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If Zach Woodlee can teach Glee front-man Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson) how to move, then he can work some magic with The Glee Project's 12 remaining contenders, right?

This week's episode is all about Dance-ability, which should prove challenging for some of these kids. In particular, Tyler, who seems to have two left feet, might find himself in a bit of a predicament.

Glee Project Judges

Enter Robert with the Homework! Tyler's nervous, as is Dani. For the homework number, they'll be performing "We Got the Beat" by The Go-Gos. Ali wants a line about going round and round and round because she's in a wheelchair, but Mario wants that line to do something cool with the vocals.

Taryn doesn't really like working with the others and is feeling a little homesick. She decides to leave the competition. Robert says she wasn't coping well with the pressure. And it's only week two.

This week's guest mentor is none other than last year's The Glee Project winner Samuel Larsen. Someone needs to dump a bucket of water on Aylin. Cold, cold, ice-cold water.

Abraham gives a crotch grab in the middle of the number and while Robert calls it the best homework they've ever seen, vocally, I thought it was just okay. I'm pretty sure the girls he complimented didn't hear a word he said. Samuel declares Abraham the winner of the Homework Challenge.

Samuel gets to deliver the news about their big group number--"Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO. And then Samuel steals the made-up word "Skadoosh" from his season one co-cast member, Hannah. Just like he did last year.

At the dance studio, Zach tells the group that the set will be a high school house party. They're supposed to come up with their own dance moves but their goal shouldn't be to be silly and make people laugh. Lily can't seem to help herself. Everyone laughs when she dances, mostly because she's having a good time and enjoying herself.

In their mentoring session, Samuel tells Abraham to have fun with his dancing and not overthink things.

Zach splits them into groups and only has to teach them one eight-count of choreography. But it's a hard eight-count and Dani and Tyler have trouble.

While Nikki's working with the contestants in the vocal booth, love is blooming between Charlie and Aylin. Except Charlie's doing all the falling while Aylin's doing all the flirting.

The first set for the music video is a big game of Spin the Bottle. Nellie kisses Mario. Then Aylin REALLY kisses BlakeCharlie watches from the dressing rooms and pouts a lot. So then Aylin kisses Charlie and all is right with the world once again.

Nikki, Robert, and Zach worry about whether Dani will be able to be anything other than herself. And Tyler can't relax and get out of his own head.

They only had to learn eight counts of choreography but they didn't even learn those eight counts. Zach calls it "absolutely horrible." It was quite the train wreck. The second time through isn't any better. And neither is the third time. But that's all the tape they've got so Erik White has to make it work.

And he does. At the very least he makes it look like there was a whole lot of kissing at that house party. So much in fact that the episode should've been called Kissability.

Robert, Nikki, and Zach deliver the Callbacks. After saying that this was a test in figuring out who sucked the least, Aylin, Shanna, Blake, and Michael are safe.

Ali, Charlie, and Mario are also called back. Mario's especially happy with that. The visual aspect of the week had him nervous.

Dani and Nellie said they knew their dance moves but they fell apart when the cameras stopped rolling. Without saying it exactly, Zach called Dani boring. The judges know that Tyler is a performer, but they aren't getting that from him. Lily tried to argue with Zach and cut him off when he critiqued her. Abraham nearly burst into tears. (Is it just me, or are y'all chanting "Rufio! Rufio! Ru-fi-ohhhh!" every time he's on screen? No? Just me? Okay then.)

Nellie and Abraham are safe.

Dani, Tyler, and Lily are performing Last Chance Callbacks.

Dani's singing "Landslide," Tyler's singing "Daniel," and Lily's singing "Man, I Feel Like a Woman." I feel like Lily got shafted on that song assignment.

Dani's up first to sing for Ryan Murphy. She choked up during her rehearsal time. Robert says she's unique and interesting but may lack adaptability. Ryan says her dilemma is that she's an artist but perhaps not a performer.

Tyler's back in front of Ryan again for the second week in a row. In his dressing room, he said he thinks his voice fits Elton John's music. I think they did better last week giving him a Jackson 5 song. When Zach asks Tyler why he's there again, he says he didn't let go enough. Ryan challenges him--he's letting go in his personal life to become who he believes he is. Why can't he do that here? Good question, Ryan.

Finally, Lily. She gets out from behind the microphone and moves around the stage, flirting with the band and owning her performance. She's confident, but sometimes over-confident. She doesn't accept defeat and feels like criticism is defeat, which is why, she says, she argued with Zach. Ryan's not sure he wants someone around who has a bad attitude.

The judges deliberate with Ryan while the bottom three relate their experiences and impart their wisdom to the called back contestants. Lily says it sucks that they're not just looking at the performances when making their decisions. Tyler says he's confident that he improved in the second week. Dani's just Dani. And Dani's really mellow.

Robert posts the list and Lily bawls her eyes out while telling the others how much she cares about them all. She doesn't want any of them to go home. They take their turns walking up to the list and Tyler is safe. So is Lily.

Dani's going home.

I liked her. She was mellow and quiet and really likeable. But perhaps not spunky enough for a show as energetic as Glee.

What do y'all think? Should Dani have been eliminated this week?


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