Emilie de Ravin Upped to Once Upon a Time Series Regular

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It's official: Once Upon a Time Season 2 will be more beautiful than ever before.

That's because Emilie de Ravin has been promoted to series regular status, confirms ABC. The former Lost star appeared on multiple Season 1 episode as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

The Return of Belle

The addition of de Ravin to the Once Upon a Time cast follows the same promotion for Meghan Ory (Red Riding Hood). It also comes on the heels of the series announcing a pair of recurring Season 2 roles:

  1. "Anastasia," a princes willing to sacrifice her life of privilege for true love.
  2. "Magnolia," a tough Asian warrior.

Note the quotation marks around these names, as they are likely stand-ins for actual fairy tale characters the show is not prepared to reveal just yet.

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Anastasia is probebly the Russian princess Anastacia Romanov. 20th Century Fox made a lovely movie about her in 1997
Magnolia is defenitely Mulan Season 2 is already looking very interesting!


I'm thinking, if the show is going the Disney route, that the first princess is Pocahontas. I like the idea of seeing the show's version of Mulan, but how does an Asian warrior fit into a story that takes place in a fairytale forest? Especially if the forest is technically in New England?


Hmmm Ariel (please) and Mulan. Although, if they follow the "Tangled" story, the first princess could be Rapunzel too.


If you ask me the new characters are clearly Aurora and Mulan!


I think this great news! Belle has to be in season 2 simply because she'll bring Rumpelstiltskin's story to an even better place. It'll definitely be interesting with her around!


Gosh, I am loving these spoilers as they come.


wow, i didn't hope to see this much of Emilie but I'm certainly glad to know I'll see her again. Nice new characters to be added. Can't wait. I have a feeling it's going to get very interesting and Sunday will become my favorite day of the week.

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