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Thank you for doing this roundtable Christine, I think Kathryn and I had great fun taking part in it, thank you again for asking us! We seem to agree on many things and I also agree with Sandra, this season is PURE GOLD so far! With each season, the show becomes better and darker (always balancing that with lighter/happier moments though, that's key). We need confirmation for a Season 4!


I just love this show!!!!! I cannot get enought of Sandy :)) My heart sings when they have scenes together. Thank you for doing the round table, it helps the tiniest bit while waiting a whole week for a new episode. The next two weeks will be awful without new Sandy scenes.


The one thing i'm most excited for, for season 3, Is when Luke comes back. I really miss his character (great addition to the cast), And i'm also excited to see how him being back effects Andy (and also her relationship with Sam). So far, this season is Gold! And it just keeps getting better and better! :)


-My favorite was the shooting. Dov walks in all happy and it quickly turns to fear. The look on his face went from all smiles to shocked and desolate in a matter of moments.

-I was pretty sure there was a gun but not 100%.

-I've got to go with Chris and Dov. I was so happy to see them back to normal.

-Andy has the instincts for detective but I don't want her separated from Sam.

-Sam driving, Andy's feet on the dash. They were smiling and happy and flirting and it was wonderful.:)


I dont want to see Andy make detective because i really love seeing her and Sam work together and chase down bad guys :D and i loved last nights episode, but so far season 3 i would have to see would be my favorite. Mostly because Sam and Andy are finally a couple, but also because everything is so interesting, and all the Rookies are becoming really good cops. Andy is getting amazing, i dont know if its because she and Sam are dating and they are more comfortable with each other or what but she is seriously really good, and she was already really good in previous seasons but she has grown even more :)


THIS is awesome! Love your answers girls. I'm glad that the fans are getting some recognition for Rookie Blue. Without us, there would be no show. I want some more of these round table discussions.


Thanks so much for hosting this, pimping the Two Worlds Collide fansite (so psyched you became a member recently!), choosing Nathy and I to participate, and putting up with my answers that were a little longer than your ideal.
You ROCK!!!!!

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