Teen Wolf Review: Moon Of My Life

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Likely because Sunday night's premiere was so exhilarating, "Shape Shifted" felt a bit underwhelming by comparison. There were certainly moments to enjoy, and new reveals to get excited about, but overall part two of the summer premiere wasn't Teen Wolf's best work.

One of those enjoyable moments was the opening scene, which is something the series did well throughout the first season. Teen Wolf is great at the pulse-pounding, suspense-filled cold open, and that was true once again in the scene between Isaac and his rage-filled father.

Derek on Teen Wolf

We met them briefly in the premiere, but that conversation about grades and cleaning up after dinner allowed the viewers to get to know this father-son duo at a much deeper level rather quickly. The father's temper was one for the record books. I was scared for the kid, even though his wolfian characteristics would have saved him from any serious danger.

And then the dad died. It wasn't by the hand - or claws I guess, or even mouth - of his son, but rather the new creature we sort of learned the identity of by the end of the hour. Is it a were-lizard? Is it a straight up shifter? I'm sure we will learn more as we continue to watch, but I'm hoping its the former rather than the latter.

Finding out about that new creature was an interesting reveal. They did a good job of teasing it out when it killed the father, as we could kind of tell it wasn't a wolf when he put his glasses up. After Scott saved Allison from it, though, we got to see it in all of its lizard glory. Figuring out what it is, and especially who it is, will be the really fun part.

Jackson, meanwhile, continued to give off his very intriguing "I don't care about anybody or anything" vibe as he told Lydia that just because he saved her it didn't mean he would do it again. Jax is portraying a very Tyler Lockwoodian style of werewolf, especially when he wanted to watch himself turn. Unfortunately for the kid, it didn't happen. So his body rejected the bite completely? He is never going to turn? I'm sure he will make something happen. Jackson is motivated like that.

When they introduced Grandpa Gerard in Sunday's premiere, I thought it was for more than making him the new principal. Really? You're getting rid of the current principal for falling test scores, and you're replacing him with Grandpa Argent? Is this just so he can keep an eye on the local student wolves? Oh, and nobody is causing a fuss over this?  Does he even have the credentials to be a principal?

While we are on the negative, the lacrosse scenes in "Shape Shifted" continued to prove that it is a major problem for the show. Come on! If Scott sprinted out from the goal to tackle a kid more than once, he would have been kicked out of the drill. Coach, and the rest of the players mind you, let this continue for four or five times. It had me shaking my head.

Luckily, there was plenty of good to go around, including the comic relief of Stiles and his partner in crime, Derek! These two make quite the dynamic duo. I loved it when Stiles thought that Derek was going to need a plan to distract the woman. Has he looked at Derek? Do people that good looking need a plan for anything? It was over before it began.

Like I said, "Shape Shifted" doesn't have me as hyped over the return of Teen Wolf as "Omega" did. It's still a welcome return, however, and I'm looking forward to seeing if season two can repeat the solid first season put forth last summer.

What did you all think of part two of the season premiere? Was it better or worse than Sunday's installment? What do you think is going on with Jackson? And what the heck is that new creature?


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though who is the hand that grabbed lydia in the first episode


I thought this episode blew "Omega" out of the water. It was far more better. Sure i was more excited for the premier but i also have been waiting 9 months for it to come back. But this episode was great. I laughed and i stood on the edge of my seat. All in all i loved it!


Great episode. Though I agree with you, part 1 looked better!


I think that Jackson is rejecting the bite because of the incident where a wolfsbane-poisoned Derek clawed the back of his neck by accident. Maybe it gave him some sort of immunity to the bite.


I thought tonights episode was better than the premiere. Although it was silly that Scott continued to leave the net during the drills, the coach knows hes the best player and gives him some leadway. I'm curious to see whats going on with Jackson. I can't come up with an idea why he is rejecting the bite. I think the lizard creature being Lydia is too obvious, so I'm gonna assume it's someone we least expect.


That was the funniest episode to date. Stiles and Derek make the best, and funniest, team. Though they work together, Derek seems to want to hurt Stiles. Onto the lizard fiasco, I think the lizard is the veterinarian. Remember when Peter threw the chair and it didn't affect him? Yup, my point exactly. Jackson is the biggest jerk ever but his beautiful physique makes up for that. Why won't Scott give up on Allyson? She annoys me. Scott needs to go find a werewolf girlfriend or something. I love how Isaac cowered away from Derek and Derek is just like, "I'm the alpha.". When Lydia walked into the school and everyone looks at her but she just starts walking. I prefer this episode over last night's episode.


I also think the lizard thing is Lydia!!


I agree with Brittany that had to br lydia!!


I thought Sunday night's premiere was just okay, but I absolutely loved tonight's. It was so much fun and exciting watch. Really looking forward to the rest of the season.


i think Lydia is the lizard person. It looked female so unless there's another female creature..it makes sense :O

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Allison: Are you ready for this?
Lydia: Please, it's not like my aunt's a serial killer.

Stiles: How did you do that?
Derek: I'm the Alpha.