Julie Plec Teases Birth of "Supernatural Heroine" on The Vampire Diaries

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The Vampire Diaries will start over this fall.

That's how Julie Plec put it during an interview with E! News at the ATX Television Festival in Austin last week, as the producer focused on the main storyline heading into the Vampire Diaries Season 4 - Elena Gilbert as a vampire - and said:

"We're starting a new story. Same world, same characters, same feelings, same everything but for our ingénue, and our heroine, we are beginning."

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Considering how transitioning typically emphasizes a human being's most dominant personality traits - Caroline is more bubbly, Damon more… Damon-y - what can fans expect from a blood-sucking Elena?

"Her compassion is her gift and her Achilles heel," says Plec. "She is fiercely loyal, fiercely protective, and very, very compassionate to those around her in that she can see the good and the bad. When all that stuff gets amplified, it's going to make her, hopefully, kind of a badass... it's like the birth of a supernatural heroine."

But Elena was also in a dark place even before turning, experiencing guilt over all the pain she's caused those around her.

How might that play out in vampire form? Explained Plec:

"Elena's dark side, so to speak, is actually in her deep, deep, deep connection to other people, whether they are light or dark. So now that these things get magnified, it is her connection to darker things and darker people, is that going to bloom at all or is she still going to be the infallible heroine? I think that grief can do a lot to send somebody off their rocker a little bit, so who knows what she could go through as a vampire."

No one but Plec and her team, that's for sure. We won't find out until TVD returns in October, but you can relive the past three seasons now when you watch Vampire Diaries online at TV Fanatic!

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Unrelated to this article but...I have a question: Can't Elena simply transition using animal blood? Making it not a huge deal, and she wouldn't have to kill any humans? (or feed on them, at all?).


The Vampire Diaries is a very underrated show. It never ever does what the acidenue expects and surprises with the plot twists. I enjoy it and am happy Williamson is back to writing good TV again.Sure this may sound formulaic on paper, but it's all about the execution. Vampire Diaries sounded like a Twilight rehash, yet it is a million times better than anything in that series of films.My question is, which Degrassi The Next Generation actress is making the CW jump next? First Shenae Grimes to 90210, then Nina Dobrev to Vampire Diaries, will it be Cassie Steele's turn now?

David and sabrina 2014

Who knows what we'll expect from Elena as a vampire but I hope that she stays with Stefan and continues to help out her friends. I can't wait for season 4. =]


Is JP talking about Elena on the Vampire Diaries? I must have missed that episode.


sick of Elena and the love triangle plec needs to focus more on other characters Caroline, the originals and finally developing Bonnie's character.


what the heck is this elena is not like that at all julie plec needs to really check her work elena is a bitchy selfish girl who from what i've seen like in episode 14 season 3 doesn't give a shit cause she's to focused on her own life I can't stand elena I love caroline the best cause caroline is the one that plec is describing in this statement I love caroline the best out of all the female characters. Even during season 1 elena showed that was a bitchy selfish girl every time something would happen to people she cared about she barely noticed she was to focused on her thank you julie plec for lying about the most worthless female main character ever. The tyler caroline and klaus triangle is the only triangle I've liked this season the main triangle is boring. Caroline is caring, fiercly protective, smart, fun, kind and kickass I love caroline. Elena is in a short statement a true bitch.


I didn't think that they would actually turn Elena into a vampire because someone, usually Damon threatens to turn her for one reason or the other for the past two years,but I'm glad they did. I prefer Elena to the other female characters, except Caroline maybe,but all heroes and heroines need character development, it also means that maybe she can protect herself more. If they do bring Alaric back, there should be a showdown between himself and Elena, or maybe between Elena and Elijah. Elena should decide that she likes being a vampire at some point. I'll stop rambling now.


Caroline and Klaus, the only two good things left~ half of us here would be done if either of them got the axe. We bee critcizin' I ain't even mad. HAHAHA


I LOVE how people criticise everything about the show but constantly watch every episode. Hahaha!

Fruit salad

I like how this show's heroine and main character needed three seasons and fangs to hopefully become kinda badass. That really does say a lot about Elena, doesn't it?

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