Burn Notice Review: Yogurt For Two

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After last week’s Burn Notice explosive season premiere, we’ve all known that the path to rescue Fiona was going to be a long one. "Mixed Messages," meanwhile, showed us that it’s also going to be a dangerous and winding trip as well.

Maybe it's just me, but the "rescue Fiona" story line feels very similar to early seasons of Burn Notice where Michael took jobs for different power people to get little tidbits of information. Except this time he took a risky gig from his mentor Agent Tom Card in the hopes to earn a visit with Fiona. 

Right off the bat, I’m thrilled to see John C. McGinley Agent Card. His balance of sarcasm and wit with just a touch of physical comedy will make him an interesting counter point to the more poised Michael Westen. I hope we get to see more of Card and maybe a flashback or two to discover a bit more of their history. But I have to say, he was eating yogurt when we first met him, so he already has a point in his favor. 

John C. McGinley on Burn Notice

The job Michael took ended up putting Jesse on the front line. Did you feel bad that Jesse managed to sell Montero the story (that Kemp was double crossing him) so well that it got Kemp killed? The only part that confused me is how a DEA agent would know about an undercover CIA operative? Card mentioned he had lost some guys and Kemp admitted to tipping Montero off, I just must have missed how Kemp would know about them.

I'm glad the operation went well and that Michael might be able to visit Fiona soon. Especially since she had her own hands full, first dealing with the queen of the cellblock “DB," - how awesome was that slow motion slide through the smoke! I couldn’t help but cheer as she downed DB’s cronies and then took on the big woman herself. 

It was interesting to see that Fiona had actually made a female friend. I realized that we normally only see her with the guys, so this is a welcome change. That said, Taryn Manning’s portrayal of Nicole Doneski the prison inmate felt really similar to her role as Mary Ann McGarrett, Steve’s sister on Hawaii Five-0, right up to the point that she tried to kill Fiona, that is. I hope she can continue to make Nicole feel different. 

That leads us to the big question of who put Nicole up to killing Fiona: Anson? CIA? A new player? And where does this leave Fiona? Can she trust Nicole? Will she end up helping Nicole save her sister? 

I wasn’t sure how it was going to work to have Fiona separated from the guys, but it turns out it opened up a ton of story opportunities and is giving us a chance to see how Fiona can do when she has to make all the decisions.

What did you think of this week’s offering? Did you miss Anson or Pearce? Be sure and check out our Burn Notice quotes, as Michael and Tom had some great interactions! 


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Fi lost her accent in the first season because she didn't want anyone to know that she was Irish because there was a price on her head there. so she just got used to talking in American accent


Trololol at the girl that tried to kill Fi. I knew something was up when this crazy woman was saying "Its quiet, we can be alone, in small groups,were nobody's watching"...lets be fraands, now slowly, Im going to kill you?? I knew something was off about this girl... Trololol. DB got her beat down!! That Heffer needs to sit down somewhere.


Also - THey made a point of saying the water was scalding hot, so why wasn't Fi severely burned when her head went into it?


Has anyone ever explained why Fi's accent is anything but Irish? Why make her character IRA when she neither looks nor sounds Irish?


I think it was crazy Larry who hire that lady to kill Fiona


NICOLE DONSKI - NEW CLIENT......Who doesn't see that coming. Jim, I agree with Taryn Manning playing the same type of character, up until she tried to murder Fiona. Maybe its because we watch both shows, but I was thinking the same thing. I like Agent Card as well. He is different from Michael and that is what makes it interesting. I'm sure it will take a long time to get Fiona out, and to catch Anson. I hope not too long. I was glad to see Maddy is still around. Nate having marital problems wasn't such a surprise. I guess we will see how that plays out.


Don't forget, Fi has a lot of enemies, all over the world - she was in the IRA. The hit was probably Anson, maybe someone from the CIA, but it could be a lot of people.


I wonder why michael brother wife left him?could arson of done it


Mike flipping over the table in frustration seems like a real stretch- Weston just doesn't do emotion well.His outbursts seem contrived rather than real. Kudos to Jesse for coming up big. I hate Card- way too much "Scrubs" persona-really, what could that doofus have taught Mike? Sam seemed marginalized in this episode, probably an indication that the rift between him and Mike will just continue to fester. I fear that this season will just get tedious, trying to play the double story lines.


love Fiona but i was waiting until the very end for him to visit Fi and was disappointed that we didn't get to see the visit.
Agent Card is extremely fishy. thankfully except from yogurt eating he didn't pick up his ego and sketchiness.
i think that Nicole can be trusted. Anson wants Fi dead and with the speed with which Michael turned everything around for Anson i don't think that he had time to plan any double layers with this except a pretty much straight forward blackmail(you gotta love his consistency, blackmail is his fav). besides Burn notice will not be the show we know if they don't pick up clients here and there and save innocent people.

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Burn Notice Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Michael: You said she would ruin my life.
Tom: In my defense, I didn't know so many people would be lining up to ruin your life.

Tom: Let me make this clear right up front. You screw this up there will be no life line, no safety net. It will be just you and me with our asses flapping in the wind. How does that sound to you?
Michael: Sounds like a risk I'm willing to take.