The Vampire Diaries to Explore Family, Friendship on Season 4

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We may be months away from The Vampire Diaries Season 4 - an extra month, no less, with The CW pushing its fall premieres back until October - but producer Julie Plec was on hand for a panel at the ATX Television Festival in Austin this weekend and offered up a number of teases to keep fans buzzing throughout the summer.

And it all starts with a friendship that will turn into a major focus of the new season.

"I always look at Caroline as Stefan's future Lexi," Plec told an enthusiastic crowned. "You've seen little pockets of a friendship spark between them, and I see Caroline in the long run of the series becoming that important in Stefan's life."

What will bring the pair together when TVD returns? The desire to help Elena with her transition, Plec said, explaining that "Caroline is an acolyte of the Stefan school of sobriety."

Among other tidbits revealed at the panel:

Caroline and Matt will "have another moment," according to Plec.

Alaric may return, even with Matthew Davis starring on Cult and his character confirmed to be dead. "As long as Jeremy can see ghosts and Alaric is out there in the universe, then there's a window there," Plec said.

Without delving specifically into the love triangle, Plec did acknowledge that Damon has grown over three seasons, saying he has done terrible things in the "name of love, pain, abandonment, self-preservation, survival and family" and that "he's going to keep evolving and Elena's feelings for him are going to continue to evolve."

Finally, it's "time" for the arrival of Bonnie's dad, Plec spoiled: "This year is a big year of transitions. It's the end of senior year, and there's a rich home life for everybody we're going to explore."

Writing on Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries begins today. Which of these storylines has you most excited?

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@cassandra and Asuka, ITA!


Caroline has only been a vampire for what, a year an a half and she already acts way more mature (and much more likable) than Rosalie- sorry i mean Rebekah, whose been around for decades! Its unbelievable!


@veetayt thanks! It is sad to see how low Damon has really sunk yet people still continue to put his ass on a pestesal (the same goes for Elena and Stefan). :/
@Bored now Damon was the best character in the 1st season i agree. He was complex, multi layered and just bursting with potential but in 3 short seasons, how the mighty have fallen. Seriously! Its the same with the originals. They were all major disapointments! With the exception of Elijah by some miracle (and Finn if he was written and used well enough) i found it hard to believe how old these vampires really were, especially with how childish, whiny and immature they acted. It was shocking and distasteful to say the least.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

it's the Damon diaries now. And worse they're stripping his character into a shallow and pointless one.
Which is ironic. Because he was downright BEST character in first season and I shipped Damon/Elena HARD for first season and half of second. Really showcases on how much these writers fucked up this show.


Yep, I co sign with you Cassie and Asuka, it's the Damon diaries now. And worse they're stripping his character into a shallow and pointless one. He used to be groovy and had an allure now he's just this snarky guy, (overdoes it sometimes too) who screws women and when he's not doing that he's drinking or Elena longing *sigh*
And overally S3 didn't cut it for me, loved the last 2 episodes, (some parts!) though but overally it left us contiously grasping in the dark looking for the light switch cos half of the shit ddnt make sense at all. And to the person who said the characters were superbly displayed and we got to their many dimensions I laughed so hard, I had to take a moment. 3 dimensional?? Who?, where? and when? Well everyone is entittled to their own opinion but not their own facts so enough said there but I still can't stop laughing @ that sorry.
I'm not blasting the show but this season was written with what I call "Gross Negligence", I hope S4 retains some authenticity.


@cassandra i completely agree with you! I also dont hate the show even though i sound like do, i'm just really sad and bitter about what the writers have done to these characters. It's all about Damon and Elena or Stefan and Elena its so annoying! Damon is messed up under his good looks and big eyes if you carefully look at his character. I wouldn't go near the guy! Imagine if you stripped away his looks and put his personality in a regular guy, no normal person would go near him because they know that his messed up! He doesn't love Elena, his obssessed with her! His destrictive, dangerous and selfish (what his done to Jeremy, Alaric and Bonnie), his a serial rapist (Caroline) and he sleeps with anything that looks beautiful and has woman parts. He's a gigilo (him sleeping with Rebekah was wrong on so many levels omg! And Sage's shower scene i felt left a bitter taste in my mouth afterwards) and his a big whiny crybaby. Anyone who thinks Damon has grown is delusional or has been watching a different show than me. Its really sad.


damon,damon,damon everything's about this the damon diaries sorry thought it was the vampire diaries damon is such an overrated character love the show i really do been watching it since season 1 but the writers are in love with damon we get it damon is a badass with big eyes but he's not the whole show. give the most underated characters (jeremy bonnie matt tyler )a fricken' storyline and let the teenagers be happy just once and please elena when you complete the transition beat the hell out of damon and stefan for all the times they've tried to kill you or hurt others forget about it the writers will mess that up too they dont want their main female to look strong might hurt stefan and damon and make them look weak god forbit they have a strong female sorry if i sound bitter i'm just tired of this about the damon diaries every character should have equal storylines ok that's it end rant please nobody attack me everyone's entitled to an opinion.


I personally love this show (must be one of the only ones) and every character in it (except for Jamie and Abby, they were senseless), and reading most of these comments really depress me.
I agree that this has not been the best season, and that most of the second part of the season has not been as good as I expected. However, the last two episodes were great and I am looking forward to season 4 (I want Elena to go on a killing rampage so badly).
By the way, I know that all of us are free to express ourselves, but if you really hate TVD that much just don't waste your time here, I don't see the point of commenting just to say how bad the show, the writers and the characters are.
If there are any mistakes, I'm sorry, but I'm from Spain and English is not my first language.


Wow you all need to shutup !! You all take the show wayyyy to seriously. I burst out in laughter at the super long posts some of you put on here.Especially when you put what someone else said in "BOLD" lmao so lame


Damon doesn't give a fuck when he hurts other people,he doesn't care that he hurt there feelings as far as he is satisfied with his plan and his feelings doesn't get hurt then everyone else can go to hell including Elena.

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