Longmire Review: Father Knows Worst

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The second episode of Longmire wasn't exactly subtle.

A week after viewers met this Wyoming-based sheriff, learning about the death of his wife and the repercussions felt by all around him, Walt walked "The Dark Road" on an installment that centered around the bonds of family, specifically the relationship between fathers and daughters.

Oh, and Katee Sackhoff sort of stripped. Fans of Battlestar Galactica can now die in prace.

An Exotic Dancer

The hour played out like more of a procedural than I'd prefer. Following the Longmire series premiere, I (unfairly) compared the series to Justified and I'm about to do so again:

It took that FX hit nearly a full season to strike the right balance between weekly cases and over-arching, season-long mythology. A series does not have to combine these two elements, of course, but it does to keep my interest intact. I'm just not much of a procedural fan.

So I found it a bit of a bore to watch Walt go from location to location, getting to the bottom of the Mennonite stripper's death like almost any cop on any version of Law & Order or CSI. Granted, Longmire still takes its time, still uses some gorgeous exterior shots and is still clearly more about the sheriff at its center - who can apparently speak German and instantly notice that a lock has been changed - than the actual results of his cases.

But I'd like more. It doesn't have to be much. Something about the race between Walt and Branch? New details emerging on how Walt's wife died? An extended look into his feud with the reservation? I'm sure we'll be treated to these going forward, but some teases in those directions would have helped hooked me in early on.

Here, instead, we were walloped over the head with Walt and Cady's relationship. It's obviously an important one for the show, but it didn't feel especially fresh. Father suspects daughter is dating someone. Daughter is hiding the fact that she's dating her dad's chief rival. Not exactly the most original material, but I'll reserve full judgment until we actually see how it plays out.

I do love Cassidy Freeman as Cady and Robert Taylor's understated performance does help bring out Walt's constant pain. In the wake of his wife's passing, Walt is now protective of anyone and everyone, dead or alive. There's Cady, of course, but he also scoffed at Vic's creative information gathering and was sure to afford the victim as much respect as possible.

Overall, not a bad episode by any means - I enjoyed the peek into the Mennonite community - but Longmire is yet to really grip me and pull me in. What did everyone else think?


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Sarah silva

Oh but I did like the inside joke in reference to the Vampire Diaries when Cady said she was dating a vampire!

Sarah silva

While I till do not 100% love this show I do enjoy it! Personally I was not surprised at all that Cady was dating Branch, last week when we saw the preview, I knew they were dating! I think this show is a little slow and times and to me I still prefer the Glades, I will keep watching.


I agree with RC 1001 and so far I'm very interested. I'm not sure why people don't like Branch, it was certainly suggested that Walt had been grieving for the last year and his office was picking up the slack (been there) . I understand that Walt is the old timer but really, no cellphone? That is really hard to understand. At least he occasionally uses the car radio. Like the show will continue to watch.


It seems to me you watch this show for the characters. The police procedural elements are subservient, which is, perhaps, why they are so tame. There's no CSI omnipotence here - thank God - where the "police" can recall a slight blink from an earlier scene and immediately know the killer is a terrorist who has undergone facial (and based on the casting) whole body reconstruction. A false note was the strip club scene. Good in theory, but it just didn't work as written and performed. If her main motivation had been to get info and show up the asshole cop, it might have worked better. As it was, she seemed mostly to do it for the bet of $20. Plus, a little cleavage in a strip club probably isn't going to motivate too many guys.


The show is ok but there are inconsistencies and mistakes that shouldn't happen in a series.
Rainier beer. It hasn't been made in years. And it's pronounced "Ray-neer". Not "Rah-nee-air" - unless you're making a joke. And when Walt was delving into the personal life of his daughter and said "I don't mean to "prize". Yes, the spelling of the word is "prise" but the pronunciation is "pry". Mennonites - from what I remember of the Mennonites, they are allowed to drive, have electricity, etc. The community in the 2nd episode reminded me more of the Hutterites in Montana. It's a good show - it just needs some cleaning up.


Most cogent comments, in my estimation, have to do with adopting a "wait
and see" attitude as the show, storylines and characters develop...So far,
we have found it captivating, at least as compared with any new summer
fill-in series and a screen full of re-runs. Just the right amount of grit,
ensemble cast intrigue and Old West throwback dynamics. All that with only two episodes aired! Dispute over "contractions" used by Native Americans,


@Linda I actually feel that the books kinda suck. The characters aren't as interesting (Henry is much more sidekicky, and Branch Connolly as played by Bailey Chase has much more personality than all of Walt's male deputies combined). I vastly prefer Show!Vic as played by Katee Sackhoff (although, to me, Katee Sackhoff IS Victoria Moretti, even as I'm told that she's a shortish dark haired, golden eyed Italian woman who's absolutely stacked), not in the least part because she and Walt have not a drop of sexual or romantic tension between them. I really like that. And Show!Vic happens to be a lot more fun, although that's partly the Katee effect.


@RC 1001, Matt It's actually a characteristic of Henry Standing Bear in the novels. I don't know if that was supposed to be representative of Native Americans in general, but Book!Henry Standing Bear wouldn't use a contraction to save his life. It must be noted, of course, that all the other Native Americans we've seen so far have used contractions freely.


I love the books!!!! Hard to live up to (on T.V.) these eccentric and hysterically funny characters as written in the novels. The "sidekick" sheriff would NEVER mess with his daughter in the books. Everyone's too afraid of Longmire, knowing how passionate he is about his daughter's wellbeing. BUT, I guess we have to have this love interest. Don't like Vic's character. She is so outspoken and not taken for granted in the series. She's too understated in the t.v show. I will keep watching. Love the stories and the whole idea. The novels are GREAT!!!!

Matt richenthal

@Babyruth: No idea. That's why I didn't even mention them in my review. I don't think we're meant to have any clue now and just need to keep watching.

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