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Yes, there was an article yesterday online talking about how during rehearsals Christina was making a big deal out of the song 99 Problems. It said that Adam called her the c word during the arguing. During the show, wearing the "Team Xtina" t-shirt was his way of making it up to her. Also because of her, that's why Cee-Lo wore the shirt that said "No Problems."

I am happy with the outcome of the show. I like Jermaine and I think he's a good singer. I think Blake was a very good coach too. My favorite though was Jamar, but I also loved him back when he was on Idol. But I really liked pretty much everyone that was in the top 8. Some had not so great performances some weeks, but they all had one or two standout performances to me that showed they all deserved to be there.

I agree with the other person that said that Juliete's voice wasn't as great when she was belting out her songs. Even Christina said that when Juliet sang Cryin' by Aerosmith. I completely agree. When she does that softer sweeter voice I just don't think it's as good. Like when she sang Roxanne or even Oh Darling at her audition, she was softer but the voice wasn't sweeter sounding, it was a little lower and I prefer that more for her.


I will agree with the reviewer in that I think the show needs a little revamping.

I think one of the main things that should be done is an attitude adjustment on Christina. Her attitude this season has sucked. This show IS NOT about her and she does her damndest every episode to make it about her. Her blantant dislike of Tony Lucca was horrible.

I, too, think the "Sprint Lounge" should be done away with. Or either find someone else besides Christine Milan..........

I think CeeLo proved this season he can be a force to be reckoned with. He had 2 of the best with Jamar and Juliet.

I still love this show BETTER than American Idol. I don't care if AI is the ratings giant(which rakes in advertising dollars for FOX) it is losing it's staying power after 11 seasons. People know it's fixed.........and whose to say that most if not all these type shows are that way?


jim- haha yeah, I guess I don't know my Hall and Oates. I was pretty taken back that the word was said at all after Tony didn't say it on Monday.


@ RajBauer: I think Ellen was saying that Adam called Christina, the 'c-word', not that the song contained it.


"So is Christina going to yell at Darrell Hall for continually calling the woman in his song a "b--"?" I can't stand Christina and her campaign she's been on to try to take down Tony Lucca, but you don't know your Hall & Oates lyrics very well, lol. In the song "Rich Girl", the lyric is "It's a bitch, girl". They aren't calling the girl a "bitch".


Wow Ellen, first off the song is I got 99 problems but a b*tch aint won, where is the c word in there or do you not know your alphabet??? Btw I am disappointed that Tony or Juliet didnt win but like I said yesterday, any one of them deserved to win so I am happy for Jermaine. I feel bad for Chris because even though I liked him he was my least favourite and I am sure Christina acting like a complete idiot yesterday didnt help because I am sure the coach factors in to the decision. Out of all the coaches I feel like Blake and Adam care the most, Cee Lo is there for comedy and Christina for herself. I am glad Blake got to win this year although I was a little surprised it wasnt Juliet in the end. So Adam placed - 1,3 , Cee Lo - 3,2 , Christina - 4,4 and Blake - 2,1. It kind of shows Blake really knows what he is doing as a coach and I love that he lets his singers tour with him and when he performs with them he makes it about them as opposed to the diva we know. I really miss the good old days when Xtina was normal. I will always love Adam though because he is hilarious and genuine and long live the bromance lol.


Yes!! Jermaine Paul is THE VOICE. So happy. Seems I'm like the only one though... =/
I love his voice, his personality, how he thanked his family and Jesus, and that it truly showed how this meant the world to him.
What's a winner of The Voice get? A record deal? I'll def buy Jermaine Paul's first CD.
Yay. Happy day. Truly glad Jermaine won. I've actually liked him since the blind auditions.
Circles around... was a background singer. And his solo last night he had his own background singers. Tears of joy. Haha. :')


What happened between christina and adam lastnight?


Really enjoyed the duets last night. Yes Christina is very talented but needs to learn to control her self hate of Tony. Her personal feelings about him has nothing to do with his talent. He is a blast to watch & talented to top it off. Wish Juliet won but Jermain is a great singer & performer. Chris Mann is awesome & really has something going for him. What an amazing opera voice. It was a good ending & congrats to Jermain & his great coach Blake.


The most promising two singers on the Voice are Lindsey and Juliet. Jermaine is okay, but he was off-tune more than any of the final four.

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