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Interesting how this series has brought together so many different segments of viewers! One says best character is Carter, and worse is Zoe...And another says the opposite. It's a tribute to the overall appeal of this show.

As for me, I find Carter interesting but agree to this point she is still a bit one-dimensional. (Maybe that will change with S2 as she and Fusco work together.)

I loved "The Fix" and hope to see more of Zoe in S2.
But my favorite episode was "Many Happy Returns"!

For S2 I would like to see a Fusco-centric episode since we've already had a Carter-centric one ("Get Carter"). A redemption story never gets old...


i love carter now.


Best Charater all of them especially Carter.
Worst character Zoe
Best episode Number Crunch
Worst episode the Fix

Overall good review. But your wrong about Carter she great in the show.


I agree with your comments.

Best character=Caviezel
Best Guest Character=Zoe Morgan. She is wonderful and I like it how she flirts with Reese and isnt ashamed of it and how he flirts back. I am cautiously optimistic that she I'll be a reoccurring character.

Hopes for Season 2: more Fusco. He is wonderful to watch and I think he has great chemistry with all the characters. And more consistent incorporation of Finch. His character and Reese are the stars of the show. There have been times when it seemed Finch was pushed into the background. And final hope for Season 2 are the episodes are so great we get an early renewal for Season 3.


Isn't there a poll so readers can vote their own grades? I know there's one for Hart of Dixie.


Best Character : Finch

Worst Character : Carter

Best Episode : Many Happy Returns

Worst Episode : Cura Te Ipsum

Best Guest Star : Bridget Regan

Most Underused Character : Foe

Hopes for Season 2 : New characters. Eliminate some villains.

Overall Grade: B+

Best show on the big 3; by a country mile.


Best Character: All of them! It's hard to pick one because they all work together so well. If I have to pick, then Reese.
Worst Character: Carter at the beginning of the season. Much, much better since she joined Team Reese/Finch. She is not as developed as Reese or Finch so hopefully that is something they fix next season.
Best episode: The latter half was consistently good. Some of my faves are The Fix, Root Cause, Many Happy Returns and Firewall. But my fave is The Witness which introduced Elias.
Worst Episode: Mission Creep
Best guest star: Paige Turco and Enrico Colantoni (Elias)
Hope for next season: continuing to bring back great characters like Zoe and Elias. More development of Carter. Reese's former CIA partner, who/what is the machine?
Grade: A


I am with you Sean, and I agree with most of comments here,I am a huge fan of Jim Caviezel, and I enjoyed watching all the episodes of this fantastic show even it is hard for me to choose my favorite episode, BGS: Paige Turco, she was AWESOME, and of course BC: John Reese, JC was beyond words as Reese and I really liked Michael Emerson and Kevin Chapman. Cannot wait for season 2.
Total Grade: A+


I love the show and I respect the review but I think it says alot about us as people that no one chose Fusco as the worst character. I was uncomfortable with a dirty cop and no good he did would change my opinion of him.Why is he dirty? I still dont trust him and believe one day he will stab Carter in the back which will make most people glad because she does her job. The irony of it all....


Sometimes you all just drop the ball and forget it's still there ready for somebody to pick up and run with it again. Who? Reese's old partner (name??) who got blown up and then reappears and rearranges Mark's knee pads. She then proceeds to 'catch' up on old times. Well, anybody else with me??

Yeah, and I too agree with all the previous comments. Great show. Yeah, TV-R. Digital too.

I give it an A+

"Who you talking to?" Reese, "tech support". Love it.

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