Sons of Anarchy Season 4 DVD: Release Date, Details

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Fox Home Entertainment has announced that Sons of Anarchy Season 4 will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on August 28.

SoA Blu-Ray

The four-disc DVD set will retail for $59.98, while the three-disc Blu-ray will cost. Both will include the following features:

  • Extended scenes from "Dorylus," "Brick," "Family Recipe" and "Kiss."
  • Commentary on multiple episodes from cast and crew members.
  • Deleted scenes.
  • A gag reel.
  • A special dedication to Piney.

Sons of Anarchy Season 5, meanwhile, with guest stars ranging from Jimmy Smits to Ashley Tisdale, will premiere some time in September.

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NETFLIX HAS POSTED SOA SEASON 4 TODAY!!! just thought everyone would like to know! ;-)


I wait all the time for netflix to release new seasons of all kinds of shows now SOA...they are slacking!! I can't wait any longer! My eyes need some Jax!


samcro season 4 releases on Netflix October 27, 2012.


I actually called Netflix a few weeks ago. According to them (unless I was lied to) it's not Netflix's fault. It's FX. I was told it's always up to the studio to allow Netflix to stream episodes or not. So apparently FX has not allowed Netflix to show season 4 online. And at this point, I would not be surprised if FX does not allow Netflix to show SOA season 4 until after Season 5 finishes running.


Im getting tired of Netflix dragging their feet on season 4!!! Ive watched all the episodes of seasons 1, 2 and 3 and season 5 is on the air now but I don't want to watch any of it until I see all of season 4!! C'mon Netflix, you're really screwing with some hardcore fans here! It would have been a better move to release season 4 a week or two before season 5 premiered so everyone would be watching it to catch up.. Anyway, does anyone have any idea when season 4 comes out on Netflix? I'm gonna have to buy the DVDs if it doesnt come out soon... SOA for life!!


It was a HUGE mistake to hang on to Season 4 for so long. It is not a good idea to anger your core fan base. Netflix fans are furious and the makers of Sons of Anarchy have ensured that many of their core fans WILL NOT WATCH SEASON 5 until they have been able to watch the Season 4 episodes. This is a DISASTER for Netflix and for the brainiacs running sales for Sons of Anarchy.


waiting for season 4 on netflix! dont understand why its not on yet since the dvd was released and season 5 starts tonight!!!!


Every season I antcipate the first episode of that season. I love the show and even have a Brother in the first two seasons. He tries to fill me in on the show in advance but even he can't let anyone know. Even his own Brothers. Has to do with contracts or something. Can't wait for season 5. I know I won't be disapointed. Keep up the good work. Maybe you should think about, "SOA THE MOVIE". That would be AWESOME. Only two more day's.


i have all seasons *smiley face* on dvd. my anticipation for season 5 was lost soon as i heard they had ashley tidsdale on*shacking my head* , just wondering when justin bieber is gonna make an appearance.


what stores can i get it at?

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