The Voice Finale: Crowning A Champion

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From complaints over Christina Aguilera, to a few truly impressive performances, season two of The Voice has offered viewers ups, downs, high notes and lows. And it comes to an end tonight.

In two hours, following Monday's final performance show, the NBC competition will crown its second winner. Seems like the perfect time for a live blog, doesn't it? Comment along with me below as The Voice names a winner and Christina tries not to alienate any more fans...


The Voice Finalists

9:00 Here. We. Goooooooooo!

9:03 As we watch a recap of last night, I am reminded that I didn't like Jermaine's solo performance nearly as much as everyone else, and Christina really hates Tony Lucca.

9:06 Oh my goodness!  How many times are we going to listen these coaches wax on about how great these contestants are? We get it. They're awesome.

9:10 Jermaine Paul is hitting the stage again, and he's bringing Jamar Rogers, James Massone, and Pip with him!

9:12 With his first solo, Jamar proves he deserves to be in the finals over Jermaine. Oh, and Pip is still wearing a bow tie.

9:18 Yay! The Sprint Lounge! Wait no, I hate the Sprint Lounge. This is always so awkward, except I love when Chris Mann photo-bombs in the background like that.

9:24 It's time for some Flo Rida, joined by my girl, Juliet Simms.  Although she claims to be sick, Juliet still sounds great. Although he is a rapper by day, Flo Rida looks like he should be a member of the Grim Bastards Motorcycle Club on Sons of Anarchy.

9:29 Chris Mann takes his turn performing, and decided to bring Lindsey Pavao and Katrina Parker with him on stage. He thinks Katrina could have won this whole thing. Woulda, coulda, shoulda, Chris. She didn'ta.

9:34 Chris is really impressing me with his ability to sing something that is not opera at all. "Bittersweet Symphony" was fantastic by that trio. Lindsey is still my second favorite in the entire competition.

9:40 Can we get Alison Haislip back in the Sprint Lounge next year. Milian is killing me!

9:41 Unlike the forced relationships between other reality show judges, this Blake and Adam thing has really been fantastic on season two of The Voice. It really helps that Blake is naturally hilarious.

9:43 Hall and Oates singing "Rich Girl" with a few familiar faces as background singers. One of them looks extremely comfortable in that role. I'll give you a hint.  His name rhymes with Dermaine Fall.

9:46 So is Christina going to yell at Darrell Hall for continually calling the woman in his song a "b--"? Since she doesn't have some hidden vendetta against him, she probably won't. Poor Tony Lucca.

9:50 I will now try to restrain my outward hatred towards Christina until I hear more about what went down between her and Adam last night. Apparently it was a big deal.

9:54 Kim Yarbrough, Naia Kete, Sera Hill, and Cheesa are back in the house people. Aren't you excited? No, me neither.

9:57 Go get 'em Cheeeeeeeee-eeeeeese.

10:02 It's corporate synergy people! Everyone on Parks and Recreation watches The Voice apparently, and like most contestants this season, Leslie Knope didn't want to be on Team Cee Lo.

10:05 So it's time for The Wonder Years with Juliet, RaeLynn, Erin Willett, and Jamar. It seems like everyone wants to sing with Jamar tonight, and it's not difficult to see why. I hate that the very fabric of this show made it so he and Juliet both couldn't make it to the Finals.

10:11 Most awkward group hug ever?

10:13 I love that Blake and Adam hate Purrfect the Cat. I think they kind of missed the ball with Purrrfect in all seriousness. It was kind of just a mystery the entire time. They should have done a montage like this at the very beginning of the season, so we knew what it was all about. The cat had a much bigger presence on Twitter than it did on the actual show.

10:18 I'm not all that impressed with Lady A's new single. Honestly, none of their stuff has every been all that great to me. As one girl-two guy country bands go, I would take The Band Perry any day of the week.

10:24 If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, Tony Lucca is so cool! He is portraying that "cool factor" perfectly in "Go Your Own Way" with Jordis Unga.

10:32 Kenan Thompson does a quick Cee Lo impression, and Carson Daly found it necessary to remind us that it was funny... probably because it wasn't.

10:34 This Sprint Lounge stuff is some of the worst on television. I want to cover my ears. Make it stop, please!

10:44 Oh. My. Goodness. It's The Biebs! Did you see the gold shoes?

10:49 It's time for results...

10:52 Yap, yap, yap. Let's get to it Carson!

10:53 Fourth place is... Chris Mann. Why isn't Christina wearing pants?

10:54 Third place is... Tony Lucca. We are down to two.

10:55 The winner of season two of The Voice is... Jermaine Paul. Welp, that's a shame.

10:56 Congratulations to all four finalists, and Jermaine earned it with his performances last night.

10:58 Before we say goodbye, I have to commend Blake Shelton for all of his hard work to lead his team to this championship. Week in and week out, but especially leading up to this final vote, he was blowing up Twitter. I follow all four coaches, and he was at it much, much more than the other three. Good for Team Blake.

It was a very entertaining season, and a great final week for The Voice. I look forward to the new crop of performers they will bring in next year, and hope with all of my heart that they change some things.  They have to figure out what to do about Chritina Milian and/or the Sprint Lounge. It's bad. Shortening up the Battle Rounds, while extending the Live Shows would also probably help. I will be curious to see how long these superstar coaches stick around, not only because they have busy lives, but because some of them are seemingly getting on each others nerves.

What did you all think of what went down on The Voice Finale? Who were you most excited to see return?  Which guest performance was your favorite? Did America get it right with Jermaine Paul? Or do you think one of the other three deserved it more? Take our poll below, telling us who deserved to win season two of The Voice.


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I think Melonie and Amanda should go head to head at the finale, or Melanie and Nicholas, hes awsome too!


I think Melonie is awaome and she should sing a Janis Joplin song like...Bobby Mgee


Please, people, if you don't like Christina's attitude? Cool. But focusing on the way she dresses to judge her? Not cool. A woman's fashion sense or body type doesn't have a thing to do with her opinion, behavior, or anything of that sort. It's just misogyny, plain and simple.


and AGAIN the best singer of the hole competition stays in the second place. SHAME ON YOU AMERICA!


@LadyKML HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The poll on this page had nothing to do with the actual voting that took place. Votes could be called in, by buying the tunes on ITUNES, or by going on


How is it that in the poll on this page, Juliet Simms has 49+ percent of the vote, and despite that, Jermaine Paul won? Can anyone say....RIGGED! There is no possible way that Jermain received more votes than Juliet. Everyone is in agreement with that. Check the other blogs. Something strange happened that robbed Juliet of the crown. Really shameful.


Why didn't Christina wear any pants? She looked like a tranny on a street corner. Jemaine has a great voice, and seems like a nice guy, but is somehow, ultimately, forgettable. Juliet should have won - overall she had the most consistently spectacular performances. Chris and Tony - about the right spot in the line up. Tony Lucca is better than Chris Mann, more versitile. Christina's problem with Tony - it was pretty obvious, and I think it goes way, way back. I imagine him as the hot older guy who wasn't interested in her when she was a kid on the Micky Mouse Show. Being full of herself, this is and has been a grave insult her entire adult life.


Sorry, couple more observations -
When Christina complained that Tony singing 99 Problems was degrading and I thought "how ironic" since she dresses the way she does and sings certain songs like Dirrty.
And in both seasons when singing songs with their teams, all 3 coaches sing other artists songs but Christina always sings her own (except for singing The Prayer and that was because Chris Mann wanted to do it) songs. Talk about self-centered! I just noticed a typo I made below in my first post. I meant to say that I agreed with the other person who said that they didn't like Juliet's voice as much when she WASN'T belting out her songs. I think her powerful voice has a wonderful quality to it. It's the sweet and soft sounding voice that I think loses its charm. If her voice is softer, I like when it's lower and not as girly-sounding. Sorry - I just had to throw all that in.


Christina clearly had it out for Tony and she took every opportunity to share her dislike of him. The funny thing is that even if a coach didn't care for someone's performance, they didn't act like she did. They would be nice about it, unlike her. It was also annoying how she would insert herself into everything - singing at multiple opportunites and talking about herself. Now even other judges talked about themselves during a critique, but they used their comment to compliment the person. Like when Adam tells people he loves the tone of their voice and how his isn't as good as theirs or that his voice sounds like a girl. Or when Blake said to Jermaine that he wants to know how to sing with so much heart onstage. Those guys used it to build the contestant up.


that sweeter softer sound, I just don't care for it. Now when she sang Roxanne or even Oh Darling at her audition, she was softer in her voice but it was still lower and I think that sounds better for her. Now I want to comment on the review above - wow, there is a lot of complaining. I mean, to complain about Christina is understandable because she brings it on herself cause of how she acts. But I know you liked Juliet and you obviously didn't care for Jermaine, but you didn't need to keep bashing his singing and how he doesn't deserve to be there. They all deserved it! They all are good singers in different genres and different ways! You can't deny that. And most of them will make records anyways. It will all depend on where they go and what kind of music they make as to whether they get far. But stop bashing the talented people that were on the show for a reason.

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