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I love this show, it's got quirky characters, funny dialog and excellent story lines/arcs. It reminds me of Gilmore Girls, a show that I adored for all of its seasons. I don't really feel like it is trying to be anything other than an entertaining show for adults and teenagers both. I enjoy watching the main characters interact with the ballet girls and the weird townspeople, and I think Michelle is hilarious...Fanny is fun, too, but in a different way, and she can be so cranky and obnoxious she becomes irritating. Still, I was glad that they worked together to get the floor fixed and I hope that Fanny will eventually let Michelle teach her students some contemporary dance moves.


I love the show. Great dialog, decent story lines.


I'm still watching cause I love the show,the fast talking, the wit &humor,and cause I love ballet & Sutton Foster is terrific and I love&watch most of abcfamily programs(wildfire, nine lives of Chloe king,pretty little liars,make it or break it,Jane by design, lying game) and cause its one of the very few good summer shows on right now(Pll, Jane by design, drop dead diva, breaking pointe, Bachlorette are the others)& cause it's like Gilmore Girls-which I loved-and it's a good show.


I keep watching hoping that it will get better.'s frustrating because it seems as if they dont really know who the main audience is or they are trying to reach a very large demographic. Maybe each episode should just have a central theme so that each episode seems coherent. Sometimes I actually cringe watching Michelle- the slap stick comedy just doesnt work. I love how she interacts with the girls and some of the story lines going on with them. The actors are good but something big is missing...


The dialogue is exhausting. The turn of phrases aren't bad just too much. I can like the series but I can't love it.


I'm not on board with all aspects of this show but I like the dialouge enough that I will stick around and watch when its on. I think it is still trying to figure out what kind of show it is going to be; but it has a lot of the elements in place to be a great show. It just kind of needs to get through some growing pains first.

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