Common Law Review: And Hudson Makes Three

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On the last Common Law episode Wes and Travis shared their identities. This hour, meanwhile, found the buddy cops sharing "Joint Custody"of an adorable narcotics pooch named Hudson.

After a week on hiatus, it sure was good to have our boys back on Friday night television!

Shared Custody

As much as I want to give the show credit for giving the concept of these two sharing a dog almost akin to sharing joint custody of a child the old college try, I wasn't particularly impressed with its execution or resolution in the end.

It was obvious they were going to come into taking care of the canine and develop a sincere attachment to it.

Fortunately, everything that made up the middle redeemed the whimsical and potentially unsatisfactory underlying foundation of the episode.

Wes and Travis' inability to control the dogs' barking, whether in the presence of a pretty lady whom Travis intended to (and did) seduce, to Hudson's insistence that someone in Wes' hotel was in possession of narcotics, their attempts to pawn the dog off on the other were entertaining to a certain extent.

In terms of overall character development, I am a little over the over-emphasis on Wes being the "responsible one" while Travis is his exact foil. I get it, and I'd like to move on to something a little bit deeper if at all possible.

Looking back, the episode felt like it lacked substance in a way I just can 't completely put my finger on, but I definitely think there needs to be a little bit more depth added to these characters before they become overly predictable.

There were, however, some fun highlights from the hour:

  • Wes resorting to taking Hudson to Alex's place in order to stay with him when he got kicked out of the hotel temporarily.
  • Wes and Alex impersonating smooth Jazz DJ's in order to sooth Hudson to sleep.
  • Mr. Slushy. Enough said.
  • Wes and Travis double-teaming Hawkes in that shipyard.
  • Wes suggesting that Hudson "play dead" In order to draw out their culprit.
  • Captain Sutton urging everyone to repeat, "I am a positive ion in the universe." So inspirational!

Common Law, while a fun and often light-hearted show, is at a crossroads. It can either become a broken record, or start playing some new tunes. I am certainly hoping for the latter.

Were you glad to have the show back this week?


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Great Casting, great writer, is somehow, I ronic and funny the their relationship, Finally something thats is not CSI or any kinda of hookies... I'm not a cop I'm a student of Law, I like it.. Just please don't make two seasons and than you're out of ideas and scripts... anyways My words is Perfect, is the only tv show after sex and the city that I actually wait to watch, everyweek, is kinda stupid is some ways but i like it... I'd like to say Congratulatios.!


it's amazing.I usually don't laugh out loud while watching a show , but this one cracks me up every time!
I hope it gets renewed.I would really miss it if it didn't.


I enjoyed this episode. I see what you mean that they have to get a little deeper, and not so much light hearted. I loved seeing Wes having to push Hudson off the bed over and over, finally giving up and falling asleep right next to him. Wes obviously still has deep feeling for Alex, and Alex does seem to have feeling for Wes, but just can't seem to live with the fact that he is no longer a lawyer, but a cop. Travis can also be explored on a deeper level. I know he is suppose to be a woman chaser, but I think they are taking it a little too far. He was a foster child, and I love when he visits his families, so I would love to see him deal with something more serious in an adult way. I know this show is new and I'm willing to give it a good long chance, but I think the writers can do better. The acting is good, the stories just need to be a little better for this show to have a chance to survive. I'll keep watching.


Was glad to have the show back. It's light hearted, feel good fun...perfect for a Friday night. The leads are handsome, talented, and have a great chemistry. I'm surprised at how fond I've become of the show honestly. I do however understand your point. They are going through all the cliches, which is cute and fun. But eventually they'll run out and need to dig a bit deeper in hopes of not becoming stale and redundant. I did enjoy the episode though.despite it being predictable and an odd couple staple. I adore those boys and how they interact.

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