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Did Elena make the right choice?
Yes, yes and YES!


Honestly, we really just saw the flashback of Damon and Elena's first meeting and how they were talking, but we really never did see when Damon compelled her(and what he really said to her), so we really can't assume what Damon said to her(to do), on the basics of their conversation


Lauren - Yes, Eelena was adopted, so grayson is not her real dad, but John is and Jeremy is Grayson's real son, thus it makes Jeremy and Elena cousins and from the same blood, because Grayson and John are brothers.


Yay yay yay! STELENA!!!

In the beginning, i was also worried that the scene of Damon meeting Elena first and then compelling her to find what she wants (which he proudly proclaims to know "u want what EVERYBODY wants, someone who consumes u"). So i tot, oh no, so when Elena turns, she's gonna rem! And she DID use the word Damon CONSUMES her.

But aft reading the comments of how Delena fans think she is compelled to love Stefan, i think it may also swing the other way. Damon THINKS she wants someone to consume her, thus by compelling her to find such person, he's compelling her to "feel love" for him. What/Who she really loves is Stefan and what they have together. Brings out the best in her, etc. And she just couldnt SHAKE the feeling she had for Damon away, becos it consumes her, and that's purely becos he compelled her to look for someone that consumes her? Dunno if it makes sense.

Altho i'm absolutely 100% Stelena fan, i too dread the triangle and never ending broken heart for the self-sacrifice Stefan in Season 4. I noticed he's always ready to fight for his bro, but Damon is all about taking Elena for himself. Selfish prick!


Most extreme action: Bonnie spelling Klaus, Rebekah causing the accident or Elena's chipper morning mood?

I can't choose, actually. Spelling Klaus was a very extreme move from Bonnie, didn't see it coming. Rebekah causing the death was well done from the writers, before the episode aired I was constantly thinking why would she do that as I watched the promo for like a million times. Elena's chipper morning mood, dunno', it just feels so weird to see her smile. So to see her dance? Very...extremely weird.

Give this season a grade.

B+. I really enjoyed the Originals, the love triangle and though I'm a bit disappointed by the way some of the plots were handled it didn't ruin the season for me. I am actually excited for season four...


... I am not so thrilled about this version of Klaus, the original was perfect, Ric's version was fascinating since it was the first time we were introduced to the character in present time but this one...Meh, they should've ditched his coffin in the ocean as a plausible an bearable ending to this amazing "villain".

Did Elena make the right choice?

By choosing Stefan and not Damon for the present and not for always ? Yes, she did. But I hope the many reasons that led human Elena to take that decision suffocated with her down that lake.

By asking Stefan to save Matt instead of her? Very right. Isn't it unfair enough that all this guy gets to do in the story is serve drinks, kind of attract consideratiaholic original vampire babe and...euh...What else? Besides can you imagine his tomb, "Matt Donovan, a guy who died for just being there. RIP", that is too pathetic for me to accept.


What was your favorite scene from the finale?

" I can't think about always, all I can think about is right now."

The phonecall between Elena and Damon. Even though I am a huge Delena shipper and am positively sure they will be end game, those tearful words from Elena made perfect sense to me. She fell in love with Stefan "first" (please do note the quotations) and no matter how much her relationship with Damon grew through this season we can't deny the fact that deep down we all knew she never unfell for Stefan.

Biggest shocker: Klaus taking over Tyler, Alaric dying or Elena turning?

Elena turning. I mean come on, it was pretty obvious that Evilaric was meant to vanish within the season finale. Klaus is the origine of the Salvatores/Caroline (and possibly Elena now) bloodline, so we could guess the writers were going to find a way to keep the charachter alive...somehow.


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Lisa - wat bout Tyler??did he gay with Klaus or Jeremy??i wouldn mind,i think if - Tyler + Jeremy - adorable,cute
- Tyler + Klaus - rough,hot
- Tyler + Klaus + Jeremy - super hot threesome
and whr the hell is Kol??he and Jeremy make a cute couple



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