got lost in all of the angst of season four? Castle Season 5 kicks off in September and fans are holding their breath to see what happens as Castle and Beckett start the next chapter of their story.


Jane and Lisbon (The Mentalist) - It's been four long seasons since the tortured con man met the tough but beautiful CBI agent, yet hints at any love connection have been a long time coming. 

Jane & Lisbon Investigate a Surfer's Death

Jane's still emotionally traumatized after his wife and daughter's brutal murder.  Will Teresa Lisbon be the one person who can help end his torment and heal his heart?

With Jane muttering a quick "love you" before pretending to shoot Lisbon and the two holding hands at the end of last season's finale, fans have more hope for this couple than ever before.


Jess and Nick (New Girl)- There's undeniable chemistry between Jess and her snarky bartender/roommate but should their friendship take a turn to romance? 

With CeCe and Schmidt taking over the will they/won't they spot at the end of season one, our guess is that fans will have to wait a while to see Jess and Nick come together but we hope it happens... some day.


Jeff and Annie (Community) -  The show may have never intended these two to be a couple but their obvious chemistry could not be denied. With three seasons of flirtations, hesitation, and jealousy behind them, SHOULD THESE TWO FINALLY TAKE THE HILARIOUS PLUNGE?

Did we forget about burgeoning couples? Vote above on the duos included and then leave a Comment below with pairings you want to see move ahead?

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How are ratings pointless, if the show does not get viewers the show does not get renewed ergo ratings very important.
Your incessant whining over a TV show is pointless.


ratings are pointless


Michael, I met a guy just two years ago who was in the process of joining the real NCIS and he enjoys watching the show whenever he can (with his schedule, he may have to settle for watching the DVD's). I know people currently in the Navy and out of it who enjoy watching the show. There are many fans of the show who love it as much now as they did when it first started. I have no doubt you know people in the Navy who don't like it and fans who are put out with the current state of affairs. But they aren't the majority, because if they were, the show wouldn't be enjoying the ratings success that they have for the past few seasons. By every yardstick available for measuring a show's success and popularity, NCIS rates at or near the top. You can't please all of the people all of the time, but they sure come close to doing so.


@NCIS I know many people who work for the Navy who wont watch NCIS because of how bad it treat the Navy


Whatever I know I am right and the NCIS fan agree with me that all I care about


Do you honestly believe that a fictional TV show can embarrass the government? And if you do then I think you may be crazier than I originally thought. Oh and why do you go off the deep end when anyone disagrees with you?
All SAM'S point are valid and unlike you he doesn't pull quotes from his ass to validate his claims.


@sam loved your comments michael is from kuku land he hates NCIS


@Reality Check Trust me, I have been taking the high road. And I have kept on the gloves. And who says I am trying to win an argument with Michael? There's nothing to argue with him about. The show is never going to adopt his POV about Ziva or how she helped kill Kate or about how Season 6 ended. They have moved forward and onward. If he wants to stop Tiva (at this point I would say that's going to be difficult to do, although I see it dragging out a little longer, probably for the rest of this season), then he should do likewise. I'm just a nice guy offering him some friendly advice. He doesn't have to take it and probably won't. But hey, it was offered just the same.


@SAM: Glad I could amuse you. Friendly advice: Did you ever consider taking the high road? Right or wrong, you will never win an argument with Michael. You just can't beat down his level of hyperbole. And now your and Michael's folie a deux hysteria has mutated and is infecting others (Zoyarose). Have a glass of wine, take a Zannie and go to bed. Michael can't scream loud enough if there is no one there to listen.


What actors haven't gotten over it?????? Obviously, we're watching different shows then, cause the same actors that were there in Season 6/7 are still there......which tells me they got over things a long time ago. Hence, the reason why NCIS is going into the 10th season with the number of viewers increasing on the #1 show on the #1 network.

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