Joseph Morgan Speaks on Near (Fake) Death Experience

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Joseph Morgan almost died last month. On television, that is.

During a recent interview, executive producer Julie Plec admitted that the original script for the Vampire Diaries Season 3 finale called for Klaus to be killed off. Alas, she simply could not let this mesmerizing actor go.

"I must be doing something right!" Morgan joked with E! News at the Monte Carlo TV Festival about sticking around the show. "I talked to [Julie] about what would be the best thing to do. She said, 'I think there are some more stories to tell with this character," and I said, 'I agree, and I would love to have the opportunity to tell them.'"

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He now as that opportunity, as the Vampire Diaries Season 4 will find Klaus swapping bodies and, as Morgan surmises, possibly swapping spit as well.

"I think it will end in tears, probably Caroline's. I think Klaus will do his best to take advantage of the situation and to get something from it; I wouldn't be surprised if he does. I wouldn't be surprised if the first Klaroline kiss is in Tyler's body, but eventually I think he'll be found out because that has the most dramatic effect, right?"

Morgan adds that there's major "chemistry" with Candice Accola and he's appreciative that the Klaroline arc has allowed his character's "humanity" to shine through.

Watch the E! video interview with Morgan now and sound off: Are you glad The Vampire Diaries is keeping Klaus around?

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Klaus rocks. Thrilled they are keeping him around.


I'm personally only watching for Joseph at this point, but honestly the need to give him (and everyone else) better material! The plots have been poorly thought out lately!


Klaus should of just died last season...PERIOD !! This show is going full on fan service at this point, and Julie Plec is to blame.Shes into her oWn hype at the moment.I cringe at the thought of "Swapping bodies" ....Does that mean hes gonna be in more than just Tylers body ? Ugh !!.


Lmao lets be real here,Joseph Morgan is'nt exactly a Young Marlon Brando in the acting department.So to label him an "Extraordinary actor" is more than a bit of a stretch.


Absolutely! Joseph adds so much to the Klaus character. But don't keep him in Tyler's body too long. Klaus's body is just fine as it is!


Yes!!! I'm very excited that Niklaus aka. Klaus is sticking around in the vampire dairies for season 4. I hope that was get to see some more of Klaus and Caroline scenes. Joseph Morgan is a very extraordinary actor, and I'm excited to see wants coming up for him as Klaus in season 4 and future seasons of The Vampire Diaries.


ahh..its so cute how scarred the Tyler/Caroline shippers are.. I like K/C. But I can ship it while admitting that macking in Tye's bawd is just GROSS. Why anyone finds that hot is beyond me. Lol Dande isn't scared she's just stating the facts.


ahh..its so cute how scarred the Tyler/Caroline shippers are..


Sorry but Klaus had an entire season to tell his story and he wasted it, his overstayed his welcome and really needs to go, though i dont see that happening. JM is terrific but his character has become incredibly annoying, disappointing and useless. S4 sadly sounds like its going to be much worse then S3 as this show appears to be run by fangirls now.


Well, the first Kc kiss will be in Tyler's body and that is downright disgusting. There is nothing you young obsessive KC fans can say that will make it romantic. LOL THISSSSSSSS. DISGUSTING.

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