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Damnn, i love every character on TV{At the tv shows i watch}, as long as they don't mess with my favorite couples, i will be fine.


ANYBODY on Hawaii 5-0. When I have tried to watch it, I have to stop, the acting is so pitiful.

That said, Daisy (Bones), April (GA), and Tony of NCIS really are irritating.


Can't STAND Daisy on Bones, or Captain Gates on Castle (no one has mentioned her yet). That's pretty much all the TV I watch, so I don't know any of the other characters mentioned here.


HATE Lemon from Heart of Dixie, Cam from Bones, Elena from TVD and I have an on-and-off Hate-relationship with every character on Secret Circle and 90210 ;D


Personally, I love Lemon on HoD. I think the writers and actress have done a great job adding layers and making her more realistic and sympathetic (and funny!) than she was in the pilot. She's one of my favorites, and there are several more characters in the show (for example, George and Zoe, at least at present) whom I find more annoying.

Also horrible and just plain unwatchable: just about character on Glee. The few times I've caught that show, I just want to reach through my screen and punch every single one of them. And while Robert Carlyle is generally one of the best things about Once, every time he starts speaking in the Rumplestiltskin voice, I turn the sound off and read the captions instead.


Daisy from Bones, insensitivity, narcassism, and lack of social graces coupled with zero substance makes for a very hard to watch character.

Evan from Royal Pains, watching him salivate over every youngish female on the show and making one moronic decision after the other is the reason I didn't watch this show past second season.

Cameron from House, I was so happy when she left, very wishy washy, hypocritical and holier than thou with no apparent charm.

Rachel from Suits, relies only on looks and sassiness, no depth, a very hollow character.

Witney from Witney, no redeemable characteristic.

Hazel from 30 rock, is ruining this season! cringe everytime shes on screen!


zoe hart from hart of dixie. you cannot beat that.


@Christina Tran: Seriously, April Kepner? Are we watching the same show? She's like a breath of fresh air, something completely different from all the other characters. She's funny, sweet and punched a guy in the face. When she freaks out it's hilarious - what is not to love?

Joffry is an ass, but he rocks his scenes, so I'd say best character you love to hate - not worst character.

For me it would probably be Bonnie from TVD - she's just a plot device at this point.


Daisy, from Bones.
April, from GA.


Of all those mentioned, I've got to agree with Ellis. There's just nothing good about this character. He's literally just annoying and he doesn't do anything that actually contributes to the development of storylines. A close second would definitely be April from Grey's. She's annoying, an unnecessary character, waste of screen time, and the only good her presence does is that other characters like Karev have an easy target to pick on.

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