The Glee Project Review: Let's Get It On

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Last week on The Glee Project, Ryan decided to save everyone after their impressive displays of vulnerability. This week, they'll have to show their a very different side for Sexuality week.

This is the point last year at which it became clear that fan favorite Cameron was going to have some issues. Will there be another squeaky-clean contender to follow in his hipster footsteps? Or is this year's group a more randy bunch?

Read on to find out...

Naya Rivera on The Glee Project

The contenders are even more excited to find out that this is Sexuality week. Aylin is way more excited than she perhaps should be. Nellie is nervous (again with that nickname) having never before seen a guy naked. And Michael? Well, he's experienced, but he thinks math is sexy, so just how experienced he might be is anybody's guess.

For the Homework Assignment, they'll be singing "I Want To Sex You Up" by Color Me Badd.

They're so awkward while blocking the number that this is going to be good. Good and awkward.

This week's guest mentor is none other than Naya Rivera who Mario says is so sexy even he can see it.

Musically, they sounded really great. And some of them really sold the sex appeal. Blake, Naya says, has a great look, and sexy isn't a tough sell for him. Aylin started strong but overdid it with the sexy. Charlie beatboxed, which Naya finds sexy, and Nellie needed confidence. (Naya actually said "Were you nervous?" But enough with the Nervous Nellie jokes, right?)

Charlie wins the Homework Challenge.

This weeks' big group number will be a mash-up of "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 and "Milkshakes" by Kelis. Charlie will get a one-on-one mentoring session with Naya.

Shanna thinks that her sexy side is perky and happy. Zach informs her that it's actually totally unsexy. Nellie is so uncomfortable with the choreography Zach gives her that she even calls herself nervous.

In the vocal studio, Charlie gets distracted by Aylin outside the studio and Nikki wants to yell at him, but he's doing a good job. Aylin's confused about whatever happens to he going on between she and Charlie because this is a competition, after all.

Michael and Mario record their lyrics together and Michael keeps forgetting the lyrics. It must be all that sexy math that's distracting him.

Their music video this week is supposed to be a high school sex ed class that turns into a "sexy off." Lily says that Aylin is her biggest competition right now. She doesn't think they expect her to be sexy, and Zach and Robert are completely impressed with her performance.

Nellie also steps it up and comes out of her shell. Tyler, however, fades into the background. Abraham lost the red streak in his hair, and in losing it, Nikki thinks he's channeling his masculinity, which is perfect timing for this week.

Charlie, who got the one-on-one with Naya, tries to direct the director. Erik's not having it and Zach and Robert watch Charlie's attempt to take over.

I feel like some of these videos, this one in particular, are better choreographed and performed than some of the actual musical numbers on Glee. This one was really good and the chemistry between some of the contenders was believable.

It's time for Call Backs.

Nellie's first on the Call Back list after Zach said she was the sexiest person in the room once they got to the set. Blake, Mario, Aylin, Abraham, Ali, and Lily are all called back, too.

Charlie, Shanna, Michael, and Tyler face Last Chance performances for Ryan.

Tyler's issue is that he blends in during the group numbers and has to find a way to stand out. Michael had trouble in the booth and got too much into his own head. Shanna is too happy, apparently. Charlie's unprofessional.

Shanna's on the Call Back list. The boys are singing Last Chance for Ryan.

Charlie's up first singing "I Get A Kick Out of You" by Cole Porter. Charlie's good. He's really good. He's such a salesman when he sings, energetic and alive. They bust his chops for his infatuation with Aylin and tell him that this is a job and he has to treat it as such if he's back again next week.

Tyler was given "Smile" by Charlie Chaplin. The song is perfect for him. Ryan says that it's hard to criticize Tyler for anything because he's living such a brave life right now. He lacks experience compared to some of the other contenders. Zach wonders if there's something there for them to nurture for another week or two or if tonight's when they should cut him loose.

Michael gets "Lucky" by Jason Mraz. He's cute. But his nerves get the best of him and he forgets his lyrics. A lot of them. Nikki says this is what happened to him in the studio. Michael thinks he got in his own way. Ryan thinks he needs more confidence.

Back at the house, Charlie's beating himself up for his lack of professionalism. It seems this is a common theme for him when it comes to his performing gigs. Michael's bummed he forgot his lyrics. Tyler's happy to have made it this far.

Robert posts the lists and sends the guys back to see which one holds their name.

Charlie and Michael are called back. Tyler's going home.

I'm not surprised, really. Just like Ryan said, Tyler's problem isn't that he's bad. It's that he's not as good when compared to those against whom he's competing.

What did you think of "Sexuality"? Would you have sent Tyler home tonight?


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