Awkward Review: The Signs of Sabotage

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Someone brand with me a scarlet sticker because I've been a total liar for thinking Awkward had done the unthinkable: moving toward equal parts of comedy and drama.

"Three's a Crowd" was all comedy.

Three is a Crowd

Yes, there’s the heavier moments with Jenna’s parents, but, by and large, last night settled back into that comfortable, funny place we all know and love.

First up, we need to talk about Tamara. She was on fire, and for all the right Tamara reasons. Tamara just can’t catch a break with her relationship drama with Ricky, and this is after he sexted her a picture of his hands. Sadly, Ricky is far more interested in the quantity of women he can get into bed, and will stop at nothing to do so, even if it means sending Tamara packing.

So, while I’m sad for Tamara’s heartbreak, her sabotage and revenge filled agenda more than made up for it: middle fingers, metal sequin rages, a Ricky Schwartz is a douche list, taking it outside and calling Sadie a son of a bitch.

Tamara was absolutely amazing.

Tamara wasn’t the only one with problems; not only was Jenna dealing with Matty third-wheeling her time with Jake, but Kevin was quickly removing himself from Lacey’s equation after she told him the truth about the carefrontation letter.

I can’t say I blame him either. While Jenna and Lacey have had time to work through their own stages of pain from the letter and its aftermath, Kevin hasn’t had that luxury, so if he needs some time away from Lacey to gain that clarity then he needs, then, by all means, get away.

That opens up Lacey as well. Lacey has almost always gotten her way, especially when she can get away with using her body. Now, Lacey is forced to pick up the pieces of her poor decision: she needs to step up with Jenna and reassemble her marriage.

It looks like Lacey’s beginning to realize this as she comes out to walk the track with Jenna, and, perhaps more so than before, the two of them realize they need each other to guide them through this mess.

Finally, there’s Matty. I’m glad he’s no longer just pining for Jenna, and him at least trying to sabotage Jenna and Jake rather than be a wallflower is certainly better. But, seriously, who is he kidding? Jenna isn’t an idiot, and she’ll quickly see what he’s up too; plus, Sadie is never one to keep her mouth shut if it means she can mess with someone.

Sorry Matty, but it looks like your sabotage is about to implode from all angles.

Before letting us know what you thought of tonight’s episode here is tonight’s winning conversation, courtesy of Tamara and Sadie:

Tamara: Son of a bitch! You played me!
Sadie: You're welcome. | permalink

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Awkward Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Bitch had a point.


Tamara: Son of a bitch! You played me!
Sadie: You're welcome.