Teen Wolf Review: Behind the Scales

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While I’ve been an avid watcher of Teen Wolf I had no idea until I was asked to fill in this as a reviewers this week that there was a plot here as well. I’ve been merely watching for the ridiculous amount of eye candy.

All kidding aside, let’s get on to "Venomous," shall we? Yes, after countless hours of speculation and wondering, tonight finally answered the question of “who is the Kanima?”

It’s Jackson.

A Vision for Lydia

It was pretty easy narrowing down the list of possible culprits once the description of a Kanima was read out loud because it fit either Jackson or Lydia to the letter, but perhaps Jackson even more so.

Jackson has always been a loner, he has always been in it for himself and he’s never once relied on someone else unless it’s to serve his own personal gain. It’s a wonderful metaphor for his character because it forces him to take a long look in the mirror and be afraid of who is looking back at him (sometimes literally).

This look, in turn, opens up his character for growth and direction; Jackson is now forced to confront the demons that have been plaguing him for years, and forces him to rely on others for help if he wants to live and possibly control his newfound powers.

In my years of Disney watching, those confrontations will most likely lead to Jackson being able to control being a Kanima. Why bear the entire burden on your own shoulders when friends can help take some of that load off?

The same can be said for Scott. He is so focused on protecting everyone in his life, trying to be the hero and bearing the consequences of Derek’s actions that he can’t see that his friends are able to protect themselves. Scott, too, needs to learn how to rely on his friends for help.

Yes, Scott relies on Stiles, but the same can’t be said for Allison. He treats her like porcelain, and while I am all for chivalry, it is in her blood to kick copious amounts of werewolf ass. And we should all stick to what we’re good at, right? While Allison doesn’t have the brute strength of a werewolf she does have the ability to outwit the cocky ones: aka the betas.

See Scott, when your girlfriend has time to lace an arrow with enough paralyzing goo to stop psychotic werewolf Erica, you really don’t need to worry about her, so just let her kick some butt.

The only things we’re left to wonder about now are: Why did the bite not work on Jackson? What is Lydia going through and why is she seeing long gone Alpha? Who was in the car that Jacksima crawled to? What is photography guy Matt up to, and will he ever go out with Danny?

Even with all those unanswered questions I’m happy that Teen Wolf has at least answered the Kanima question because it begins to bring our ragtag group of characters into a single pack. Now if only Stiles could get to use Allison’s weapons more often...


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I'm stunned at the lack of good 90 s TV you could rbmemeer!Seinfeld, X-Files, Simpsons, Buffy, Homicide: Life on the Streets, Ren and Stimpy, Larry Sanders, Knowing Me Knowing You!!! Come on people! I go away for one week and it all goes to pot


Great teen show


I think the teacher is jaskson real dad and that what the kamina is looking for.


Remember what Derek said about when the transformation goes wrong that the form that the person takes reflects who they are. Derek and everyone consider Jackson to be a snake. This is why Derek instantly suspected Jackson was the Kanima. The chemistry teacher does come off as a mean snake and he quoted Einstein in class and the quote about imagination on the car we saw drive off was from Einstein. If it is not the chemistry teacher, then I think that it is Allison's mother. She is cold as ice. I can believe that she is a Kanima too.


A lot of great theories down here in the comments section. I've hated the science teacher since I first laid eyes on him, so him being nefarious and/or evil would be perfect.


The school couselor is way to suspicious. Because she is not only Kendra the Vampire Slayer and Emily Bennet, she must be up to something. Shows like this always grab actresses from other supernatural shows just for reasons like this.


I like that the kanima is Jackson. Its a good SL for him. I new there was more then one of them. I'm really liking the development of the characters and there relationships with each other. Lydia might be a sorcerer of some sort. I think she might have abilities to heal. She wasnt affected by the wolf bite and the poison didn't affect her. I think the school psychologist is one of her. Overall this show is getting better with each episode. I also love how allison is not a damsel in distress. The way she out smarted Erica was awesome. Plus I like Erica. What a great much needed female character to the show. Take note TVD on how to incorporate school into your story line. That whole scene were there all switching partners in chemistry class and there trying to keep Lydia safe from Derek's wold pack was a great scene. Especially when Erica digs her nails into allison. TW knows how to incorporate the supernatural world into there school life. Well done!


I actually think it was Jackson's biological parents (or one of them) in the car. Remember he's adopted.
The biology teacher is a complete a-hole and there is no way in hell he would get away with some of the things he does in that class.
The coach on the other hand is just hilarious.
What I don't understand is why these beta werewolves have to be such complete jerks? It's funny because before they were the ones being bullied and now they turn around and become bullies themselves. Dumb teenagers. I'm sort of getting sick of them....and Derek's jerky attitude.
Do we think Lydia could be a witch? Are they bringing witches onto this show? Whatever she is, the new guidance counsler is 'on to' her.
I think it's very sweet that Scott doesn't tell Allison all the crap her family does to him. But at the same time...she should know what they're doing.


I said that either Jackson or the photographer was the Kanima so I was close. @lik_vomit I think that the chemistry teacher was in the car and that he is the other Kamina also. He is the one who edited the video of Jackson turning. I still think that Lydia will turn into a werewolf eventually. This is why she is having hallucinations of Peter. Yet she does seem to have some kind of immunity to the Kamina and transforming which infected Jackson.


lol I knew Lydia was to obvious a choice. still, i liked the big reveal. What I don't get is that Lydia wasn't over Jackson. They broke up so long ago and sorry, but he is horrible to her. please don't let the next few episodes be about Lydia pining for Jackson.

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