The Mentalist Review: A Wicked Game

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As many fans suspected after last week's episode, Patrick Jane was playing a long con. A very long con, and all in the hopes of luring out Red John. But in "The Crimson Hat," who really got played?

I loved the opening sequence where Jane meets Lorelei. Even the music set the mood, as Chris Isaac's Wicked Game played in the background. 

Jane Meets Lorelei

When Oscar told Jane that the dead mother he claimed to have spoken to had actually wasn't dead - but had run off with her aerobics instructor years ago - I literally laughed out loud. Jane's response? "That explains why she was so easy to contact."

Jane loves telling people what they want to hear. Of course, this time - along with getting paid handsomely for it - he also nearly got both of his legs broken. 

Apparently Red John had a generous streak. If he had to send a messenger, he couldn't have sent one more gorgeous. Then he ordered her to pay Jane's bail, sleep with him and cook him breakfast. What more could you ask for?

Patrick finally ended up in bed with someone and it ended up being a Red John disciple. A stunningly beautiful disciple, but still. That definitely tarnished the moment.

Unfortunately, Patrick didn't share his plan to snare Red John with anyone, including Lisbon. Teresa looked worried sick sitting in that church, praying for guidance on how to help Jane. It had been six long months and for once, I think even Jane felt guilty.

Horror was the only word to describe the look on Jane's face when he realized that the price for being allowed into Red John's inner sanctum was Teresa's death. 

From the look on Lisbon's face I couldn't tell if Jane had let her in on the plan when he walked into the CBI. Then, I realized that her shocked expression was due to his words, not the gun he pulled on her. In this The Mentalist quote, Jane told Lisbon,

 Good luck Teresa. Love you. | permalink

... just before he pulled the trigger. Apparently it was the last two words that threw her.

So do you think Darcy's the mole in the FBI? Red John only said he had a friend there. Once Darcy blew the whistle lots of other agents would have had the same information and could have passed it along. But what made Darcy so suspicious that she went down to the morgue to measure a faceless corpse? Who would even think to do that?

In the end, I wondered if Jane was going to lose a finger and I was sure they'd open that limo and find it empty. Instead Darcy opened that door to find the dead but horror-filled eyes of Luther Wainwright. Oh, what a terrifying way to die. 

From the moment Wainwright came on the scene I figured he was either Red John's next victim or another disciple. I really wish I had been wrong.

When Lisbon finally found a battered Patrick Jane what struck me was that she didn't touch him. She actually sat a couple of feet away as she asked if he was okay. He's the one who reached out for her hand to hold.

Will we see Lorelei again next season? Why was Jane so sure he could make her talk?  Will the rest of the CBI team forgive Jane for his long con and how it ended?  Is Lisbon now a target nd who in Hell is Red John?

The Mentalist managed to keep the Red John saga going for another season and delivered yet another twist. A wicked game, indeed.


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continued from the previous post.
the most interesting scene for me was the last one. the episode brought lisbon way out on an emotional limb. i think she finally admitted to herself that she loves patrick. then he rocked her world when he held her and told her he loved her. when she asked him about it, he did his usual dissembling. then he reached out and held her hand after the limo scene. at the end of all that, to have this grinning sociopath tell her she'd had sex with him? that had to cut her to the quick. in a way, red john did make patrick kill teresa.


what's great about this series is watching the brilliant, beautiful, damaged jane try to right an irrevocable wrong done to him by an equal if not superior mind. wanting the red john part to go away would gut the whole series. what horrible wrong do you replace it with? who else would jane feel that kind of anger at? some guy who rear ends his citroen?
i think the point someone here made that jane kissing the top of loralei's head was a hypnotic cue was a brilliant one. thanks for that. smart. i hope you're right.

Beverly brooks

I will glad to see Red John gone for good next season.


I too love the show but hate the ridiculous red John story line. That plus the move to Sunday is going to kill this show which is a shame!


continued from the previous post:
Patrick Jane's development as a character is the most brilliant element of The Mentalist, and his duel with Red John brings out new depths of Jane's gravely troubled soul. Jane spirals down to the inevitable which is Red John's end or his. Or both. Jane seems to be an empty shell propelled by revenge only. Can you imagine him leading normal life after Red John? Or even normal-ish?


As much as I adore The Mentalist, I hope Season 5 (or 6, if they must) will be the last one. Some of you mentioned Monk which I absolutely loved till Season 6 finale, and was utterly disgusted with a complete regress it suffered throughout Seasons 7 and 8, esp in Monk character development. Series final episodes were hasty and random, as if the writers had gotten bored or lost. As a consequence, The Case had been solved like any other Monk case, nothing special indeed. And Monk himself had shaken off all these years of carrying heavy burden way too easily. I hope the writers will not make the same mistake trying to squeeze out as much honk out of their golden goose, and almost killing it in the process.
Patrick Jane's development as a character is the most brilliant element of The Mentalist, and his duel with Red John brings out new depths of Jane's gravely troubled soul. Jane spirals down to the inevitable which is Red John's end or his. Or both. Jane seems to be an empty shell propelled by revenge only. Can you imagine him leading normal life after Red John? Or even normal-ish?


Red John is not going to be solved, its what the show is about and how Jane became a consultant to CBI. I understand people getting tired of it, but they need to leave it alone a little more during the season, so people don't get so irritated. I thought Wainwright was one of RJ's people also, and I'm still not sure he was not. They are all willing to die for this psycho, so maybe he was. Darcy shooting the driver and the tires is understandable, but shooting the passengers in the limo when she thought Jane was there, makes me wonder about her connection with RJ also. I think they are showing Jane having feelings for Lisbon. When getting bailed the first person he thought of was Lisbon and was disappointed when it was not. Then tells her, "Good Luck Teresa, Love you". I guess this is where they are going.
I don't know how many more season's this show has, but I'm still interested. I will be watching next season.


I agree with Semra. Now they are stuck with the RJ plot for the rest of the show and we know they will only reveal RJ name in the last episode... So every plot, every attempt to catch RJ will fail (in each season finale). Perhaps, they will catch the mole or some other cult followers. But without any progress about RJ identity. How can they keep some credibility? How can they keep us interested ?


Season 4 was the the worst of all 4 seasons .. and the season finale! ... it was like a bunch of teenagers had taken over the writing and directing! I think season 3 finale was the best episode and I believe that the RJ there was actually meant to be the real RJ. But for some reason they changed the story and decided to keep him alive probably thinking that RJ was the motivator for Jane and it would be difficult to keep the interest of viewers ... But they were wrong! they just messed up with the show and disappointed committed viewers.


I thought Jane kissed Lorelei on the head as a ‘goodbye’, knowing that her days are numbered and RJ will kill her. I felt so bad for Lisbon. She’s obviously in love with him, and I think he loves her too (as a friend/sister), but he’s being cruel to be kind in order to protect her. I will always enjoy the Red John arch, and the long con was appropriate. We have to remind ourselves that RJ killed Jane’s wife and daughter and revenge is what drives him, so we may get upset that Jane’s becoming darker and going to such lengths to get RJ, but that’s been his raison-d’être from the day his family was killed. I like the balance between light and dark episodes. It’s an awesome show. I’ll keep watching till the end.

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