Unforgettable Season 2 Announced By CBS; Set For Summer 2013

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CBS has decided Poppy Montgomery isn't quite forgettable after all.

Having previously cancelled Unforgettable, or at least declined to renew it as part of its fall lineup, the network officially announced that it is bringing back the show for a 13-episode sophomore run after all.

Unforgettable Season 2 will air next summer, however.

The show averaged 11 million total viewers in Season 1, which aired following NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles on Tuesday nights, yet wasn’t among the 19 shows renewed by CBS for the 2012-13 TV season.

Are you happy it's coming back for a sophomore run?

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I was really upset when I saw the 1st season was canceled .But as the network redeemed themselves for a new season I HOPE they do it again for a 3-4-5..etc ...ITS AN AWESOME show and Poppy Montgomery is the best (along with her sexy brother LOL) Keep up the show it's just WICKED!!!


Was frustrated that it was canceled don't understand how only one season can be aired then cancel it ...freaking tease is what it is atleast give it 3 seasons so its got the beginning middle an a decent ending..what's the point of just beginning of something? ??? Glad to hear it's going to b back on greatful


The show had 11 million viewers. Makes you really wonder about the people making these decisions. They seem to get worse and worse every year.


Cannot BELIEVE that this show was cancelled as good as it was...Vegas is NOTHING compared to Unforgettable! Was very disappointed not to see it back on this fall but glad it's coming back in the Summer!


I´m really glad it came back!!! It angers me that most of the shows are cancel before they even air it in México, and when they do and have us really excited, it had already been cancel!!! Latino America should also count as viewers before they make such decisions to pull it out of the air time; most of the time I need to go and watch it online so I`m up to speed with USA schedule!


I love this show. I am happy it is getting new episodes. I almost freaked when I did not see it on the new line up for 2012 Fall season. I do wish it was coming back sooner than later but new episodes are better than nothing. Can't wait to re-watch the first season on DVD. I will be caught up when I finally get to see new episodes. This is a very good show and it is sad that it got cancelled at first and even sadder that it is not back on Tuesday nights. he sliver lining is it is coming back. I think Poppy Montgomery and Dylan Walsh has serious chemistry. It is one of the most unique show since Medium in my opinion.


I too am really excited this show is coming back! When they said they were not going to bring it back at first I was really dissapointed. I agree we need to find out who the killer of her sister actually is.... and what is also going on with Carrie and Walter Morgan!


So glad Unforgettable will be back-what a great show! Wish "Missing"with Ashley Judd would come back on also.


I am very glad Unforgettable will be back, however this show should never have been eliminated in the first place. It is far superior to 2/3 of the shows returning. Shame on the person who made such a idiotic decision. jan


I am so happy to hear it is coming back. When I first heard that they werent bringing it back, I actually almost started to cry. She's gotta find who did it. And the show better be around until she does (: