Unforgettable Season 2 Announced By CBS; Set For Summer 2013

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CBS has decided Poppy Montgomery isn't quite forgettable after all.

Having previously cancelled Unforgettable, or at least declined to renew it as part of its fall lineup, the network officially announced that it is bringing back the show for a 13-episode sophomore run after all.

Unforgettable Season 2 will air next summer, however.

The show averaged 11 million total viewers in Season 1, which aired following NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles on Tuesday nights, yet wasn’t among the 19 shows renewed by CBS for the 2012-13 TV season.

Are you happy it's coming back for a sophomore run?

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William e bruce

I wish tvfanatic would have a page for Unforgettable.


Glad Unforgettable is coming back! One of the few shows with some unique ideas. Hope the long break has not lost too many viewers. Please give it more time this go round!


I'm so glad CBS decided to bring Unforgettable back. I don't understand these networks, it just seems to it's about being the best and the heck with what the viewers think. They just don't give new shows much of a chance and at the same time the cancel older shows that are doing great. The other thing I don't get is the ratings age being 18-49, what's that all about. I would think the older people would be the ones sitting at home watching TV while the younger ones are out having fun. I'm 52 and I know when I was younger,and even into my early 40's I wasn't at home watching TV. I really wish someone could explain the logic in this to me. Thanks


Yes....I love this Show...
CBS Is getting Too Big headed...
They are always letting Great Shows Go...
They took away My Friday's...
I was having to watch another Station after, Ghost Whisperer, Medium, Numbers
Were Gone...
And They Moved CSI...Thursday was Always CSI..What is wrong With This Network..Grrrrr.
I wish they could Bring back a lot of the Shows they let go..
Not Just this One...
But Hey I'm Happy at least This show gets a second Chance..
I can't Believe it since it was New...
All the Others were great Hits...At Least with me...lol


Poppy Montgomery is the hottest chick on TV. A bit street-smart slutty along with a killer bod. Can't wait for the show to get back on.


Just found out it was coming back,was very sad it was cancelled...is there any chance good summer ratings will open the door to long-term renewal?(A shame half the regular cast are not returning)


Have just watched this DVD season over Xmas not a big fan of TV so i like A DVD now and again i really enjoyed it was fantastic would be very disappointed if i didnt the next series in my opinion this was a lot better than some of the shows currently on TV so please let us see a few more series of this program.


Love this show !!! So excited it coming back. I hate the fact that a lot of animated, vampire & teen drama shows are the only ones staying.


I'm thrilled that CBS came to thier senses and renewed Unforgettable for a S02 stinks we have to wait til this summer but it's better than nothing! I'm glad they looked at the ratings and saw we want more! I just fear waiting so long between S01 and S02 might lose a lot of its viewers and I would hate to see it brought back just to end! I think it will make for a great summer series tho!


im glad it is coming back .cant wait