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When I said disaster was looming for Kate and Justin in my review of the previous Fairly Legal episode, I had no idea there would be so much potential for it in the very next episode.

"Force Majeure" didn't deliver the upcoming implosion of Justin and Kate's relationship that I'm fairly sure is coming, but it damn near ended Justin's political career.

The concert showed the differences between Justin and Kate's personalities. Kate was swooning over the music but he seemed indifferent. Justin wanted to head home because of an early meeting, yet Kate begged to keep the party going. 

Justin Introduces Kate To a Singer

Even when the guy lit up the joint in the limo, Kate acted like it was no big deal, even though she knows Justin is a law and order guy. 

Sometimes opposites complement one another and sometimes, over the long haul, they just become tiresome.

That limo ride almost became career suicide for Justin. Hanging out in the car with a bunch of musicians drinking and smoking pot would have been enough fodder for Davidson to derail Justin's campaign. Add in the four baggies of cocaine and it spelled his political downfall.

What struck me was that even though Kate was concerned for Justin, she seemed more worried about whether he blamed her and her main focus was on Claudia.

On the flip side, Lauren had Justin's back. She seemed to understand and accept Justin for who he was in a way that Kate did not. It was both funny and telling when Lauren asked him if he'd done anything un-Justin-like in the back of that limo and in this Fairly Legal quote he replied…

I was 100 percent stick in the mud. | permalink

Lauren was relieved. But it looked like Lauren had a new love interest... maybe. Robin Archer was handsome, charming, incredibly rich and intrigued by Lauren. Unfortunately he lied to her about something as basic as whether or not he had kids. 

I couldn't blame Lauren for walking away. This guy's version of complicated could lead to disaster but somehow I don't see him giving up on her quite so easily. Robin Archer is a man used to getting what he wants.

Back to the case, I couldn't figure out why Kate was so convinced the drugs weren't Claudia's when she'd met the woman all of 10 minutes ago. There are moments when Kate's idealism is charming and others when it just seems silly. This time she was bordering on the latter.

But Ben followed her down that road, even if he didn't believe the conspiracy theory was true. He knew they had to come up with a good story because as he said about the prosecution…

Ben: They're going to treat her like she blew up an orphanage field trip to an animal shelter. | permalink

In the end Claudia got to go home, Justin's campaign was saved and Kate and Justin... well. He's acting like they're a done deal while Kate keeps deflecting the question. They're both in complete denial of what they want from one another. It's as though they believe if they keep acting like nothing is wrong it will eventually make it right.

Somehow I don't think that's going to work.

Do you think Justin and Kate will survive next week's season finale? Will Ben be their to pick up the pieces or be witness to a continuing romance? I know who I'm rooting for but I'm not sure there's going to be a win/win for anyone this time.


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please come back. Ben as neighbour please....


Need to have a season!!!... This cannot end on the deck & leave us hanging


What I realised is that Kate had only 2 stable things in her life- her dad and Justin. That's way she so loved her boat. The boat is gone. Maybe it's fun and light w Ben but it's not love. She is just too confused to realize it.


No I don't think Kate and Justin will survive the
Season finally. To be honest I don't care for
Justin all that much any more. I liked Him last
season but now that we know he cheated on
Kate while they were married I like him much
less. I think Ben is a much better not to mention
hotter guy for her. She seems to like him but
Is afraid to admit it. I hope she make the right
choice and chooses Ben.


Ben is hot! At first I couldn't stand him. Watching him talk and act gets more facinating as his character reveals a little more mystery to who he really is. I keep his photo in my wallet! yikes!


I want Kate with Ben and Justin with Lauren. Now that would be fun.


i like lauren more and more. love to see more lauren and the billionaire guy!!!


I just went back and re-watched the first season. I felt like there was a lot I had forgotten. There were two major things things that I picked up - 1. The relationship between Kate and Justin has always been a little one sided and boring. Season one makes you root for them only because there is nothing else really going on. Even then they came off as friends that sleep together occasionally. 2. This show has gotten significantly better with the addition of Ben and the improvement in the relationship between Kate and Lauren. There is so much more character development since last season making the show so much more three dimensional to watch. Last season seemed like it was all mediations and very little personal interactions between the main characters. Leo has a better role this season, he is able to give a lot more of his great one liners. The hatchet has been buried with Lauren, and while they still may disagree it is not all out war every time they see each other which makes it much more tolerable to watch them.


I like this show, cause it is different and I hope for a 3rd season.
I also think that there is some good acting on that show, reading the comments people can relate to the characters on screen and I can only agree, it is a believable display of emotions.
Like most people here I was on J/K, but over the time it was more and more clear why they split in the first place. Ben or no Ben what we where able to watch the last shows makes clear, at least for me, it would never work between K/J and I think in the last show we had the chance to witness Kate's realisation of what went wrong in the first place. To love some one is one thing to be with him is a totally different story and love has so many faces. What really amazes me on shows are the fans an people who comment things and how a different show with a different audience comments on cheating and when to forgive or not to forgive. Also on dating a co-worker or the whole workplace romances.

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