Suits Round Table: Debut Edition!

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Welcome to the first edition of the Suits Round Table!

In this look back at "The Choice," panelists Chandel Charles, Carissa Pavlica, Carla Day and Nick McHatton tackle such topics as Harvey's aggressive actions and Mike's break-up...


Should Harvey have taken over Porter's case and advised the client against Jessica's wishes?
Chandel: I think Harvey did the right thing for his client, but the wrong thing for Jessica. This whole making alliances issue is going to really put a strain on Harvey's relationship with Jessica. Then again, I'm still struggling to wonder why it matters who likes Harvey... if Jessica is the one whose name is on the door. She's the one who should worry about her image with each department, so she should have never expected Harvey to be a go-to guy for the whole Porter thing.

Carissa: Yes. An attorney should always work toward the end of the client's wishes over the wishes of the firm. I firmly believe that if I hire an attorney my expectation that they work for me should be first and foremost. I was disappointed that Jessica didn't feel the same way.

Carla: Harvey did what Harvey does. He didn't do it for the client. He did it to beat Paul. While he saved the project for the client, it didn't sound like it was best in the client's long term interest. For Harvey, he did the right thing. For the firm, Jessica, and the client? Probably not.

Nick: I agree with Carissa. Harvey and Mike were following the wishes of the client, and Jessica should understand that their needs rise above her own for the good of the firm; however, since her job is on the line and she's courting allies this situation was a lose-lose for her.

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Did Mike do the right thing by breaking up with Rachel?
Chandel: Unfortunately, I think he did. I just hate that their new relationship had to have blossomed and fizzled out in the same episode. That hurt a bit.

Carissa: No. Furthermore, Harvey should never have told him to do it. A little too much lying going on that will come back to bite everyone in the ass.

Carla: Yes, but not for the reasons he did. Mike is in a no-win situation. If he stayed with Rachel and told her the truth, she would have broken up with him immediately. There is no way that she would be able to overlook that he isn't really a lawyer. He has her dream job and doesn't deserve it. And, if he stayed with her and kept his secret, the betrayal would have ultimately destroyed them. They will be together at some point, but right now isn't the right time given the circumstances.

Nick: Yes, absolutely. Mike is looking for less collateral damage in his life, and while Rachel has certainly always been on his side it makes both of their jobs carry less risk. If only a select few know Mike's secret there are less chances for his secret to get out, so while it certainly hurts I see it as a form of protection for both of them.

Is Hardman actually as big a threat as Jessica and Harvey are making him out to be?
Chandel: From the repeated references to war from Jessica and Harvey, one would think he's a threat, but I'm wondering just exactly what kind of threat he's going to be. Is he dead set on taking back the firm, or just taunting Jessica and Harvey into believing that? Until he makes a more decisive move than simply coming back, I think I'm still neutral.

Carissa: With Louis on Team Hardman, yes indeed. Especially because he was the managing partner prior to leaving and he's come back with the agenda to get his job back and do it in a nefarious way - by leading everyone to believe he is a changed man. There is nothing more frightening than falling for the changed man scheme only to find out you're left dealing with the devil.

Carla: Yes. He will disrupt the firm as they have known it. A war is coming.

Nick: Oh yeah, it's always the quiet, soft-spoken ones that end up having the biggest fangs. He didn't build that firm by being a nice guy, and he's certainly not going to stay a nice guy when the managing partners are trying to forcibly oust him for a second time. It is all a recruitment act.

What was your favorite Donna moment from this episode?
Chandel: When she sat down with Mike and put him in his place about all Harvey had been doing to try and keep him at the firm. I was also intrigued by her advice to Mike about it being possible to work with someone you've had feelings for in the past.

Carissa: When she told Rachel that you can turn off your feelings, something she knows from experience.

Carla: I love how Donna is able to manipulate Louis. Their scene at her desk was the appetizer and the scene in Louis's office was the main course. Brilliant!

Nick: Donna putting Mike in his place when he was talking smack about Harvey.

What's up with Louis and what do you think is his end game?
Chandel: I think he's looking for whatever place will do him the most good and get his name on the door. I suppose he thinks if Jessica gets overthrown that Hardman will be looking for a new number two and wishes to be in plain view when that search begins.

Carissa: He wants to be respected. He doesn't realize being bought comes with a cost. I don't think things will end well for him. See my answer to number 3.

Carla: Louis, like most people, want to be appreciated and recognized for their hard work and accomplishments. You can't fault him for that. Harvey has always been Jessica's favorite and that's something Louis wants. If Hardman gives Louis the recognition he craves that will determine his loyalty. If neither Jessica or Daniel step up, then Louis will look at his options elsewhere. The dictaphone gift was Hardman's first play for Louis's loyalty - a successful play.

Nick: Louis' end game is, and always will be, himself. He wants to be the top dog, and he will do whatever it takes to get there. He has very little, if any, loyalty.

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